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  1. I am guessing you are not aware of the original intent of the photo you posted? I have seen it in other internet forums . . . it is keeping the fried chicken away from a person of a certain ethnic group. Just a friendly heads up - "everyone makes mistakes".
  2. Dana

    Tax Organizers

    Thanks for the info! I got to thinking when I was reading them about the regional high level IRS representative who once spoke at our tax group. She said she hates that preparers use organizers and thinks that we are being unprofessional, even breaking rules. She was intimating that she wished there was a fine she could impose on preparers for using them. Obviously she has never sat across the desk from a tax client during tax season. How the heck could you get though all of those questions, yes she thought it was our job to ask every one of them, and still somehow get any returns done. Just watching clients slowly handing over one document at a time, docs they often times have no idea what there even are, makes me usually reach over and grab the whole stack so I can rip through them in 30 seconds. There are only so many hours in the day and the organizers are so helpful to get 80+ percent knocked out.
  3. Go into Options, then preferences, then "Print". You will see all of the options there.
  4. I noticed that ATX finally allowed a little customization on the organizers, only in the questions section, so since I rely heavily on them I was looking for ways to optimize the questions. So far I have come up with a Crypto currency question but was wondering if anyone has some good ideas? I will also be adding an information/tax update page in addition to the usual preparer authorization and instruction pages which I normally create independent of ATX. I am still ticked off at ATX on the organizers, they couldn't just leave well enough alone and allow it to be fully customize-able, it really gets my goat when someone "improves" something that worked fine. I was wondering if anyone else has created an information/tax update page to send out with their organizers or have some thoughts on it. It is my belief that we are selling peace of mind in large part so I like to include things which will let the client know that I know my business and I am currently getting up to speed on the new changes so I can provide them with updates and guidance as needed when things get sorted out. I think it creates client loyalty as well, which helps with referrals. I expect this to be a banner year for tax professionals and have been gearing up to handle the growth, does anyone else agree? Thank you. BTW - this is my first post here in many years. I think I joined back in 2007? when ATX shut down their forum (idiots) but now that they are blocking posts I will be making this my mainstay resource.
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