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  1. Thanks. replacing the 1040 worked, however since it was fled before the unemployment correction it now has another refund amount . Thankfully I have a pdf of the original return. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Atx tax warehouse & efile show original amount. When return is opened, watermark NONE is across the return, refund amount has changed. Just tried to print it & it says 1040 not approved yet & won't print. Looking like a call to ATX.
  3. Yes but it's not the unemployment that changed. It was the stimulus.
  4. I've gone back into a few already filed & accepted tax returns. There is now None showing across 1040 & amounts have been changed from already filed return. Anyone know why this is happening?
  5. 1041 is calendar year. IRS keeps rejecting due to tax year ending date. I have put in tax year and tried tax ending year. Any suggestions?
  6. Client has taxes taken from Social Security from Spain. I am under the impression these taxes would be put on Sch A if applicable. Does anyone do international returns to know if she can file to get back any of these funds by filing a non resident return in Spain?
  7. Need to find basis for sale of timber. I have only sale amount & property info on how many units (acres).
  8. State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity PO Box 5350 Tallahassee FL 32314 36-4706134
  9. Taxpayer lives in Florida but W2 has NJ income with NJ state income & withholding. I am told that is where the company is located. The same company has w2 for NY income tax & withholding for the same exact amount. Due to covid, client was asked to work in NY location for about 90 days. I can prorate the amount but what form do I use to show NY the proration? Thanks!
  10. I have a client who is a Florida resident. Parent company in NJ. Due to Covid, client was required to do work in NY for a few months. W2 is showing taxable for the same amount in both States. Will one of the States give client a credit for income tax paid to another State? If so, which form takes that credit.
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