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  1. I did this yesterday and it would not install. Spent 40 minutes or so with tech support. He attempted to do it for me and asked some of his peers. "It is on a domain and we do not support domains". We have been on a ever since we first got a website. I think 2002 or 2003. I am not enthused.
  2. I have two of those clients who, for whatever reason, listen to us and save 30 cents on every dollar of self employment income. $25,000 tax bill, "Okay can we make bigger estimates this year " few and far between but there are a few. Woman in tears the other day. HER income W-2..$4.1 million need $166,000 over withholding, "Can I make payments". Bite my tongue.
  3. RE: the letters regarding EIP and Child tax credit. The IRS did send them to both parties. I have them in hand from one of my clients now. They have 10 children so you can figure they say on top of this stuff.
  4. dsl reports. more than 30 years of reports from users
  5. Original post says that client is active duty GUARD. Probably paid by the state as Guard. Unless, forwarded to federal activation. Then the w-2 would be from DFAS and taxed in state of residence, At least that is the experience in Arizona. Of course, in Arizona active duty would not be subject to state tax at all.
  6. I do not know how they did it but, When we first started e-file we used a 3rd party transmitter. $10. ATX did not do it for us. We sent it to 3rd party. I do not know what they did but it worked, just took a while. We did not sign as ERO.
  7. ATX never provides the 1040-ES until late march or so. As to my recollection. But then again my memory is like memorex. OLD.
  8. That is what I thought i was saying, the operator (contractor) determines his/her hours. Not the corp. structure.
  9. I realize that this is the State of the Big NO. But, under current definitions the Uber/Lyft ride share folks could not be employees. They determine their hours, they provide their tools (cell phone and car) , and most of them have other jobs or businesses that are different from the part-time ride share business.
  10. I Will definitely use that on next "shopper". I really do not want anymore clients.
  11. As another Looong Time AAA member, I have used the tow service as well as lockout, flat tire, dead battery etc.. The no rider policy must be something with "social distancing" or something. I have never had an issue with riding with vehicle, Had one occasion where the operator asked me to leave my dog in the towed vehicle as he was terrified of dogs. I would definitely inquire at AAA corporate. I have noticed a few changes in the last couple of years since they moved call center to Northern California. Limit to 4 service calls a year was first. The call operator wanted a credit card to provide service. when I got a little agitated she gave me to supervisor and dispatched tow truck without a charge. I do have several "classic vehicles" that are subject to needing help home.
  12. Thank You, I knew it would be relative simple. Just flailing. They did send him each years balances and I computed from that. Thank you again.
  13. Title misleading, what is new for me is a gentleman (Longtime client) retired several years ago. Turned 70 in 2013/ We reminded him of RMD obligations . He had multiple tax deferred accounts and dutifully arranged for automatic distributions from his SEP. He discovered recently that he overlooked an IRA that had been sitting out there vegetating. Panics over penalties. I have done several where we ask for forgiveness on first year. But I have no idea of how to report 7 years of missed RMDs . Do I just lump them on 5329 ? I really do not want to do that. I really do not want to amend any returns. Just looking for the easy and cheap way out of this mess. Assume with all the experience on this forum somebody might have already pursued this. Also, T. Rowe Price refused to do the calculations for the client. Would not have helped but I would have thought that in 7 years they would have noticed.
  14. Several years ago had I clinet (married, both students) that started a valet service. Offered to a couple of big name restaurants . No Charge to venue or patron. Tips only and negotiated parking on neighboring businesses lots. Paid cash for two master degrees and modest condo. Declared 60 to 80k annually. Last known was valeting at indian casinos in California. I personally bartended for a short time but tips would not support me. Bell Hop in Palm Springs pays better. (Late 1960)
  15. n 1984, he founded Parsons Technology in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and began selling MoneyCounts, a home accounting program. In late 1987, Parsons was able to quit his job and focus completely on selling and overseeing growth of MoneyCounts. Eventually, Parsons Technology grew to be a 1,000-employee, privately held company. On September 27, 1994, Parsons completed the sale of Parsons Technology to Intuit, Inc. for $64 million.[20] I do not think there was ever a connection between ATX and Parsons.
  16. Thanks. That is what I did, while fielding calls about "stimulus" and other subjects. But when reviewing I developed my doubts. Thank again for affirmation.
  17. Have a couple that after filing MFJ discovered other issues that necessitate filing separate. One is self employed and the other is an employee at another firm. I amend leaving primary on amended return. Do I then amend the original return with the spouse? Or just file an original return MFS. Summary 1 amended return or 2 amended returns?
  18. Remember, that actual Expenses might produce a larger tax deduction one year, and the Standard Mileage might produce a larger deduction the next. If you want to use the standard mileage rate method, you must do so in the first year you use your car for business.
  19. aand then you have Arizona, Get your Adult license and then it expires on your 65th birthday. Cuts down on DMV work
  20. There is something in payroll that precludes printing from the dialogue. NOT EVERYTIME. I have printed once then go back and it refuses to print, or pdf. You can use page to get individual forms but in a tedious way to do it. And the problem does not manifest itself on evey return or every time. Has happened 3 or 4 times in last few days. I even uninstalled on my machine and re-installed program, to no avail.
  21. Just added 8606 to my personal return and it is DRAFT.
  22. I tried about 2010 and just could not do it. Too old and inflexible I guess
  23. I use Win10 on laptop/ not for business. I have not had major issues with Win10. Email and general non business use. However we use legacy ATX software frequently and ATX says that Win 10 and ATX are compatible to 2011. We have current cases back10 years. For our practice that is a non starter. Also I have had minor glitches with both operating systems in the past year. Not being an IT person I cannot run two operating systems nor afford duplication of equipment. i would really like to replace some of my computers and change to Win 10 but the down side of legacy software incompatibility is very concerning.
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