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  1. Catherine

    Horrible Customer Service

    That's why I am still using Windows 7 (64bit pro) and wait several days to install updates. Too many times there have been updates where suddenly computers won't boot, or all the printers drivers seize up, or other untenable result.
  2. Catherine

    Big Data meets Big Gov't: New IRS spy software

    I dunno; they have reported correctly in the past on government intrusions so I would not discount it out of hand. Take everything with a small boulder of salt, and research from original sources oneself. There is plenty of propaganda out there, masquerading as 'news', on all sides.
  3. Catherine

    NT: Women's health message

    Plus you will all be very amused at the background graphics. They are really well done. As for the presentation itself, it is certainly worth thinking about, ladies! Hengist Mountebank Presents
  4. Catherine

    Engagement Letter

    Gee, that looks just like the ones we send out!!! Well, except for the name at the top.
  5. Catherine

    Tax Newsletters

    Tax News and Tips (in Pennsylvania) has an excellent newsletter. They have color, black-and-white, and e-versions. They will personalize to your masthead and mail for you. We have used them for years. Nice folks to work with, as well.
  6. Catherine

    not tax

    We got ours last week (direct order).
  7. Catherine


    That is EXACTLY my point. They have jobs that pay better than what most of us make. Those jobs come with benefits most of us can only dream of from afar. They can NOT be fired, under usual circumstances, even if they goof off all day surfing kiddie porn, very much UNlike you and me. But people are bemoaning their fate as if they are being made to walk the plank into shark-infested waters - when what they are facing is far LESS than a regular garden-variety lay-off. With NO guarantee of call-back, NO guarantee of back pay eventually, and no one publicly mourning their dire fate. Sorry; they got nothing from me. NOTHING. I've faced nasty lay-offs too many times, where I quite literally had NO idea where my next job was going to come from, or how I was going to survive until then, with no savings (used up in the last lay-off and just barely caught up to zero with no reserves yet) to help at all. In desperation taking crap jobs doing what I did to put myself through school, running a cash register at nights at a gas station ALONE (young and female), substitute teaching knowing I was working that day because of a phone call at 4AM, day-work bookkeeping via an agency running a paper-tape calculator. Quite a come-down from the supposedly well-paid engineering jobs I had spent years qualifying for. Work a high-school dropout could do. All for minimum wage but nowhere near 40 hrs/week - not just for lack of work, but also because I had to keep up the job search. Yeah, it sucks being out of work. It sucks worse when you don't have a call-back with pay waiting for you in a month or two. I got NOTHING.
  8. Catherine


    We all get to work for the government for free until (depending on state tax burdens) April or May. That's how long we work to earn the money to pay our taxes. Sorry for them but not terribly sympathetic. They can get unemployment, too, and then get all the back pay later. The ones being called back in to work (with no pay) can opt-out of doing that to preserve unemployment. I got laid off a half-dozen times in a bit over a dozen years, and no one ever gave a dingleberry about whether I had savings or could pay my bills, nor was there any guarantee of work ever again. For those old enough to remember, the early 80's were *not* easy times to get a new job.
  9. Catherine

    Starting 2019 Filing Season in a Good Place!

    I was working today on a new 2017 return, brought to us by a current client for his 91-year-old mom whose accountant retired. It's a train wreck; half the documents are missing and the prior-year references a pass-through from a decedent trust (her husband), for which we have NO documents at all. NOT a good way to start the year. So instead I finished up a homeowner's association return. I think at this point all the W2s and 1099s are out (which is what we always start with), and my partner has a couple of corporate returns in-process.
  10. Catherine

    Trump Sets Final Rules for QBI

    It would be great if I had a subscription... so I'll wait until the same info comes out free elsewhere.
  11. Catherine

    s corporation tax return not going through

    We have not run into this issue (but I also think we have not filed any s-corp returns yet; just finished an 1120-H today that needs paper-filing anyway). I'd say hold on for the update Drake says is coming, ALL the software vendors are having issues with QBI-related items. Different specifics, but they're all having issues here or there.
  12. Catherine


    They'll get paid all back pay after the fact. Per my brother in law, who has gone through this before (he works for the Agriculture department).
  13. Catherine

    Anyone else not looking forward to tax season?

    Well it doesn't work with *my* clients, either. But they think they're getting a HUGE deal and thank me if they see a $500 charge and a $450 credit - where they might fuss about an extra $50 charge.
  14. Catherine

    Anyone else not looking forward to tax season?

    Make Joan's suggestion a $500 fee increase, and discount heavily for clients with no QBI (and less heavily for those with simple QBI) deductions.
  15. Catherine

    Using BSO for client

    With a 941X that matches the changes made? Actually through EFTPS and a 941X mailed in with payment confirmation.
  16. Catherine


    Many software companies were letting people e-file during the hiatus, and holding them until e-file opened. It's the same as if you'd done that.
  17. Catherine

    MFJ Status Question

    Shall we assume the wife did NOT live in Canada the full year? If so, she can also be excluded from the return - but then your client won't get MFJ benefits. I have a couple in the Czech Republic; she is a dual citizen, he's never been here. We file her single and exclude her Czech income (raised here, went back home years ago, only needs to file because of the dual citizenship thing - FBAR too).
  18. Catherine

    1120S Amended

    It should be amended, as previously there was nothing and now there is something. That's a change, as I see it.
  19. Catherine

    Using BSO for client

    Enter directly; nothing to be mailed in. First thing you'll do, though, is reset your password...
  20. Catherine

    1099 printing

    I had one very recalcitrant case some time ago. I solved it by putting a half-piece of paper over the section I did not want, with low-tack tape (drafting or artist tape), and sending that sheet through the laser printer. Then I peeled off the masking half-sheet, and had a full sheet with one 1099 on it.
  21. Catherine


    I was as well. It almost sounds like the preparer is supposed to sign it for the client. Even with a POA on file, I would NEVER, EVER do that!
  22. Catherine

    Secure portal?

    My site, through CPA Site Solutions, comes with a secure file portal that we have found very easy to use. YMMV.
  23. Catherine

    IRS Confirms Tax Filing Season to Begin January 28

    From what we've seen here, for many of our clients it is not going to be that bad (fingers crossed!). Most folks are in businesses where QBI is clearly defined to apply. Most make way under the phase-out areas for the specified businesses. Most do NOT have multiple QBI-subject businesses where aggregating and netting and passive versus active have to be teased together or apart. There will be some for whom it will be nasty, absolutely. Those will likely come in later. But most of our aggravations this year will be, as with other years, clients whose records have missing items or who play (or are) stupid when asked.
  24. Catherine

    Printing 2018 Tax Returns

    Needed a mule to lug it all over?
  25. Catherine

    IRS Confirms Tax Filing Season to Begin January 28

    I can NOT see HOW they can call it stockpiling (or householding, or whatever) if THEY are the ones not accepting returns! "See the date - AFTER you shut down and BEFORE you re-opened; what else am I supposed to do? They got e-filed within a day or two of you re-accepting. Bite me." That last short sentence thought, not said. Probably. No guarantees because I cannot abide willfully stupid.