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  1. Got it. Didn't realize you were referring to that.
  2. Hello?? Where is this forum?
  3. He may not have kept copies, but he had the information to input into his software. He should be able to give you names of payors, EIN's, and addresses from his electronic records. In ATX, you could print copies of the input screens.
  4. All IRS knows is $80K proceeds. File the return to establish basis, or else kid will get a CP2000 and bill.
  5. See Possi's earlier post. Looks like ATX has adjusted FDC input worksheet on VA760/ADG as well.....
  6. That's correct, but it was showing it as a subtraction just like it always did when you input UEC via the 1099G, even if it was excluded on the 1040. So you have to go in (per VA instructions) and show a positive figure for FDC additions, then when it subtracts it out, all is okay. No software adjustment to the return is necessary. This works because VA has NOT advanced FDC beyond 12/31/20.
  7. That's just what I was going to say. They are updating the forms to calculate correctly with the changes, such as the UEC worksheet and flow-through statements on Sche 1. I haven't really checked yet, but Fixed Date Conformity for my state appears to have been advanced to 12/31/20.
  8. Have either of them sign and indicate "Personal Representative" on the Form VA8879. You should be able to e-file. VA will definitely cash the check. Send only the Payment Voucher with check. No signature required on that.
  9. (Sorry, I cannot figure out how to edit my posts.) Are you asking if an estate tax return has to be filed to report these items?
  10. Yes, great post. Now I know how to handle VA return without overriding.
  11. Yes, his estate got stepped up basis.
  12. All of a sudden today, my worksheet is not auto-populating.... anyone else having this problem?
  13. I am thinking that VA is pulling the amount from the 1099G in ATX which it has probably always done. What it will have to do is pull it from Schedule 1, Line 8, which will show the taxable amount. I had to notify them of this years ago for VA treatment on another issue (Spouse subtraction). And come to think of it, if both MFJ have UI, it will have to be manually adjusted on that worksheet for it to calculate correctly.
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