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  1. Let's not get off track by delving into the whys and wherefores or by choosing up sides here because we aren't going to go there. We're all trying our best to get the work done and keep our clients happy while the IRS and every other business sorts out how best to continue operating under extenuating circumstances.
  2. Congratulations on finalizing the deal!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here and to your families! Gobble, gobble!
  4. Other than suggestions of using apps like Google Maps, Mapquest, Trip Advisory, and summarizing in Excel, there were only 2 actual mileage summarizing apps mentioned: MileIQ and another called Trip Log. There was also a post by Danrvan about contemporaneous records that may be helpful to someone. Here are the screenshot grabs in one photo:
  5. I banned the OP in that topic as well as another person that joined that was a salesperson. I don't have time at the moment, but when I get back I'll assemble screenshots from that hidden topic so the pertinent information will be made available for readers here. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Moved posts related to 2020 draft form and reconciling stimulus payments to its own topic.
  7. The $33K recontribution before 4/15/21 would reduce the $33K ratable portion that would otherwise be included for 2020, so if this is the only amount that is recontributed, the taxpayer will include the following amounts in each of the years: -0- for 2020, $33K for 2021, and $33K for 2022. The following page at IRS.gov is the Q&A clarifications for retirement contributions taken under the CARES Act: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/coronavirus-related-relief-for-retirement-plans-and-iras-questions-and-answers . Items #6 & 7 covers only the most basic example of recontributions and
  8. Possibly allowing for time to correct rejects.
  9. The 1040 e-file system will be taken off-line to perform annual system maintenance in preparation for the upcoming filing season. The last day in 2020 to e-file 2019 Federal and State Individual tax returns is Saturday, November 21, 2020. If planning to transmit on this last day, please check with your software vendor for the cutoff time for transmitting and processing returns for e-filing. Note: e-Filing for tax year 2017 individual returns ends for good on November 21, 2020. When e-filing resumes, returns will only be accepted for tax years 2018, 2019, and 2020. Taxpayers require
  10. No problems here. I had a dozen updates this week for various programs including one for Win 10, and the only issue was from an antivirus program update where it was treating one of my financial sites as an advertising site and had blocked it from fully loading. I listed it as an exclusion and everything is working again, but that's been it as far as problems go.
  11. The actual filing date allowed for amended returns is the later of 2 years after payment if taxes are owed or 3 years from the filing date. If not on extension, then it's 3 years from 4/15 is used even if filed before the 4/15 deadline. If the return is on extension until 10/15 and is filed after 4/15 but before 10/15, the actual date filed is considered the filing date, so the amended return would have a final date of 3 years from that, and I'm assuming this is the reason why the OP said the statute would have run out 7/1/20 for the 2016 tax year. Because the statute has run out for f
  12. Here's a new scam targeting professional licensees. It is being done by telephone, and the scammer is able spoof caller i.d. to project the actual state agency to make them appear to be legitimate. In an abundance of caution, the State of DE Division of Professional Regulation sent out a mass email to all its licensees describing the scam in more detail. So far here in my state, the reported cases have all involved those licensed in the field of health care. I doubt anyone here would fall for such a call, but I'm sharing to make you all aware in case any of your clients falls victim to
  13. I agree with cbslee and think "tax home" is what you need to consider. A really old topic on our site but worthy of reading the points made: This one too that is on the subject of tax home: And maybe a tidbit of info in this one:
  14. Damn, guess I'm doing something wrong. I only get the voice messages from the Chinese Embassy wanting me to pay them to make sure I'm not deported back to my homeland.
  15. It sounds like your email was hacked or harvested, and I agree with cbslee about monitoring credit and financial related accounts for any unusual activity. Other than that, the only bit of advice is if you can filter your emails to exclude any in foreign languages, or filter them if they have a common theme where you could filter by that subject somehow. Can you tell if they are coming from the same IP address with different sender names?
  16. Blogs generally aren't used for Q&A sessions. You would be better off looking for an online forum focusing on Excel. I did a quick search and came up with a few that look like what you might be looking for. My search was "excel help forum" and these first two looked promising: this one is run by MVPs and/or certified trainers, looks at your specific troubles, charges nominal fee for the service: https://www.excelforum.com/ this one, straight to microsoft: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/ct-p/Excel_Cat
  17. I've taken several courses given by Jeff Lenning and also receive his email newsletter. He is a CPA, a Microsoft Excel MVP, and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He provides online training at Excel University and is one of those listed in Lion's list above. I'm not sure that a blog is where you'll have the ability to ask others for advice though. Anyway, here is his blog site: https://www.excel-university.com/blog/
  18. I may be mistaken and didn't research for you, but I think the rule and question asked is if you are now presently current on all returns and payments. I can't answer about questions related to becoming an EA and it's been a long time since I initially applied for my EFIN so YMMV. The only way to know for sure is to apply and wait for an answer from the IRS. It's too late for this coming season anyway, so your best bet is to try to find employment with a firm to expand your knowledge and proficiency.
  19. @MsTabbyKats, Sara is correct that it isn't a completed gift until the son would withdraw from the account, but it would still be better for your son to get the step up in basis. @Sara EA, thanks for catching my error.
  20. I agree with Margaret. To answer your question though, yes, 1/2 of the deposit into a new brokerage account would be considered a gift to your son if putting his name on the account. A benefit to doing as Margaret suggests is that if the account is in your name, at your death and transfer, your son would get a step up (or down) in basis and wouldn't pay income tax on that growth if he sold it.
  21. I think the more important consideration is whether or not this business client will have nexus in Missouri and will it be transacting business there. What will be the nature of this employee's work in the state of MO? As a start, Missouri website has this on a page for foreign LLCs but is general enough to apply to all entities doing business there. Bold is mine and may not be representative of your client's actual fact pattern:
  22. Catherine, here is a calculation I did back in 2015 for one that I had that didn't provide the calculations. This client had done another one in 2013 that had all of the calcs laid out for me that I followed. Here is the 2015 calc: charitable gift annuity deduction.pdf And here is the one that I followed that you may also find helpful: 2013 Charitable gift annuity example.pdf
  23. I'd probably try the "paid with money not earned or generated by your business" or "the gov't footed the bill, no deduction." If that doesn't work, try "no deduction, it's the law, end of story."
  24. Doesn't the program still allow one to be the ERO without being a paid preparer? I think that used to be a checkbox or something like that in the e-file setup. Or you can try removing the paid preparer entry directly through the preparer manager, used to be in the tools section. See if removing that eliminates the program requiring the 8867.
  25. Sarcasm alert: I'd guess they'll do all of the analytics using printouts spewed by a computer, confirmations that will be assigned to the most recently hired junior staff person, about an inch of checklists to document their thoughts and prayers... and then do a cut & paste of an auditors' report template from a reference book onto the financials and notes that Tom supplied. Hopefully the auditor will remember to change the name in the template from "XYZ Company" before it is issued. /endsarcasm My highest level at this point are review statements, and it IS a lot of wo
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