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  1. jklcpa

    Can't find a fix for signature printing

    If you aren't e-filing, make sure that the "PIN" and "EF" screens aren't included. The client's signature is generated from the "PIN" screen for S corps. For your signature to be printed on the return, exit out of the return and on the main Drake screen, go to the Setup drop-down menu and open the Preparer(s) setup. Open by double clicking on the preparer for yourself that shows the PTIN #, not the ADMIN one. ON the next box that opens, you should see a checkbox on the right side that says "Alternative Electronic Signature". Check the box to print your signature on the forms, and then click on SAVE at top left of that box. This is a global setting, so any returns you print while this is checked will have your signature printed.
  2. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Great question. I think that might be covered by the FMLA or ADA. If the company provided a health insurance plan prior to the disability, I think it is required to allow the employee to purchase the coverage under the same terms and rate. Don't quote me on that, but maybe someone else here has run into this themselves or researched this for a client.
  3. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Crank, rather than trying to decide what is meant by the Pub, I took a look directly at sec 223(d)(2)(C)(i) where it stipulates that the coverage must be required under any Federal law. I don't know for certain. Would this person's coverage be "required" in his circumstance?
  4. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Jack, that's just not true. In general, HSA funds can be used to directly pay, or to later reimburse, for: COBRA premiums of the (former) employee, spouse, and dependents, Health coverage while receiving unemployment under federal or state law, Medicare premiums parts B, C, D, if former employee is 65 or older (if former employee isn't 65 but spouse or depdendent is, HSA can NOT be used for those person(s) premiums Medicare expenses of copays and deductibles, and Long-term care insurance HSA can NOT be used for Medigap premiums.
  5. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Crank, I would lean toward that too because the only thing taxable is the L.I. benefit, and think that wouldn't necessarily slot him into still being an employee. As for the W-2 showing the cost of the health insurance, this doesn't detail out the amount paid by employee or employer but is more of an informational amount. I am curious why this person isn't dealing with the insurance provider directly instead of still going through the employer. Every one I've seen, the former employee is offered coverage through a benefits provider, but is outside of the company's actual group plan but is still based on a marked-up rate of the former employer's group rate. Was 2017 the first year for for the separation where the cobra kicked in? Is that why you were still seeing the DD coded on that year's W-2?
  6. jklcpa


    What method of authentication is being used? It's optional for Drake this year Drake and any Thomson Reuters products, like UltraTax or any standalone platforms such as their fixed asset program I use . We are to acquire and link an MFA account to our phone or tablet, download each software provider's MFA app, then use that device to scan a QR box to generate a code that is manually entered each time we log in to the program.
  7. jklcpa

    Drake 2018 Window10 load problem

    Call support on Monday morning. It may be that your anti-virus program is blocking it and that you need to list Drake as an exclusion or indicate that it is allowed.
  8. jklcpa


    Is CCH requiring this for its programs for this year? It is optional for Drake, and apparently for Ultra Tax too according to a post on another forum.
  9. jklcpa

    How to find a qualified intermediary?

    This is a quote from our Registration Terms that you saw when signing up: I also noted that your IP address is from Bangladesh, not TX as you indicated in your profile.
  10. jklcpa


    Repeat offending clients that do this each season are also at risk of the @Rita method of dealing. Don't show up flushed with fever , loose cough, and dripping nose or eyes and tell me you are 'ok'. I'll be disinfecting everything!
  11. Sorry folks! I booted up to the built-in diagnostics to run tests on everything and it is not recognizing the hard drive, so to be of value that would need to be replaced.
  12. jklcpa

    Raising My Fees

    Here it's going to depend on the client's situation because DE allows itemizing while claiming the standard deduction for Federal purposes. Also, since DE doesn't allow its own state income tax as a deduction but does allow r.e. taxes and other states' taxes if claimed as a credit as a payment on the DE return, we will also have a prorating calculation to determine the amount of deduction allowed for Federal purposes when that category is affected by the $10K limitation that will be similar to when the Pease limitation affected total Sch A deductions allowed. That is on top of the new pages due to the "postcard" format of the 1040. It shouldn't be too difficult to sell clients on an increase since many of my costs have increased including the cost of the tax software itself and internet access.
  13. Yes, it was still working but the HD was getting slow, either probably bogged down and either needing to be replaced or at least a clean reinstall of the OS. Two minor things not working was one slot of the SD card reader not making contact and the scroll wheel on the mouse worked but seemed like it had a worn spot. I haven't turned it on in a while but could do so to check it while I still have the monitor, if you'd like. I have all the specs, if you think it's worth more than for target practice at the range: Dell 8300 XPS, was running Win 7 64-bit i7-2600 3.4 GHz processor, 8 MB cache 12GB dual channel memory DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 4 dimms, AMD Radeon HD 6770 video card, 1.5TB SATA-II, 7200 rpm 32 MB cache HDD 2 additional USB 3.0 ports 16X CD/DVD burner Dell 1520 WLAN PCIe care w/ 11n mini-card separate audio card, Soundblaster S-Fi Xtreme Audio Wireless keyboard & mouse Monitor is Dell 24" UltraSharp U2412M
  14. This has me motivated to get some old equipment out of my office, so my prior 24" monitor is going on FB marketplace but never know what to do with the computer. Is it enough to pull out the hard drive, and what do others here do with your old machines? After reading that some of you are still looking for Win 7 or 8 machines, I wish it would be possible for someone else to still use this. What can I safely do with it?
  15. Re: selling on ebay - you can search for a product and then see the prices of the ones that actually sold. This is done by scrolling down the filters at left and look for a heading that says "Show Only" and by choosing the filters in that section for "completed items" and "sold items."