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    E-file already accepted

    I believe that the IRS does process a limited number of returns ahead of the official opening. Perhaps your client's returns were in one of those batches. If you are very concerned, Drake support should be able to tell you for sure.
  2. jklcpa

    E-file already accepted

    You can sort the Client Manager list by clicking on any column heading, so for example, clicking on the Fed Ack status column will put them in order by grouping the various statuses. In client manager, I have additional columns to track the ack status and date of each state. The state of residence will show as state 1, other states as state 2, and so forth. With all of that set up, once a client's Fed and state acks are all back as "accepted" with a capital 'A' (little 'a' is used for extensions), then I will change the client status to "complete", and I have the client manager set to "hide completed returns" so that the only returns that show are those that are in process. Right clicking anywhere in the client manager will bring up the options for what to display and allow customizing the columns.
  3. jklcpa

    Amended returns.

    Here's 2 firsts for me. The first is to have received such an incredibly rude and unwarranted message in reply, and the second is that I'm going to share that message with this group for all to see that exemplifies why we don't help nonpros here. This is the message from our most recent banned member Mitzi:
  4. jklcpa

    Amended returns.

    @Mitzi rogers please see the notation in red that is part of this forum's registration rules that you agreed too:
  5. jklcpa

    QBI Scenario

    If it's the one this Friday at 2pm, I'll be out of the office at a memorial service for a friend. Keep an eye on the available broadcasts because Drake often repeats the popular webinars, maybe not live but that you view the recorded version.
  6. jklcpa

    QBI Scenario

    If I read the Notice 2019-07 correctly, I don't think your client will be able to use the safe harbor. Please see Section 3 - RULES OF APPLICATION, para .02 where it says the taxpayer must hold a direct interest in the property, or if it is in a passthrough it must be a disregarded entity described in 301.7701-3. The way I'm reading that part of para .02 for other than those reporting directly on page 1 of Sch E, it seems that for passthroughs, only an SMLLC would be able to use the safe harbor, and that partnerships, multi-member LLCs and S corps may still qualify for the 199A deduction but that they can't use the safe harbor. The interesting thing is that a H-W partnership in a community property state may be able to since it can be considered a disregarded entity, but don't anyone hold me to that because I've yet to look into that and probably won't since I'm not in one of those states. I was hoping that the safe harbor would be available to one of my larger real estate clients, but I think his LLC is knocked out because it's owned 50-50 with his wife, and not in a community property state.
  7. jklcpa

    Drake practice return efile

    You should call support about this because if you haven't already done so, you probably have to send Drake a copy of your PTIN showing it is active, and possible your EFIN since you are a new customer with them. When I switched and had to send to them, I think it went to their accounting dept to finalize my entire account's setup within their system. It's an easy one-time thing.
  8. jklcpa

    2nd release available

    Download the new version from the support site. There's no need to uninstall the earlier release as this one will install over the earlier and retain your setup. You don't need to reenter the install code either. You will have the opportunity to install states during the process also as those weren't available in the first release.
  9. Article from JoA: https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/news/2018/dec/irs-operations-government-shutdown-201820331.html The article above also included this link to the complete and extensive document from treasury.gov of the IRS contingency plan document related to shutdown that was in effect through 12/31/18. Article states that IRS would have to redetermine what would happen after 12/31/18. Might be easiest to search for keywords such as "Offer" or "Compromise" using Ctrl-F. https://home.treasury.gov/system/files/266/IRS-Lapse-in-Appropriations-Contingency-Plan_Nonfiling-Season_2018-12-03.pdf
  10. jklcpa

    What To Do?

