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  1. I saw that, and was SO glad all my accounting clients opted out of deferring those!! What a nightmare this will be for companies who do in-house payroll. The big services will make out well though.
  2. Posting to the Reduction of Payroll account was the suggestion of a friend who does Corp Returns, which I don't, based on what she expects to need to need to report. Agree that we have no way of knowing what if anything the next Congress will do, but we might not know until February. I think I'll put this in place for both Corporate and Sole Prop clients, and then revise the books if needed after taxes are filed. The other helpful part of this is that then the main Payroll expense accounts will still match the W2s.
  3. I've been struggling with this also. I've told people that if the PPP isn't income, they can't take the deduction, and they seem to get that. A colleague suggested creating new accounts under Payroll, Rent, etc called PPP Reduction to credit out the expenses. If the forgiveness doesn't happen until 2021, not sure what to debit it against. I suppose we could do Expected Forgiveness of Loan or some such nonsense.
  4. Still possible that Congress will decide PPPs under a certain amount will be automatically forgiven, or have an even more simplified process. Plus as it stands now, if they also got an EIDG (the grant), that much of their PPP won't be forgiven, even if they used it 100% for payroll. Really hoping that COngress will change that, but not sure if it's on the table or not.
  5. I efiled one on the 14th, didn't get back to it because I was done, and just waiting for that one client to get me their signature form, and it got rejected! So oops, they filed a couple days late. But it was refunds, no payments.
  6. I'm so sorry, Darlene. May her memory be for a blessing, and may G-d comfort the mourners.
  7. Oh they may really hate the sister, and worth it to get rid of her.
  8. Students are pretty much always just a temp absence. I would say DC doesn't even come into play and he didn't earn any income there, he's a full time NY resident for 2019.
  9. Would love to hear from anyone who's been using this; I'm probably going to get it for next season. I'm especially curious about ease of use for clients, because I think it's going to be a hard sell for a lot of mine. Also, can you upload the organizers for the clients to just download? What things do you love/hate about it?
  10. I'm sorry Darlene, I'll hold you and your family in my prayers.
  11. Some businesses will have to - if they brought back people while they were closed or semi-closed, based on the 8 week period, then they've used up most of the funds. And depending on the area, they may not be fully opened for quite a while yet.
  12. I'd hold it, because while that's the rule for taxpayers, it can't hold true for the deceased. I heard last night about another couple of folks who has the same thing happen. I suspect it's not the weirdest thing we'll see before this is over!
  13. Judy, they fixed it for those who apply refunds to estimateds! Call it a refund but enter 0, and it works!!
  14. No date extensions on 941s or 990s.
  15. I thought the site was down today? It was supposed to be offline for a couple days to do major updates, with many more returns uploaded and who know>s? maybe even a fix for us SE folks (not holding my breath).
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