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  1. I have already heard from clients who have received two letters; one for the husband and one for the wife. Can things get any more messed up than they already are? Two is almost worse than none. They just aren't going to "get it"
  2. Not only our workload, but the increase in cost of supplies. Paper has doubled and tripled in price. I use a lot of paper as noted in another thread. I shopped online for a couple of hours and ended up finding the best deal by far at Sam's Club. An employee delivered it after dark, but I have 2 cases sitting in my office now. I was sure I had more in the storage room. The only thing that is going to keep me sane is my assistant, Lisa.
  3. mcb39


    I know this isn't what anyone wants to hear, but though I do some in-office shredding; we have an outdoors wood burner for heat and my husband's job is to take boxes full at a time and immediately burn in wood burner. Since I am a paper person, this is MY perfect solution and those old files do double duty.
  4. Similar here., although I enter nothing into QB. I find that Quicken is adequate, but mostly I do it on paper as I go. I log the clients when they come in; cross them off when finished. Have another log for income when they pick up and pay.
  5. Somebody has to do them. I have a preparer that I can refer to. He is just trying to build his business.
  6. I have clients who were told that they never filed in 2019. NOT TRUE. My proofs of filing are probably laying in that 5 million pieces of correspondence. I don't have a good feeling about this year.
  7. I have made the same announcement. I will still accept Sch C and Rentals. That's it!
  8. My son is in Shipping Management for a large Window Company. He just said that if you order a window now, you might receive it in September. This is a double edged sword; lack of workers and lack of National delivery Truck Drivers.
  9. All of these are reasons why I have taken a self starter under my wing. She went to school, she prepared tax returns at home for family and friends and she worked 1 year for an Accounting office that treated her badly. I have spoken about this treasure in another thread. I asked for help and she responded. I welcomed her into the fold because she has excellent work ethics, is the right age to be building a business, listens, remembers and will file, sweep or whatever in order to stay in this environment where she is eager to learn. I, on the other hand, am eager to teach and I certainly needed the help. She is coming in at a difficult time, but all those years of stored knowledge that I have are hers to access. Now she is learning with me and we bounce things around. It is wonderful for me and she loves coming to work. We are in for as long as they let us.
  10. mcb39


    I concede, but I do not concur on the grounds of ethics. Also, Master Guide Page 103, PPG 139 states that "If the child resided with both parents equally during the year and the parents do not file a joint return, then the child is the qualifying child of the parent with the highest adjusted gross income.(AGI)"
  11. mcb39


    I am looking at the tie-breaker test for Qualifying child if the child is the qualifying child of both parents. Quickfinder Page 4-2 Section 5: Unmarried parents "Mom, Dad and Child live together" The Dad's AGI is greater; therefore the child is his qualifying child for all credits. IMO: I cannot ethically allow the mom to reap the benefits of HOH, CTC and EIC when she makes half as much money as dad and they are all living together and living very well. I only have (had) one situation like this and burned my brain in order to decipher this. Since they are both my clients; we all agreed and he shared the CTC with her. Thankfully, they got married in 2021, had another child and all things will be normal this year. Dad also has a small side business that he is doing very well at. Since this discussion was under "Ethical", I am telling you that from what I read and according to my ethics, Mom filed Single and Dad got all the credits allowed. I stand by my decision, even though I know that they could have reaped the harvest by giving the deductions to the mom.
  12. mcb39


    Yes, it is a tie-breaker rule because the child is the qualifying child of both parents. However Tie-breaker rule #5 for Unmarried parents clearly states that Mom, Dad and child live together. Child is the qualifying child of Dad because he has the greater AGI and Dad gets every Credit available to him if his income isn't too high. (for example: EIC)
  13. mcb39


    I looked at that. It's not a very good example as their incomes are both so close. I am talking about a father's income of $40,000 and a mother's income of $18,000. I have always gone by the higher income rule. It doesn't seem right for the father to allow the mother to reap all the benefits of EIC, etc; when he is obviously contributing the most to support. Fortunately, the couple I have in mind got married this year, had another child and there are no questions. Was this another case where the IRS failed to close all of the loopholes? I have been highlighting that higher income rule in Quickfinder year after year. I agree with Kathyc2
  14. mcb39


