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  1. Measure out where the donut shop entrance needs to be so your round trip uses up the amount of calories in a donut.
  2. If you like ProSystem fx, contact your sales rep. Put him/her to work getting you the best deal for the practice you have. Show him your UltraTax quote, and ask him to beat it. I have a combination of unlimited and pay-per-return to keep my price down.
  3. TaxWise desktop has federal & state biz entities. Online didn't have biz for 2021. Check with them now for 2022.
  4. I haven't used ATX in years, and I only demo'd Drake; I use ProSystem fx. I took several CCH webinars within the last year on various tax topics that were illustrated in TaxWise Online. I was impressed with the amount of functions TaxWise has, close to ProSystem. Demo ATX, but demo TaxWise also.
  5. I get calls from CT CSS which, if accurate, would be CT's Child Support Services. It's on my biz line, so I picked up the first time. (I have some child/minor clients, parents going through divorces, and others that might need me to copy them on their W-2s/tax returns/whatever in my possession for some custody or whatever reasons.) Now I ignore it. My favorites, though, are the ones that spoof my own name.
  6. Exhausted. And, looking at a stack of more extensions than I've ever done before. Depressed. Hard to get motivated. Clients are calling (I think every one of them thought their own returns would be completed 19 April.) Laundry, doctor check-ups, house check-ups (for example, need a new compressor before A/C season), trying to schedule seeing the grandkids plus grown kids' concerts, back on the liturgical assistant schedule for live church, some minor payroll things, taking tax classes, etc. I haven't e-filed a single return since 18 April. I guess I need a fun trip, but short trip so I don't worry more, before I'll enjoy life again!
  7. Thank you all. You eased some of my stress.
  8. DIL needs their joint returns ASAP to "reconfirm" Medicaid for their family of four. (I prepare their returns free, and would prefer to do them last, but...) Their H/W partnership (bakery/food truck/catering) received monies from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. Anyone already researched the RRF and Taxes? Where do I go to start? Is there a Notice, Memo, Rev Proc, FAQs, anything in print? TYIA for any help.
  9. Had a client a few years ago (well, they're still my client) who received an IRS letter that they owed $0. He called me. I told him it was probably rounding, to ignore it; the IRS would figure it out soon. He received a more forceful letter the next month asking for $0. So, he mailed them a check for $0. That was the end of that.
  10. With a minimum penalty of $15-20, that client that owes $1.40 will get a bill for $21.40. Good for the state, but bad for our clients and for us. CT has a late filing fee of $50. My client who had a refund of $5 refused to file CT. (I was at HRB back then.) He received a bill for $45 = $50 penalty - $5 refund. CT makes it worth their while to send out letters!
  11. Thanks! Apparently, Chrome started its update when I launched this morning; it was still counting up when I read this thread and looked. When it hit 100% updated, it told me to relaunch, which I did. "Chrome is up to date Version 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) (64-bit)"
  12. On another board not many days ago, a client who always uses/receives checks for income tax purposes, had a direct debit/deposit (can't remember which) this year without any banking information on her return. Client's on SS, so SSA would have her DD info. But the IRS?! And, was it here or another board, where the direct debit/deposit (think this was a deposit) landed in the taxpayer's business account instead of their joint account listed in their joint return? Don't think the accounts were even at the same bank.
  13. Thank you Katherine. Client is still on hold with NY. Is opening a TAX.NY.GOV master account a quick and easy task? Maybe I should do that. Although, I can't open an e-Services account, because the IRS says there is "something in my account." They will not discuss it further with me, because they say my cell is NOT in my name (AT&T tells me it IS in my name, the bill is in my name, and I had it before I was married so whose name would it be in, anyway?!). I really hate governments.
  14. I have only a handful of NY clients (and since 9/11, fewer NY commuters and fewer NY residents) so don't have my own TAX.NY.GOV master account. Plus I'd be very uncomfortable paying a client's tax. That sounds like his problem. He said he had to open a DMV account when they moved into NYC from CT. He was calling NY this morning...
  15. That's probably a bank issue more than an IRS/State issue.
  16. I have a client that’s been trying to pay for his NY extension at https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/file/extension_payment_options.htm and is being chased around in circles telling him to open an account, but then telling him he has an account, and redirecting him to open an account… Anyone else hear of any NY online problems? A different link?
  17. My last CT took two days, rare for CT.
  18. I don't think there's a pattern any longer. I think, due to ID theft, SSNs are being locked sooner and forever. Try e-filing, but be prepared to paper file, sounds like a plan. (I used to see SSNs locked if 2022 year was DOD, but ok to e-file if 2021 was DOD. Don't know how that worked.)
  19. I had an inch-thick dense foam pad under my dot matrix printer to muffle the noise. And, I used all of those software. I still have a stack of green pads in multiple sizes, including a few extra, extra wide ones!
  20. Most main stream denominations advise their newly ordained to NOT opt out of SS. But those who have a conscientious objection to public assistance can certainly opt out. However, that does NOT change their W-2 in any way. Nothing in Boxes 3, 4, 5, and 6. What it changes is NO Schedule SE on their pay for sacerdotal activities only, for those who opt out. Those who object to public assistance will forego receiving Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, EIP, RRC, EIC, or any federal, state, or local public assistance.
  21. Nothing to do with 4361/2031. The employing church can NOT - by law - withhold SS/Medicare. At the clergy person's request on Form W-4, the church can withhold any amount of FIT/SIT, so many clergy w/h enough FIT to cover their ultimate SE tax as well as FIT, others make quarterly payments or increase spouse's w/h. Worth has a great book. Geisler has resources. Some of the large payroll companies have a clergy division or clergy specialist. There are preparers whose niche is clergy taxes. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p517.pdf And, from Clergy Financial Resources (https://www.clergyfinancial.com/) : "Ministers are required to pay Self-Employment (SECA) tax rather than being subject to the 7.65% Social Security and Medicare (FICA) tax withholding (IRC 3121 (b)(8)(A)). Therefore, Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes should not be withheld from the ministers pay. The Social Security and Medicare boxes on the ministers W-2 Form should then be left blank (boxes 3, 4, 5 and 6). Instead, ministers are responsible for paying 15.3% Self-Employment (SECA) tax through estimated payments. Self Employed Contributions Act Tax (SECA Tax) was first imposed by the SEC Act of 1954. Responsible persons can be held personally liable by the IRS for incorrect filings and failure to remit Federal income tax and FICA tax withholdings."
  22. My concern isn't whether the clients pay. Mostly long-time clients, so I know the couple who'll be late. My concern is that the IRS, and maybe the states, won't process their extension payments via mailed checks by the time we file their returns. Clients will get letters saying they owe. One father of child clients laying awake in bed in pain and on meds following hip replacement was so distraught that the IRS was calling him (his kids) a deadbeat that he got up and paid a second time, for both kids. Still not showing up in the kids' accounts, so have no idea how we'll ever get that back, or get it applied to the kids' accounts for next year. Now even grandpa who invests for the kids is unhappy with me, also. I keep hearing from all three generations, and only the two kids are my clients.
  23. I haven't encountered your scenario yet. But isn't the old $2,000 still fully refundable under one of the new laws? Maybe for 2021 only?
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