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  1. Half is better than none? I had a client get a letter with instructions "you can call us at the number on the top right corner of the first page of the letter" - no number there. Or anywhere on the letter. Except for the useless general number. 3 1/2 hours on hold (all told) the client was able to resolve issue after I coached him. (No POA on file for that year.)
  2. Not quite. Rather, it's because the answers actively HIDE until you give up and ask. Then they pop out at you, snickering, as if they had been there the whole time.
  3. that means you, too, @BulldogTom and @Abby Normal, despite the short jokes.
  4. Not a payroll tax issue at all. Late-filed return penalty - but the return was filed late because the tax matters partner was incapacitated, his wife was fighting cancer, and the son running the business was taking care of them both and as a result doing almost no business. We sent in penalty abatement request that was rejected only because my POA had been signed by the TMP, who had died by the time the IRS read the letter, so the POA was no longer valid.
  5. If any of you ever make it up this way, let me know and I'll make sure there is cake for you. No more apple cake till fall, but I can still make pear cake 'cuz I canned the pears.
  6. Just for that, @Abby Normaland @BulldogTomyou two don't get any slices of the apple-walnut cake that I just made this morning. That'll learn you!
  7. First thought: are they getting enough water and enough sun and fertilizer? If yes, contact your county extension service or a tree specialist, and have them take a look. Good luck!
  8. I have the most useless piece of crap sorry excuse for a legisvermin that exists. I'd rather give myself a root canal without novocaine. Better yet, give that to the "representative!"
  9. I switched in the middle of the 2012 filing season debacle - Feb 2013. Baptism by fire! That said, once you set aside (and it's a decision to make) reliance on forms-based entry, it's remarkably quick. Yes, sometimes a checkbox will trip you up. At that point, the top-notch support steps in.
  10. Our house has a big ole pear tree planted when the house was built (as was common back then - neighborhood is peppered with pear, apple, and peach trees in back yards). I have since planted two dwarf apple trees and a second dwarf pear tree (big tree is definitely showing its age and won't last forever - 70 years is a long time for a fruit tree). Also had a peach but the rabbits girdled it one winter (they got through my not-sturdy-enough fencing) and it died. Keep meaning to replace it, the question is where to put it 'cuz the original tree's spot isn't as good due to some changes a neighbor made. We get about 300# of pears from the one big tree and give them away by the bushel in September. We can only eat, and I can only can, so many, after which it's give away or throw away. The dwarf apple trees keep us in fresh, cooking, and sauce apples until....... about now. I have just enough left from last fall to make one more cake, and then there won't be more until September/October. The dwarf pear is a relatively new tree, and this is the first year we have pears on it. Need to thin them out, so it won't over-tax a growing plant. Another advantage of the dwarf trees is that they only get to about 8' tall. Yes, you can prune standard trees to that height, but you need to be a lot more aggressive and on top of them, and prime pruning season is late Feb/early Mar and for some unknown reason that time frame tends to be a tad bit busy around here!
  11. The taxpayer may not remember, but the prior preparer, or the actuaries, may still have some useful information. I have also seen these partially non taxable pensions. Not from an airline, but from other industries.
  12. I was afraid of that. Thanks, Lion.
  13. The entirety of the IRS is reasonably broken. Some units are broken worserer than other units, that's all.
  14. Well, I faxed in my letter on Friday and have heard nothing. For whatever that's worth. All I had was a now-expired POA for tax returns only, signed by a partner/member who is now deceased (hence, the POA being expired).
  15. When I get asked if my prices are negotiable, I tell them, "Yes they are - but upwards only!" That usually either shuts them up or makes them walk. Either way, I'm better off.
  16. I'll see your cat, and raise you a matrix. Matrix Ping Pong
  17. Looks like Randall got the essential parts done. The rest can follow at his leisure! Maybe BulldogTom will mosey on over to help him.
  18. Look on ebay for a 2 or 3 generation ago phone (android or iphone, as you prefer) that has the right type of SIM card.
  19. Is it 2018 and later years? (for original returns; got a non-filer case)
  20. Could indeed be a reason for non-match of documents, and I don't see it being a political comment to refer to public statements of fact regarding actions taken by the IRS. It's not even political to rant about how much of a royal PITA it's going to be for us, dealing with the repercussions of their actions. (We'll probably get asked to provide proofs from client docs like mortgage statements and more, that were sent in and destroyed. My state does this all the time with withholding for state pensions; they pay the funds, they withhold the state tax, then demand the taxpayer prove that the state withheld the tax by sending in 1099-R forms with the state tax withheld amount highlighted. I swear, if these people had a clue, they'd be dangerous...)
  21. Remember the maxim: if you double your rates and lose half your clients, you will be doing half the work for the same money. YMMV if you are basically working as a hobby, or a ministry, or any other non-financial ultimate purpose. But for those of us making a living at this insane business, the workman is worth his/her hire. Anyone who does not agree need not be a client.
  22. It looks beautiful! Enjoy the fruits of all your labors.
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