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  1. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you asking for windows tool bar. ATX do not have it.
  2. At the end, there is a upword arrow like ____ ^ ___ will collapse icons.
  3. My older client ask the same question about direct deposit. I ask them do you get SS check or direct deposit. and most of them do have direct deposit so no problem there.
  4. Leave the 1st tab "allow program to decide" instead of changing it. If you create Efile with " will be Efiled", file will be locked. Hope this helps.
  5. You are correct that it was revert to pre-18 rules. so no more trust tax rate. as far as forms, probably they not updated yet.
  6. I have new computer with windows 10 and 16 ram. i do not have problem opening 2 returns at the same time.
  7. Congratulations to newly wed and parents !!!
  8. I will remove the attachment and Efile the return. If accepted, i will mail the attachment. Will not hurt. My 2 cents.
  9. I am confused. When you do "Credit Freeze", the only disadvantage is you cannot open new account or increase credit limit until you unfreeze it . It has nothing to do with purchasing with your CC if that is what you mean. I have credit freeze on all 3, but i am using all my CC as normal.
  10. I had window 7 but when 10 introduced and free upgrade, i upgraded it and it works great. So far no problem with ATX. 10 professional, bit locker and McAfee total protection.
  11. B. Jani

    E-file rejected

    PIN changes every year. You have to look 2017 PIN letter.
  12. Have you looked at IRS Publication 3524. That may help. IRS-Tax-Pub_3524_EITCchecklist.pdf
  13. Do a out of state prepare need to register in CT for efile like NY requires?
  14. I am also with Office 365 subscription.
  15. I read it on other board that worksheet will not flow to QBD. need to enter manually as lot of variables like more then 1 schedule c and not all business may qualify hence. Hope this helps.
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