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  1. Agree with Lynn except that it wouldn't be a qualified joint venture, because that is only available where the only owners are a married couple with both spouses materially participating and elect to not be taxed as a partnership, BUT it could be reported as a joint venture where each partner reports his share. Just make sure that the QJV box isn't checked if you do it that way.
  2. That's great to hear! Maybe someday I'll get around to regaining access to e-services too. Remember that you'll need to provide the proof of change to your software vendor too, update your address(es) in the IRS master file with 8822 +/or 8822-B, and change in the PTIN registration too.
  3. Yes, normally through e-service, but this portion from pub 3112 has the phone # to call. Also, you just update your existing EFIN number with the new address, not a new EFIN afaik.
  4. EFTPS allows for scheduling up to all 4 quarterly payments ahead, and can be changed or cancelled if the taxpayer's situation changes.
  5. My season wasn't as bad as I expected other than the lost time to being really very sick. I really dislike the new 1040 and that was a time suck to explain it to each client with the schedules having multiple items combined into one number and looking like memo items stuck off to the side in the text instead of in the column of other figures. It's like a giant stop sign that slows the preparer down in multiple ways. I have some extensions, and except for two, all owe me information. I had to yell at one this morning to stop calling me multiple times a day every d@mned day, and told her that I am so frustrated by the calls that I'm on the verge of telling her to come pick up her pile of and take it elsewhere. If not, she will get a termination letter this summer.
  6. I got $17K+ taxable SS using your figures, if I entered properly, and the figure I came up with is exactly 85% of the $20,904 you said was attributable to 2018. Here are the printouts, using a practice return and 2018 planner: Lump sum SSA.pdf
  7. Another first for me, I actually had someone get a very small credit on the 8801 for the AMT credit.
  8. I've been following too. Very sad.
  9. Haha, I'm more tired than I realized. I completely read that question wrong. Thanks, Jack.
  10. Yes, and I'm moving this to its own topic so that any answers you receive there will be on topic.
  11. I hope you all are feeling and doing well going into the last day! For me, the last of the extensions are filed and only one client coming tomorrow. It was another wild week and I've been working into the wee hours each night to make up as much of the time lost to the flu as I could, and I'm just so relieved to have completed all that I did! I have more extensions than I'd like, but about 1/2 of those do still owe me information so I'm not complaining.
  12. Hmm, is it IRS or ATX that is down? IRS MeF status page is reporting as "operational"
  13. Clarification for calculating state refunds received in 2019 using the tax benefit rule for taxpayers affected by the SALT limitation:
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