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  1. Use one of the online services like eFileMyForms or Eagle or TaxAid. A couple of bucks resolves the problem; well worth your time and trouble. Add (or take out) a middle initial and send a 2nd 1099 to the person. We do that for one client; someone who sends out rent 1099s for two properties to the same woman, who wishes them to be separated for her own reasons. One goes to Mary Smith, the other goes to Mary J Smith. Boom; done.
  2. The ones with direct deposit only noticed (maybe!) that their balance was higher than expected at some point. Checks... maybe they'd remember the amount. Debit cards, no chance.
  3. My preferred response was always "Answer hazy; ask again later!"
  4. I think all that transmits is the name and EIN. The rest is for your own tracking?
  5. What's up with the EIN application tool? I've been trying off and on since last week to get an EIN for an estate. I keep getting errors we can't get that for you at this time call this number with error blah-blah. If I call the number, eventually I get a recording that there are too many calls they can't answer click. Earlier today that section was down for maintenance, so I had hopes... nope. Same error this afternoon as on Friday and Saturday and Thursday and and and. Anyone have any clues out there? It's not like we can expect any response *mailing* an SS-4 in, after all.
  6. pronounced eep? or EEEEEEEEP!!!!!! inquiring minds want to know...
  7. Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, and the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. --Robert A Heinlein
  8. We had an IRS person talk at a cont ed thing some years ago. Yes, best practice is to file a blank 1041 with only the top section filled out plus some verbiage about all being reported on taxpayer's 1040. The person said, off the record, that they rarely see those and pretty much don't worry about them.
  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dear friends here on the forum. May this new year coming in be nicer to us ALL than the one we're leaving behind!
  10. I'd say a call to tech support is in order. I don't use it - but I *have* noticed that other 2FA items have been flaky about needing a lot more confirmations. For example, QBO required a code every. frimping. login for the better part of a week - and it just stopped. On a day when twice earlier I'd needed to get a code from the same computer and browser. All of a sudden - log in straight out with no 2FA. Computer gremlins, I figured. ymmv
  11. I kinda knew, 'cuz it took me two hours to drive to the Nashville Airport a couple summers ago after our ATX Friends bash.
  12. Might I recommend what we plan on doing this year? Put ALL of these clients on extension. At some point the rules WILL get straightened out and finalized. I, for one, don't want to do endless amended returns after the rules change for the fifth time. We are TELLING (not asking) our affected clients that they WILL go on extension this year, and also telling them that this way they won't be paying us to prepare an amended return when the rules change.
  13. @BulldogTom - my sympathies on the job loss! It *will* backfire on the boss' company; from queries you've posted here it's been clear that you're doing the work of at least two additional people at higher pay grades. He was getting a super-bargain and now he's going to pay through the nose, and that's if he survives, which is not at all assured. This may be the silver-lining disaster you needed. There is a HUGE need for tax preparation and also representation. All the representation firms are talking about an expected immense increase for that need, between all the people now behind o
  14. The client can always go to Direct Pay and pay in the difference. You wanted to add $500 to the payment? Pay $500. They will happily take the money.
  15. or sneeze or cough on anything!!!
  16. Client tells me today that his wife has let the Florida rental taxes on their rental condo go for a while. As in, a couple of years. The backlog is now more than she wants to tackle. Anyone here familiar with what's required to file Florida condo rental taxes, who wants a catch-up project? Or is willing to tell me where to get forms and any gotchas to watch for? Just the tax on rental fees. All the property taxes are in order. Thanks!
  17. Since today is December 24th, I will wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Next week, I'll send wishes for 2021. We'll keep the two separate.
  18. I've always loved this one.
  19. I would *hope* that they'd look at the paper one and see the changes had already been made electronically. But that probably assumes more sense on the part of the IRS than they have available.
  20. Yes, but. If you actually try a meeting you'll get a pop-up offering to double the time. But I went for the paid version anyway; my online classes go two hours.
  21. E-file is currently shut down; ALL returns have to be paper-filed until mid/late January.
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