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  1. I worked in my dad's office in the 1980's and remember when he upgraded to computer software from working by hand. The first software he used was Digitax. Ugh, it was my job to align the dot matrix print out with the transparency and make the copies. The first computer we had was an AT&T 6300 with floppy drives which we soon upgraded to a 20MB hard drive. In 1993, we switched from Lacerte to Taxwise.
  2. I have been using Taxwise since 1993 which is very fast for individual returns but that last few years the business entities have been become a hassle and they do not support my state business entity efile. My fall back when I need something more robust is Intuit Proconnect. but it is pricey per return. I like Taxwise because you are inputing on the forms or worksheets that feed into the forms for the most part. I need to e-file 2019 3115 on 1065 and 1120S as well as an amended 2018 1065 and my question is which software would you recommend to do this with that allows efile. I am primarily going to use this for business entities as I have already renewed Taxwise and will use that for my 1040 forms. Intuit Proconnect Drake Software ATX Working in Intuit Proconnect is nice as you can have the forms open while you are inputting but it is pricey and the old Lacerte format with data entry of variables is quirky with very little on line by line instructions. On Drake I hear all the raves about Drake but I feel like I am going backwards as you have to hop back and forth between view and input. I wish there was a way to keep view open while on input screen. It just seems weird not to have live calculations in-bedded in the software in 2020. I have entered two returns in ATX, one personal and one 1120S. I liked the direct form input but the 1040 took me alot longer to input. I also wonder about how easy it is to e-file complex business returns with QBI or the 3115. I would appreciate any feed back from those that have used any of these software providers. Bryan
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