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    I've signed a sales agreement for my practice. I have high respect for the guy who's buying my business and I'm thrilled that what I started 27 years ago will continue to grow and prosper, and that my employees will have a great new boss and continued employment. (is everyone singing that Who song in their heads right now?) This coming tax season should be my last full-time one where I work 70 hours and 7 days a week. I still need/want to work part-time for several years to come, perhaps at the wine bar in the town where I live. They've been struggling to find reliable employees who won't steal from them or screw up their inventory. Excited for the next chapter of my life and for being less stressed. I can't believe it all worked out exactly as I always hoped. I'm not much of a planner but I've always been lucky as can be. Don't worry. I'm not leaving this forum. You all (y'all) are like family to me!
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    Well, today I sold my practice to a very capable young man! I have taken down my shingle and have entered retirement. I just wanted to stop in and say so long for now and to express the deepest sense of gratitude for each and everyone of you and the sense of comradiry we have had here. It is with the most sincere part of me that I say I wish the each of you the very best of luck and success in the days and years to come. May the Lord of all creation be your ever guiding light! And until we meet again.................
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    Shout out to my girl RitaB for hosting such a wonderful event. I have considered her a friend online for years, but now she is like a sister. She put on a fabulous lunch for us all and we just had a marvelous time hanging out. Love you Rita....you are the best. In case it does not get mentioned, Possi is the best joke teller of the group. She does accents and dialects for all her characters. Abby is not far behind, he is very fun. Abby is also brilliant and has a wonderful spouse. Margaret can cook! Catherine is sharp as a tack and competitive as all get out. Jack is just like he is online. Edsel is a soft spoken southern gentleman. Gail is very sweet and funny. The back forty has a lot of flowers in it. Seems to be well tended and fertilized. Seriously, the view from Rita's house never gets old. I just kept walking outside to look out over the back 40. Beautiful country to look at. And most important....BulldogTom and Catherine are the undefeated cornhole champions. Thanks again RitaB for hosting. Tom Modesto, CA
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    The new forms and reduced withholding absolutely slayed me. Having to sit with every client and go through the stress of their disappearing refunds OVER AND OVER AND OVER, with caring and compassion was emotional and exhausting. The new forms sunk my performance time in each return. And time is money. Overall, the business of taxes was awful, for me anyway. If this was my first year, it would be my last year. And, I'm generally an upbeat person. I am going to close my office tomorrow and not looking back until May 1st. The up side to all of this is that God already knew what was ahead of me, went before me, and didn't let my spirit down. My assistant does all the processing, opens all their mail, scans all the documents, and together we create some kind of "fun factor" in every day. It might just be lunch, but we work something in. I'm really very blessed to have her. That's part of the "God" thing. It's a good spirit here, just tired from it all. I'm truly grateful for this board. Truly. Grateful. You all have become real friends. Another "God" thing, I'm sure.
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    Lady just called - said "We can't get this TurboTax thing to work right or something. Are you busy this weekend?"
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    Actual footage of me enjoying coffee with the phone off the hook.
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    See how easily it could have been done! And just tape your check to the other side!
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    "This form transfers the burden of responsibility from the taxpayer to the paid preparer.'' That's the real problem. While the IRS should certainly go after those preparers who make a business out of preparing bogus returns, there have always been laws to do that. Shifting the responsibility, on every return, from the taxpayer to the preparer, is IMHO not only morally wrong but also totally counter-productive. Preparers are not and should not be unpaid IRS employees. Yes, you have to be alert to the occasional bogus TP, but this "solution" is just plain wrong.
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    ...But I wanted to mention that I had removed the Donate tab at the top of the site for a few days while I worked on a new system for collecting donations with an option to support recurring donations (suggested by @Catherine and @JohnH) The primary goal, though, is to finally be able to associate every donation with the person who made it. Before I usually had a good guess based on name or email address, but since the whole PayPal process happened outside of the website, there was no definitive way to make the connection between donation and donor, especially if a check was mailed. So now, no matter what method of payment is used, as long as you go through the checkout process, the site will create a record of that donation and associate it with your account. This also allows me the flexibility to add some minor benefits to the accounts of those who donate, like increased file attachment quotas, inbox size, etc, which is more of a gesture of gratitude than something of any actual value. If the ability to pay with PayPal is requested, I will look into implementing it as an additional payment option. Recurring donations can be cancelled at any time from the Donate > Manage Donations page. Card info can be updated/removed from the Donate > My Details > Cards page. Please let me know if you find anything confusing about the process or the way things are set up. Fine print: This is all PCI compliant. No credit card information is stored on my server. All transactions are processed by the Stripe payment gateway, and transmitted over an encrypted connection. I have implemented similar systems for hospitals around Maine--this is all up to industry standards.
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    Unless of course, it was something he was dying to give...
