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    Partner in 15 person firm, specialties are Real Estate and Jewelry. Uses Lacerte.

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  1. You just treat it as any withholding and claim it on the return. This is to force non-residents to file returns when they have income within the state. Many states are also doing this for K-1 income.
  2. IRS just cancelled an assessment against me that also when to collection - From 2014! 8 years of letters. You can just tell the collection agency in writing that you want to deal directly with the IRS on the issue and they are required to send it back to them and cancel their contact with you.
  3. if you don't file you lose the cap loss carryover
  4. depends if you ask NY or NJ tax department. NY is pretty aggressive going after people that are working temporarily out of the state due to covid. If the w-2 is showing NY wages there isn't much harm in putting it on the NY return. The rates between the 2 states isn't that much in the long run. Your situation though is a bit different since he isn't working out of a NJ shore beach house but out of an other company office. Could be considered that they transferred him and it should all be NJ.
  5. Not 121 but does get the step-up.
  6. Its not an IRS issue, proseries rolls over most states but not NY
  7. They announced about 2 weeks ago that they are suspending these forms 1 year for entities without foreign income items to report. Some exceptions so do your research.
  8. its NY that doesn't allow this to rollover. Other states do.
  9. Not how door dash works. you turn on your app as soon as you get in your car and then you pick a delivery you want to make. The above is correct, you are working as soon as you get in your car. There is no commuting.
  10. HI SON/DAUGHTER, My name is Mike and haven't heard from your parent in a while. We usually talk every once in a while. Just wondering if they are ok? no need to mention taxes, business relationship, etc.
  11. Years ago a switched and the conversion went great. This year I purchased a practice from an ATX user and no matter what, I can't get the files to convert. Proseries logged into my computer and spent about 2 hours with me trying and to them everything looks good to go. Anyone have or discover any issues lately with converting? Proseries has instructions on line for ATX users to follow to prepare the files for conversion and they were followed to the T.
  12. I should have updated this. I went ahead and signed up for the subscription based program. So far its been fine so time will tell. Wish I saw Marilyn's post earlier.
  13. isn't 2019 a subscription program already? I believe 2017 was the last year that wasn't subscription based
  14. I got a new computer and have been using Quicken since 1999. It is now subscription based and they no longer let you download the old version. does anyone have a disc for Quicken? I will pay for it. They told me that if I had a disc then I can activate it with my credentials.
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