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  1. B. Jani

    QBI Deduction in ATX - Software question

    I read it on other board that worksheet will not flow to QBD. need to enter manually as lot of variables like more then 1 schedule c and not all business may qualify hence. Hope this helps.
  2. B. Jani


    Client died so who will get refund now?
  3. B. Jani

    Printing 2018 Tax Returns

    I have few senior client who need paper copy. I always print duplex for client copy. My printer is Brother 5370DW almost 5 year old but still work as promised.
  4. B. Jani

    Paper File

    Thank you. Paper file it is. He owes money to both so will save some interest.
  5. B. Jani

    Paper File

    One of my client just realized that he forgot to file 2017 personal tax return. Can I paper file Federal & State as EFile is closed now? TIA
  6. B. Jani

    Printing New Form 1040

    I told my client that my fees are going up next year due to postcard tax return. Client asked why because now I have to print more pages cost more toner to my printer.
  7. B. Jani

    NT It has been real!!!

    Best wishes !!!!!
  8. B. Jani

    Draft W4 for 2019

    There is a webinar on 06/21/18 for "Understanding How to use the IRS withholding Calculator to check and correct Withholding". May this will help.
  9. B. Jani

    Catch-22 SEHI PTC

    I had the same problem. I have worked as follows with ATX: (1) take above line deduction on 1040 (2) Form 8962 - Do not check first box above Part 1. (3) Part 2 line 9 marked no and line 10 marked yes. (4) Line 11 - box A to E leave blank and box F enter amount that returning PTC. When I did this way it did carry to Line-46 on form 1040 and was able to Efile the tax return. I think all you looking for (1) claim SEHI and (2) return APTC. keep both separate and hopefully this should work.
  10. B. Jani

    Fed EFile Reject Code IND-512-01

    Hello: The whole season went smooth until yesterday got reject from IRS. Using ATX software. Mom-Dad filing own return. Did not claim own exemption due to very low income. Mom-Dad accepted by IRS. Claimed exemption under son tax return as dependent. Got reject as: "Each Dependent SSN in Dependent Detail in the return or qualifying child identifying number on Form 1040-SS (PR) must not be the same as Spouse SSN on another return filed for the same tax year" Looking at original SS card for all dependent and found correct on the return. ATX shows error for mom SS # but her own return with the same SS # number accepted by IRS without claiming exemption. Any help or advise how to fix this. TIA.
  11. B. Jani

    Need Help with Rental

    New client, referral. Line 7 income is 150k+. Previous preparer placed primary residence in rental in 2014 return onwards and finally sold in 11/2017 (which I am preparing). Customer lived there from 2003 to 2014 and bought & moved to another house as principal. Looking at last 4 years of previous Schedule E, lot of expenses and losses but no depreciation taken. Line 17 on 1040 is blank for all previous years as 8582 shows loss carry forward due to higher income. When I go to worksheet sell of residence Form 8949 (it is asking for depreciation but none exist on previous schedule E for all 4 years. How do I fix this? I already place client in extension but this is the only thing holding up. Just end of the season blue. Any advise is appreciated. TIA.
  12. Sorry, it was my typo. Actually all ERO got IRS letter 5903 (11-2016) last year in December to revalidate your E-Service identity with the IRS. If you have done that, then the current E-service validation is very easy.
  13. I just finished going thru the update website. This was very easy due to personal identity proofing I did it few months back when got IRS letter. If you have completed Identity proofing sometime in summer when IRS mailed letter, this is connected to it and all I have to just change password and few times IRS sent code texted to my cell phone. I am alive on new EService. Hope this helps.
  14. B. Jani

    Which address to use?

    There was a post few months back where preparer allowed to use office address for client and somehow client failed and IRS put lien on preparer house. I will never allow anyone to use my address. I do have foreign clients and option is use foreign address, PO Box or direct deposit. If they fail or USPS fail, not my problem.
  15. B. Jani

    New Tax Legislation

    I believe, The real problem is DIY software which allow you to do 3 or 5 tax return with one purchase. that is where the main abuse is. Those who are living honest living will not try or think about screwing up the bread and butter. There should be more scrutiny for every efile return and no refund in 10 days until everything checked out.