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  1. I am using this program to stop Windows 10 upgrades from installing. I can't guarantee that this is virus-free, but Avast did not block it, and I have noticed nothing unusual since I installed it a month ago. http://blog.ultimateoutsider.com/2015/08/using-gwx-stopper-to-permanently-remove.html
  2. I used the import feature on the updated 1041 Sch D today. It works fine, but is a very late release. If it had been available a month ago, it would have saved my having to file several Forms 8453-F.
  3. My Windows 7 standalone computer did not automatically update to .NET Framework 4.5. I had to download it from Microsoft, and then it automatically updated with 4 security patches for the program.
  4. DonnaA

    Converting 1041

    I had to re-enter all of my 1041's when I changed from TaxWorks to ATX this year. I have seen this discussed with other tax programs, so I don't think it is just ATX that doesn't convert 1041's.
  5. DonnaA


    I downloaded from the website, and restarted my computer after installing version 12.8. I turned off automatic updating of both program and forms several weeks ago. My program was performing OK, not great, before the update, but it has now taken a giant step backward. CPU useage is usually 100% with only one return open. Just when I was beginning to appreciate having more than one return open at the time, I have lost that function. Like many on this forum, I have been using ATX since it was Saber. I have tried to be patient this year because I really don't want to change software, but
  6. DonnaA


    After I installed 12.8 version, the program and returns open MUCH, MUCH SLOWER. Can only open one return at the time now because of "low resources." I never had this problem before. Also, all my fixed assets in one return became "unassigned", and had to be reassigned to activities. I have not yet checked other returns with depreciation. Overall, this "Update" appears to be a complete failure. Before today, I was having no problems except slow opening of the program and returns.
  7. If the import to Schedule D is available for Form 1041, I can't find it. I need it as much for fiduciary returns as for the individual ones.
  8. All my returns with numerous transactions are Legacy returns and will not accept a .pdf attachment. I don't know why they are not MeF returns. Last year I mailed copies of the brokerage statements with Form 8453. This form does not need to be signed. This year I decided to try the import feature in TRX. If you have your columns positioned correctly to match the input sheet, the program will import everything perfectly. I have done three returns with almost 300 transactions each with no problems. I also complete the T/S/J, 1099-B Basis (Provided or Not Provided), and Term columns in t
  9. It would change the personal use greater than 14 days answer. But if any other owners rented the unit, their rental days would also be attributed to the other owners and count toward the more or less than 15 days rented. In this case, you still could not exclude the income for minimal rental use. At least this is how I have always treated interval ownership, which is similar to, but not exactly the same as, timeshare ownership.
  10. Pub 527 instructions define "Dwelling Unit Used as a Home" as follows: "You use a dwelling unit as a home during the tax year if you use it for personal purposes more than the greater of: 14 days, or 10% of the total days it is rented to others at a fair rental price." In this situation, the timeshares were not used as a home during the year, so the "fewer than 15 days" exception for minimal rental use does not apply.
  11. The income should be reported on Schedule E, with deductions for expenses and depreciation. http://www.redweek.com/resources/articles/tax-aspects-renting-timeshare
  12. I am using Tax Works this year, but in past years I could not find an option to move the ATX database to another partition. I have always set the backup location to a different partition and saved my PDF and export files there, also. I have a separate folder for each tax year on my D drive. In TRX Tax Works you can set the "Data Paths" to any location.
  13. I prepare my niece's NC return, but I am a SC tax preparer. In SC, out-of-state income from a business, rental property, or gain from sale of real property is a subtraction from federal income to determine SC taxable income. I can't find any comparable provision is the NC instructions or at the NCDOR web page. Is this income taxed to NC, with a tax credit for taxes paid the other state?
  14. I have sent these returns to the IRS and they have been accepted.
  15. Does this mean we can deduct the Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance for the Spouse also, even though the Part B premiums are withheld from the Spouse's Social Security benefits? And can we amend all open years?
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