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  1. LOL, it's downright balmy now, 40 degrees today and tomorrow. But mighty windy, so that sucks the fun out of it being warm. Otherwise I'd have the windows open.
  2. Oh Bonnie, I'm sorry. May her memory be for a blessing. I'm sure your clients will continue to be understanding, if you have to go for extensions.
  3. Aha, right you are, Lion! Once you create the pdf and attach it, you can still leave the original 8915-E in the return without error. https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/alternative-filing-method-for-e-filed-returns-that-include-form-8915-e-and-form-7202 Because Forms 8915-E and 7202 are new and impacted by recent legislation, IRS has provided alternatives for these forms to be included with an e-filed return. Some software providers allow the forms to be attached as a pdf, others as a statement attached to the filing. As an alternative to attaching a PDF of Form 8915-E or 7202, to incr
  4. They told me yesterday it would be this week yet.
  5. Here, election workers are W2 employees. Under $1800, they don't pay tax. Over it, and the county should have switched to withholding, but they didn't. The W2 is perfectly accurate for what actually happened. The only question is whether or not there is form to pay the taxes that can be e-filed. My guess is no, but I was hoping someone might have run into this before.
  6. Did you report it to ATX? Frustrating, after we've been waiting on 8915s, if they don't work right!
  7. No, this is not a payroll issue. It's purely a tax form question.
  8. Being long past the last day of the year, it's too late for the employer to do anything about it.
  9. Client was an election worker, went way above the minimum for having FICA withheld, but the county screwed up and never withheld. So her W2 shows 4k plus of income, but no taxes. Nothing the county can do it about it now, so she knows she'll have to pay up on her return. Ideas on what form to use to pay that?? 8919 doesn't apply. It's not unreported income, so not 4137. Although if I can't find another way, I'll have her paper-file and force the taxes onto 4137. But I hate to do that, she's getting a big refund, and who knows how much paper-filing will be slowed up this year.
  10. That sounds familiar! I had a client call me up late afternoon on NYE. Thinking of taking a couple hundred thou out of his retirement. No Covid problem, he actually made $100k in 2020, was amazed it was that high. Maybe buy another house, planning to retire in a year or two..... After going round and round, the reason he wanted to do it was he heard that Dems would raise taxes on people making $400k. Um - you just told me you were amazed your income went up to $100k, and you want to clean out your retirement in fear of that quadrupling in the next 2 years??!
  11. Unless the state Revenue department decides to automatically adjust them. My state is infamous for doing the conforming to federal late - like April or May, some years. So the Revenue dept, if it's something simple - like this would be - frequently tells us not to bother amending, they'll issue all the extra refunds after tax season.
  12. It's on the 1099-SA input, there's a field there to enter the amount.
  13. Ok, I went back and found someone I did last year in that situation. I did fill in monthly, but only for that column F. Hopefully that will do the trick for you.
  14. If I recall, when you're over the limit you don't have to go through all the monthly amounts, just the one entry for the APTC. But it is confusing!
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