    ^ This! Fwiw, I almost never take a client back that has left when the relationship has soured. If they left me over fees that they thought were too high when that was caused by something like lousy records, inefficiencies or disorganization, procrastination, and if I feel the charge is reasonable and know that I'm usually below the going rate around here, then it's pretty clear that the client doesn't respect me, appreciate my efforts, or the product or services I've provided. The client's extreme need or pressure from the IRS usually doesn't cure their bad habits or the sour attitude; they only need you as long as you can "save" them, then you're back to the reason they left you in the first place. Unless the fee is so lucrative to put up with those headaches and take on the added risk, why take them back?
  11. jklcpa

    Efile 2017 Return

    Status of MeF on IRS page is shown as "nonoperational". The entire MeF system is shutdown for retooling to prepare for the upcoming filing season, and this means no e-filings whatsoever, including the prior year returns. MEF reopening date is TBD. Your only option for the 2017 return at this point is to paper file.
  12. jklcpa

    Merry Happy

    A joyful, blessed Christmas to those that celebrate, and a happy relaxing day to those that don't or aren't.
  13. The IRS will shut down the MeF system in order to prepare for the 2016 filing season on the following dates: 1040 returns - shutdown begins Sat 11/21 at 11:59 a.m. MeF will reopen in 2016, date not yet announced. Business returns - shutdown begins Sat 12/26 at 11:59 a.m. and usually lasts about 2 weeks. The reopening date of MeF for business returns will be announced in early December on this IRS page: IRS Modernized E-file (MeF) Status Page
  14. jklcpa

    Paper File

    Yes, paper filings are still being accepted. It's only e-file that is shut down for retooling.
  15. jklcpa


    The excerpt and the linked article it came from is almost 3 years old.
  16. jklcpa

    Can't find a fix for signature printing

    If you aren't e-filing, make sure that the "PIN" and "EF" screens aren't included. The client's signature is generated from the "PIN" screen for S corps. For your signature to be printed on the return, exit out of the return and on the main Drake screen, go to the Setup drop-down menu and open the Preparer(s) setup. Open by double clicking on the preparer for yourself that shows the PTIN #, not the ADMIN one. ON the next box that opens, you should see a checkbox on the right side that says "Alternative Electronic Signature". Check the box to print your signature on the forms, and then click on SAVE at top left of that box. This is a global setting, so any returns you print while this is checked will have your signature printed.
  17. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Great question. I think that might be covered by the FMLA or ADA. If the company provided a health insurance plan prior to the disability, I think it is required to allow the employee to purchase the coverage under the same terms and rate. Don't quote me on that, but maybe someone else here has run into this themselves or researched this for a client.
  18. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Crank, rather than trying to decide what is meant by the Pub, I took a look directly at sec 223(d)(2)(C)(i) where it stipulates that the coverage must be required under any Federal law. I don't know for certain. Would this person's coverage be "required" in his circumstance?
  19. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Jack, that's just not true. In general, HSA funds can be used to directly pay, or to later reimburse, for: COBRA premiums of the (former) employee, spouse, and dependents, Health coverage while receiving unemployment under federal or state law, Medicare premiums parts B, C, D, if former employee is 65 or older (if former employee isn't 65 but spouse or depdendent is, HSA can NOT be used for those person(s) premiums Medicare expenses of copays and deductibles, and Long-term care insurance HSA can NOT be used for Medigap premiums.
  20. jklcpa

    HSA Distribution

    Crank, I would lean toward that too because the only thing taxable is the L.I. benefit, and think that wouldn't necessarily slot him into still being an employee. As for the W-2 showing the cost of the health insurance, this doesn't detail out the amount paid by employee or employer but is more of an informational amount. I am curious why this person isn't dealing with the insurance provider directly instead of still going through the employer. Every one I've seen, the former employee is offered coverage through a benefits provider, but is outside of the company's actual group plan but is still based on a marked-up rate of the former employer's group rate. Was 2017 the first year for for the separation where the cobra kicked in? Is that why you were still seeing the DD coded on that year's W-2?
  21. jklcpa


    What method of authentication is being used? It's optional for Drake this year Drake and any Thomson Reuters products, like UltraTax or any standalone platforms such as their fixed asset program I use . We are to acquire and link an MFA account to our phone or tablet, download each software provider's MFA app, then use that device to scan a QR box to generate a code that is manually entered each time we log in to the program.
  22. jklcpa

    Drake 2018 Window10 load problem

    Call support on Monday morning. It may be that your anti-virus program is blocking it and that you need to list Drake as an exclusion or indicate that it is allowed.
  23. jklcpa


    Is CCH requiring this for its programs for this year? It is optional for Drake, and apparently for Ultra Tax too according to a post on another forum.