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    Exempt from Collection

    See Gail's response in this topic:
  2. Like Catherine, I've use efilemyforms for several years and am happy with the service. I've also used efile4biz. Here's are some links that I had saved: https://www.efilemyforms.com/efile_only.asp https://efile4biz.efile1.com/ https://www.bgtaxforms.com/e-file-s/7.htm http://tax-print.com/index.html
  3. @Anthony I moved your question on preparing 1099s in Drake Accounting to a topic of its own that can be found in this subforum in case others chime in on their favorite 1099 prep software.
  4. That would depend on your selections of notifications you receive. Two reasons I can think of for you not receiving a notification are because I didn't quote you, and you aren't "following" this topic. You can also get popup notifications if you set your browser to do that, AND that only happens when you are logged in and are active on the site either directly or by leaving a tab open.
  5. Reg 1.48-1(e)(2) (e)Definition of building and structural components. I would treat a whole house generator as a structural components because, unlike a portable generator, these require a fuel source be plumbed, tied into the main electrical system of the house, and are usually installed on a pad much like an a/c unit would be.
  6. Margaret, I agree with your reasoning. This is how sites like Gofundme generally treat amounts collected, that these amounts are considered gifts for the person's wellbeing, treatments, or whatever the fundraiser is for. It isn't taxable income.
  7. I switched early in 2013 when ATX reworked the 2012 program and haven't looked back. Some of the reasons I like Drake, not in any particular order: program speed update speed flawless backup ease of integration with document manager macros price exceptional customer service user forum with knowledgeable, helpful, supportive members I'd suggest to anyone thinking of switching that you try to attend one of the company's presentations and obtain a trial version of the software. The trial version I received was a full working copy of the prior year with the exception that e-filing was disabled.
  8. Folks, please try to keep posts here about this issue with ATX. I've moved two replies into a new pinned topic in the Drake forum for anyone wishing to give a testimonial or helpful advice to those who may want to test out Drake's software. Any future posts will be moved to the Drake or other vendor forums as appropriate. Thanks.
  9. Two replies so far in response that have been copied from the original topic are: From @JohnH : From @Tax Prep by Deb :
  10. From a post yesterday in Gen'l Chat @BrentCPA said:
  11. I'll be moving your post and this one to a new topic of its own shortly. Not sure what the "stability check" is or what you are asking because you revived an 8 year old topic about the "Registered Tax Return Preparer" program that ended in 2013 when it was overturned by the Loving v. IRS court case. EFIN: If you are asking about becoming an e-file provider by obtaining an EFIN, the application process does include a suitability check that may include a check of the applicant's credit, and will also view unpaid taxes unfavorably. If the applicant is denied, IRS will send a letter with a date when the person may reapply and will describe the process to appeal the decision. Were unpaid taxes included in the bankruptcy? PTIN: If you are asking about obtaining a PTIN, I don't believe that bankruptcy affects the compliance test, but I'd have to look to be sure.
  12. I've moved your post into this topic about the current issues since your original post bumped an old one from last fall. Here are two other topics on the ATX troubles and its effects that should explain what's been happening.Check these out for more info:
  13. For those that don't click links:
  14. I merged the two topics and corrected the date in the title.
  15. jklcpa

    Efile Error

    Because the address containing the incorrect city will be updated in the IRS system for all years, I would file Form 8822 to correct this because you never know if a notice or AUR issue may be coming for the current or earlier years. Unless the State of VA has its own similar form, I'd send a letter requesting the city be corrected in the state's record too.
  16. jklcpa

    Investment Fees

    Have you considered that some investment portfolios are geared more toward increase in value and not on current income payouts?
  17. Rich, I'm confused by your statement that an NOL can not be carried back if the election to roll back is not elected. Whether an individual or a corporation, the election is to forego the NOL carryback. Without that election, any NOL must first be carried back before any carryforward is calculated. If the prior years have no income to which the NOL can be applied and if the election to forego is not filed, the taxpayer must still show the calculation that the carryback to prior years has been considered and results in no reduction in the NOL before carrying it forward. I haven't weighed in here until now because I'm still unsure of what was or wasn't elected because of the way Edsel worded his response shown below. Does "indicating desire" mean that the election to forego carryback was included with the 2015 return?
  18. Thank you, Eric, for everything!
  19. jklcpa

    ATX Renewal

    The QR code box appears on the desktop or laptop running the Drake software, and then the phone or tablet's camera is used in conjunction with the MFA app to authenticate the user trying to log in is who they say they are. It's similar to how financial sites and other secure sites will text a code to a cell phone that the user enters as part of the log in process.
  20. jklcpa

    ATX Renewal

    As far as security with Drake, the company has set up the multi-factor authentication (MFA) that is available but optional for this year and is supposed to be required next year. It requires the user to set up an app on a phone or tablet and within the system, and then scan a QR barcode from the computer's screen using the camera function. One thing I'd like to see changed is for the log out time for inactivity to be lengthened. As it is now, I get logged out frequently during the day for things like phone calls or using other programs where I may be summarizing some of the tax data or creating a document for attachment. When doing so, I like to leave that client's return open in Drake so that the program continues to track the accumulated time worked on that return for me.
  21. Maybe more users will find and join this forum. We seemed to have more than the usual number join this year already.
  22. Try your phone number. Sometime in the past I recall having a similar issue and called the help line and was told that the 10-digit was the phone number I provided when the account was originally set up.
  23. I haven't had to do this myself, so with that being said, supposedly this can be checked through SSA's BSO. Log on and click "Report Wages to Social Security" and "accept" the use of that function. The next page is the EWR Homepage, and on that page you'll see a link toward the the right that says "View Employer Report Status". I hope you will report back to us if it worked or not.
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