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  1. Yes. DUH! Totally missed Line 25d. Long day.....
  2. Had no idea that existed. How do you access typewriter function?
  3. Can you show it on Line 3a? i.e, (NYS Tax Relief $ - 124) just as an information item?
  4. I have a new client for which I want to do a Comparison Form even though 2019 information is not in my prior year's software. All okay until I get to Line 25 a,b,c for the prior year; ALL LOCKED FIELDS. Can't put last year's info in. It's nice that it is broken down by w-2, 1099, etc, but that doesn't help if I can't input info. Anyone else had this issue? Hate to put it somewhere else and draw an arrow to that line!!
  5. And that is what I have always thought too about VA. If I am not mistaken, someone at VEC told me that once......
  6. So if you are a single more-than-2% owner with a W-2, and decide just to stop operating, you can apply for UI in this state? But I suppose in that case, you would have to look for another job......
  7. What I would question (and there is not enough information here to determine), is the $53K Housing Allowance designation. If he is trying to deduct OIH, then he apparently owns the home? Are you saying his mortgage interest, real estate taxes, utilities and other eligible housing expenses -- actual out-of-pocket -- equal or exceed FRV of $53K? As the rule for exclusion is the lesser of the three -- FRV, HSA, or ACTUAL. Did you do a worksheet? I always do and put a copy in the return file. And Medlin is correct; there is no IRS rule about showing the HSA on the W-2. Then you have to ge
  8. I am a poster on the Tax Book Forum but all of a sudden it doesn't work properly on IE anymore, so I have to use Chrome. I hate it, probably because I can't find things like where to Print, access Favorites, etc. Where can I learn more about operating Chrome?
  9. Really? Is that true? I assume you are a corporation..... Do you have to have a reason for closing?
  10. It happened to me last year on the state. However, there was an issue with an unapplied estimate made in Jan for the previous year. So in the process of correcting that, which they did, and the return ultimately processing later, they refunded the original overpayment which was indicated to be applied to the following year. I don't know if the transaction mentioned was the cause of the refund.
  11. I purge my old paper files every year, but I never felt comfortable "sending them off to the shredder." I always have them come to the office and shred on site in the truck with the TV while I watch them transfer into confetti. Found a good one who charges $10 per (10-ream-size) box of papers. And its a lot in one box. No minimum.
  12. If this change was an override, it sometimes will not flow through correctly. Usually if you change a figure in a blue field, it will carry through.
  13. Burke

    VA 760C Issue

    JUST FYI: ATX fixed the problem with the alert , and the 760C is now calculating with no error issues or PDF requirement.
  14. Interesting. I am inclined to throw my lot in with the group who is arguing constructive receipt. What is not included in the details here is ....was the annuity the only asset to go into the Trust? Was this something that was in an RLT, for instance, when the mother was living? IMO, the Trust might have existed at death, but was not FUNDED until the monies went into the bank account, so that is the date the trust started for tax purposes. Prior to that it had no income unless there is information we don't have here, and no tax would have been due. However, as someone said above, if no d
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