    That just seems to still be up in the air. Who knows what will happen? Addressing a normal year; most of my clients in this situation have an every other year agreement. I abide by that. BUT, remember that if the unmarried couple lives together with the child, the rules are very clear and explicit. The parent with the higher income must take the deduction.
  15. I do still have a couple of years on my old computer that I can open just to hear the tiger roar.
  16. I had two clients over the weekend and one today that just received results of their 2019 returns. The one today received a check, no information except 2019 tax refund. This money was supposed to have been applied to 2020. Prior to this, they wanted him to send them money for 2020 and said that he had never filed in 2019. WRONG!! I had proof that he had filed; date of filing; date of acceptance and they are just now getting around to processing it. Now, to straighten out the 2020 mess. I advised him to put the money in the bank and wait for further clarification. Honestly, they are SO broken. I won't even go into the details of the other one because it involves two years as well. Is this madness ever going to end? They send no explanations and I am unable to contact them.......EVER!!!!
  17. I started in the basement; then in a spare bedroom when my son moved out. A few years back, I had an addition 12 x 16 added to the spare bedroom. Still not enough room, but I am not going any larger. I, too, think of myself as the same age as when I started in the basement with returns for relatives and a few friends. I had purchased my first computer and found an awesome program, Parsons Technology, which was later eaten up by Intuit. A lot happens in what seems like a few years which in reality turn into 30 years. I always worked an outside job at the same time until about 5 years ago. We didn't have a TV until I was in High School and the only channel we got was snowflakes. We got a telephone about then too. It sounds corny, but at least I feel that I have done something with my life. I will be married 62 years in a few months. Have no idea where those years went either; but I do have two precious great-Grandchildren. I'm not quitting yet unless it's not by choice.
  18. Absolutely, they must bring copies of their prior returns unless this is a first-time file. We also need proof of ID,, DOBs, Contact info, etc. We do have a first-time client interview sheet.
  19. I am amazed at the turmoil that this post created. It was definitely meant to mean the referral of a new client. As far as sending information goes, we do have a locked drop box outside so there is no personal contact with someone dropping off information for an existing client; which is extremely rare. While I am here, could someone please change the header to read 2022. Thank you!
  20. Yes, I remember for sure. BBQ ribs if I recall correctly. It really has been quite a ride and I don't plan on jumping ship any time soon. I sent you another message in your post regarding moving. Friends forever!!!!
  21. Aren't we all amazing? I am pushing 80 (pushing really hard). Margaret, a few years ago, I added a home office extension to my home. I won't be moving because my husband's business is next door. And, I won't be quitting until he no longer needs me to do his accounting and tax prep. Maybe, not even then. I would never give up my two landlines; one for fax; although fewer and fewer people are using faxes any more. Obviously, I am OLD school. I took on a young assistant as we have a client base of over 200 and growing. I have no advice for you about moving. However, I encourage you to not give up your practice. There are so many people out there who really, REALLY need us and I'm not giving up as long as my brain holds out. At my age, it's not always about money and really never has been. I enjoy my clients and most of them are friends. Once in a while I have to send one down the road just because we conflict. You have my best wishes for whatever you decide to do. Nothing much is impossible if you really want to do it. I would certainly miss you here.
  22. I have used ATX since 1998 when it was Saber. I first saw your post today. I have a direct line to my rep who calls and emails me several times a year. Here is her number, try it and be nice. 678-797-6928
  23. When they say send, they mean refer. My response is generally yes.
  24. I know that I am so fortunate. I just threw it out there on Facebook asking if there was anyone out there who wanted to help out part-time preparing tax returns and she showed up. She will do anything; sweep, shred, clean and prepare tax returns almost flawlessly. It is a perfect fit. If she needs help she asks for it and if she is weak in some area, I am free to tell her about it. I allow her flexibility as to hours and a chance to learn this crazy business the proper way. I have been doing this as a business since 1992. I can't pay her a lot, but we feed her and I am giving her the benefit of my experience and she is a fast learner. Perfect setup so far. Just started second year today.
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