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  1. According to: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/credits/eitc.htm they are honoring using 2019 for the calculation.
  2. Thanks for the details TaxCPANY. Perhaps these are returns that were filed and completed before updates were rolled out to the forms. I am going to take a closer look based on the additional information you shared.
  3. Not yet - wanted to alert people right away. Going to open a trouble ticket when the work day is done.
  4. Nope - that is for the NY AGI on the IT-201. This is specific to the EIC calculation. ATX is passing the Federal EIC as calculated on the lower AGI and needs to do the calculation on the non-reduced (higher) AGI and pass that amount.
  5. Client came by today with a notice from NY, claiming the EIC calculation was wrong. This has to do with the 10,200 unemployment exclusion. NY IT-215 line 10 is the Federal EIC amount, or RECOMPUTED EIC amount. This amount needs to be REcalculated having the $10,200 added back in to the Federal EIC calculation. There is really not an easy way to do this in ATX, since the value simply flows from the Federal form. I'm surprised the software is not calculating this correctly. Just a heads-up for anyone else who has a NY return with EIC and unemployment calculation - the software is (currently) not calculating this correctly.
  6. According to the instructions: To make this election (to use prior year earned income), enter “PYEI” and the amount of your 2019 earned income in the space next to Form 1040, line 28. I know how to do this for EIC, but can't see how to do this for the ACTC. What is the incantation I need to perform this magic?
  7. If your software??? Isn't this an ATX board???
  8. The complete box in the return manager.
  9. My kids had no problem setting up parent logins so we could pay the bill.
  10. You need to see if your state also honors this approach. NY does not!
  11. They do have different phone numbers already. I read posts all the time about EAs calling PPS to ask about their client's stimulus payments. This is one reason why EAs with real problems can't get through.
  12. NY has a DOC ID on the license which changes with each renewal. The first 3 characters of this 10 character field are a requirement for NY efile.
  13. I make people get their transcripts if they don't know or have confidence in their info. It is very easy to go on Get My Transcript and request them to be mailed. I do that in my office and tell the clients to get them to me when they receive them in the mail. Of course this is not 100% fool proof, but it has prevented a host of problems.
  14. The key language is the UNLESS in this paragraph: Taxpayers do not need to file amended returns unless the calculations make the taxpayers newly eligible for additional federal credits and deductions not already included on the original tax returns. And of course they are not going to examine to see if filing a superseding return to go from MFJ to MFS provides a better result now. We still have work to do. The IRS is only going to grab the low hanging fruit.
  15. If they added these advanced calculations into the base software and increased the price, everyone would complain. With ATX Advantage, or now it seems you can buy just the advanced calculations without going all the way to Advantage, this allows consumers choice. Those who don't need them can get their software for less. Those who do want them pay more. Seems like a good approach to me. This is not an uncommon approach in the software industry. I upgraded to Advantage a few years ago and it is an important tool for my business.
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