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    I've nicknamed Karin, SoNot Normal, which, if you knew her well, you'd know is perfect. We left MD last Thursday and made it to Crossville, TN by dinner time, despite my transmission groaning up that last long grade to the top of the Cumberland Plateau. The day was overcast, but we like to travel with cloud cover so the sun isn't heating up the car through the windows. The mountains are always a pleasant sight to us flatlanders. Along the way, we stopped in Abingdon, VA and had an excellent Turkish Coffee. I had them make it with half the sugar they normally use and it was perfect for me. We stayed at a lovely AirBnB on a golf course in a quiet resort area near town. Our host, Brian, gave us a nice tour of the area to get us oriented. I think I got more disoriented, but it was nice to know what was out there. I had an excellent and reasonably priced steak and some craft beers at Spike's, our first night there. It was a great surprise after our long drive, because it looked like a dive bar from the outside, but it was so good, we went back the next night for more. We were pleasantly surprised on Friday to find a great coffee shop in Crossville, and a very good, reasonably priced lunch in town, too at Forte's. (I'm going to stop saying 'reasonably priced' because everything was so cheap compared to back home.) On Saturday, we took the big swan out for a spin on Lake Dartmoor. It was a bit breezy and the wind pushed the boat in circles a few times, but we made it back to dock eventually, and got in almost an hour of very pleasant exercise. I have to buy a pedal boat. I'd much rather pedal a lake or creek than deal with cars on a bike. The seat's more comfortable too. Saturday afternoon was the gathering at Rita's, where I and others survived a Rita hug. Those who haven't survived can be seen here: After much laughter, joke telling, feasting (thanks for the great food Rita & others!), and some really terrible corn hole playing, the group decided to try the Japanese restaurant Rita had recommended, and the laughter and story telling continued into the night, over another great meal. I had some excellent sushi and sake to round out the day. Very cool sake decanter with an ice chamber so the sake doesn't get watered down. On Sunday, Crossville was closed for church, so after discovering that the Quaker meeting was defunct, we drove to Cookville for coffee and then hiked a mile to see the Burgess Falls (more pleasant exercise - I did not gain any weight on this trip, which is always a good thing!). So cool that I accidentally captured a rainbow in that pic! While at the falls, a storm rolled by and one thunderclap sounded way too close for comfort, but we had no choice but to hike back out through the woods. SoNot's fitbit registered 6,000 steps and 20 flights of stairs! Our final dinner in Crossville was another round of sushi. We took the scenic route back through the mountains to Asheville, both to have a relaxing drive and to be gentle with the transmission. There were several scenic overlooks along the way, and we stopped at most of them. Spent the night in Asheville, NC with my nephew and his family, and had lunch downtown before heading to Durham, NC on Tuesday to spend the night with a client who had moved away. They had emailed me two weeks before the trip to thank me for my help and said, 'if you're ever down this way, we'd love to have you spend the night'. And I replied, 'well, as a matter of fact, we'll be by there in two weeks'. I bet they weren't expecting that! We got back to MD yesterday, early afternoon, well rested and still smiling from all the great times we had! Thanks again to the lovely Rita for hosting all of us wackos and allowing us a chance to meet and get to know each other better! I will remember this trip fondly for a very long time.
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    My idea for a W4: Enter the % you want withheld (min 8%). You can still claim exempt if you expect your EIC or other credits to zero out your tax. This will help part-timers, especially if their hours vary and sometimes have no tax withheld due to low hours in a pay period. Then everyone will be having a discussion about what % they're having withheld and people will start to understand what their effective tax rate is. And if they're under/over withheld, they can easily increase/decrease the %.
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    Lady came by today; package in hand; we've been doing it for years (has retirement benefits, savings interest, farm rental, taxable social security, needs 1099). Says she's decided to do it herself (been looking around online I suspect), but she's going to let us e-file it for her (gosh; thanks a bunch). She did mention that she "might need a little advice" because "the forms don't seem to look like last year's." She was crushed when I said "We don't do that." Going to be crushed even further when I tell her the fee (up $50) isn't like last year's either.
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    Some of us will try to bait you into saying something inappropriate, just so you can join us in the doghouse. But if we don't succeed, we have confidence in the ability of our government to do the job.
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    To all my friends here, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year 2019. And Happy any other holidays you celebrate (Hanukkah is complete, so in that case I hope it WAS good).
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    ^ This! Fwiw, I almost never take a client back that has left when the relationship has soured. If they left me over fees that they thought were too high when that was caused by something like lousy records, inefficiencies or disorganization, procrastination, and if I feel the charge is reasonable and know that I'm usually below the going rate around here, then it's pretty clear that the client doesn't respect me, appreciate my efforts, or the product or services I've provided. The client's extreme need or pressure from the IRS usually doesn't cure their bad habits or the sour attitude; they only need you as long as you can "save" them, then you're back to the reason they left you in the first place. Unless the fee is so lucrative to put up with those headaches and take on the added risk, why take them back?
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    The contract to sell my business was signed today. The buyer takes over on January 1st. I finish the bookkeeping and tax returns dealing with 2018. Did someone say "PARTY".
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    Isn't that the best thumbnail ever.
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    Just a couple of pics of the grand get together today. I have to s I will attempt to post a picture with name labels, so everyone will know who was here. It was a great time of putting faces and voices with names. (there will be pic of the back 40 in a different post for security reasons...)
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    I'm moving my sites to a new server this month. Sticking with the same host, but I need a little more speed and flexibility. I had planned on making the ATX Community one of the first few sites to go, but it looks like you folks are dealing with enough website-related turmoil for the moment, so I'll hold off and save this site for last. When it is time to move, there will be some minor downtime--I'll need to shut down the site during the move which will take about an hour, and then it'll be another hour or two (give or take) for the domain's DNS settings to propagate. Inevitably, there will be one or two members who won't see the new site for an extended period of time because their ISP's DNS servers are garbage. In cases like that, I highly recommend using a 3rd party DNS service for your entire network. