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  1. Where I had the NYS EITC issue is with the Federal Return allowing the taxpayer to use their 2019 Earned Income if that gave them a better EITC they could use the 2019 Earned Income vs 2020. Well NYS does not allow for that, you have to manually change the the earned income for NYS to be the actual 2020 amount, not just the 20% of the Federal EITC. Have many not so nice words for NYS Tax Department for this fiasco including dragging their feet with the Federal Non Taxable UE change. Yes it is Taxable, NO its not, wait we are thinking about it. No, passing legal marijuana legislation is so much more important! /s
  2. Yippee!! I knew NYS would never go for non-taxing of something they can collect tax on. I held off filing until I knew for sure for clients with Unemployment. The early ones I had already included, so I do not have to file an amended. It certainly has been a long long tax season.
  3. And we may not be out of the woods for not having to file Amended returns for the UCE. As per the IRS Newsroom Notification today: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-to-recalculate-taxes-on-unemployment-benefits-refunds-to-start-in-may For example, the IRS can adjust returns for those taxpayers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and, because the exclusion changed the income level, may now be eligible for an increase in the EITC amount which may result in a larger refund. However, taxpayers would have to file an amended return if they did not originally claim the EITC or other credits but now are eligible because the exclusion changed their income.
  4. Just a Heads up if you are using ATX and open a early return already filed without the Unemployment Exclusion to see if corrected. The Federal is fine, but the NYS is not. When you include the IT-558 for the code A-011, the IT-201 is doubling adding back the excluded UCE. The only way to correct is to delete all the NYS forms but not the e-file form for NYS, (IT-201, IT-196, and the IT-558) and add the forms back in. This is just for the early ones that will have already filed before the American Rescue Plan became law. This is not an issue if you have not filed yet, but double check Lines 18 and 19. Also, NYS really has not made a definative decision yet. What a fun tax season!
  5. The other issue is that the "Document Number" could be on the front could be on the back. Depends on when the NYS license was issued. I have been preparing taxes for many years (since 1985), also worked in a Large Corporate Tax Department in house. I have about 125 clients that I do after hours from my day position (that pays the bills & Health Insurance). I do these at night and weekends. I do not think my clients would appreciate me calling them at 1:00 AM for this. Most mail me their tax documents as I have been preparing their returns for so long. I send an Annual Letter of what a need etc and any updates. I have a multipurpose Printer (Canon) that I use to copy/scan. However, the duplex scanning is manual and difficult doing with the NYS License. Along with being slow, and in the heat of coping everything, no always an option to remember both sides. I am not trying to be Nancy Negative, I do appreciate all of your idea's - Thanks! Sample_Photo_Documents.pdf driver-license-requirements.pdf
  6. NYS Has made this Mandatory and it is a real pain! I was not even aware of it until Mid Janaury, nothing stated during the required 30 Hrs education taken for NYS. Not only do you have to enter the Driver License Number. Issue Date and Expiration Date but also the "Document Number" that can be either on the front or the back depending on when Issued. Very Tiny Font that I have to use a Magnifying glass to read. I prepare very few new clients each year. Most if not all I have preparing for 15+ years. Very Cumbersome indeed!~
  7. Or down the front of your shirt! M&M's may not melt in your hand but they sure do between the sisters!
  8. I have a client like this. The reason they file MFS is she is able to have all her Teacher Student loans reduced and eventually forgiven by filing MFS. The husband always ends up owing so I have to actually prepare 3 returns MFJ, MFS for each showing how the wife claims the kids and receives all the credit, very little to itemize, State Tax WH, No credit for Student Loan interest or Child Care, still receives a refund. Husband always ends up paying and claiming installment plan, he receives all the normal itemized deductions (They are all in his name). Still works better than MFJ by a couple hundred. But, the time it takes to prepare the 3 returns takes forever. Besides the MFJ vs MFS comparison in ATX does not show the State side which can be significant. Then they complain about a $150 tax return fee. Grrr.
  9. I include one (Comparison) in every return (except the child / dependent / college student w-2 income only). I actually use a highlighter and highlight AGI, Itemized Deductions, Taxable Income, Total Taxes, and the Balance Due vs Refund. Also I highlight the Child Tax Credit and if their child turned 17 (or will the following year) to note the difference. I put in to the left side of my 2 pocket tax folder so they see that first. Then the complete signed return in the right side pocket. It has helped save many repeat telephone conversations. Even if it is a new client and you have a copy of the prior year return from the ex Tax Preparer, you can quickly fill in the info for comparison.
  10. Yes, you get what you pay for!
  11. Been There done that! Especially on Sunday surprise drop offs! Hey they get what they get if they do not call first..
  12. I agree. Where I worked in a large "Day Job" Corporation Tax Department we used RIA Thomson OneSource very expensove $35K per year. It still did not have all the forms you need as MAX, especially if you file Annual Reports, Merger documents, Amended Returns (A lot of "X" forms not available, but available with MAX). US Residency Applications. etc.
  13. My downfall during tax season is the Marshmallow Peeps... At least I do share with our GSD Goliath (he is the only else in the family that likes them) and that cut down on the numbers eaten.
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