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  1. I stopped mailing w2’s to ssa and 1099s to IRS; they are Efiled, the w2s through my writeup software via nelco (howell) and the 1099s via ATX. A few are manually entered directly at SSA BSO
  2. Close 2020 PR. Open 2019 PR. Close 2019 PR. Reopen 2020 PR and try again.
  3. I opened the 2019 return; all fixed assets are there. I'll delete the 2020 file and re-add it. (Hope that does the 'trick' ! ). Thanks,
  4. I do not have any experience with Florida, but found this via a google search: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi6lIDUkPbtAhXjmq0KHSB-CEIQFjALegQIJBAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Ffloridarevenue.com%2FForms_library%2Fcurrent%2Fgt800034.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3AXWx70wWSeA7Ox086-vn1 A 4-page pdf comes up
  5. I've downloaded the 2020 program and rolled over a select few tax returns from 2019. I've only checked two of the rolled over returns, mine and my assistant's, and both are missing fixed assets. In mine the fixed assets tab is there, but there are no assets. In my assistant's, the fixed assets tab does not even show up. I'm thinking about deleting these two returns, waiting for a program update, and rolling them over again. Anyone have other thoughts or suggestions? TIA. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year !
  6. I am not an expert in clergy, having only 2 clergy as clients. See if this IRS topic is helpful. https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc417
  7. I have a client who just sent me their info to complete 2018 1040. She inquired as to when it would be completed, to which I reminded her of the million(s) of pieces of mail sitting in tractor trailers at the service centers. She agreed that it will be best to wait until the January 2021 e-filing opens, especially since they expect a sizeable refund.
  8. ATX's notice last night states they will d/c business efiling as of 6 pm on 12/22.
  9. After the free month I understand it is $99/month for 2 users.
  10. FDNY what time is the dog show? and on which provider ? Thanks ! Be well and enjoy Edited - found it, on NBC at noon to 2 Eastern time, right after the Macy’s parade
  11. ATX posted their last day to accept EF individual returns is 11/18.
  12. I received a similar email recently, which I too deemed to be spam.
  13. have you tried really early in the day or later in the afternoon? other than that I have no other suggestions
  14. Several years ago I had a business client with 2 'divisions'. The employees who worked in both divisions received 2 W2's (none of which ever came close to the FICA limit when combined). Employees received 2 W2's but when I filed them with SSA and the state I had to combine them into one W2 for filing purposes.
  15. Catherine if you are an NAEA member verifyle is provided to you as a free member benefit. I've been using it all year and for the most part my clients find it an easier platform that fileshare. It does have an e-signature option. Lynn
  16. Lion - I'll help you with your tax returns if you wish .
  17. I would copy just your (new) client's info and shred the rest. I would not give back the return as is. Lynn
  18. I suggest you consider charging your highest hourly rate x the amount of time it takes you to prepare the form.
  19. Yes - it is strictly the employER's choice to opt in or out.
  20. The banking lobby has pushed for forgiveness of loans under $150,000 but that bill languishes. My bank just sent notices to its customers stating that they are currently entertaining forgiveness applications only for loans over $150,000. I have no doubt the banks are waiting until further action on their bill before asking those with. Loans under $150,000 to submit forgiveness applications.
  21. Yes, I believe ATX is ready for this. I think yesterday's news release from ATX said they would start accepting efiled 1040X on 8/19. Just yesterday I downloaded the updated 1040-X.
  22. I cannot help you as I never got past the part of the prospective's inquiry as to how much? So, my CAA was non-renewed by IRS since I did not submit the required number of W7 applications within the prescribed time period.
  23. IRS expects to accept efiled amended 2019 returns 8/17/2020. I have not heard when ATX will be ready for this.
  24. Have you completed the housing allowance worksheet ??
  25. I'd like more clients but not those of the tire kicker variety.
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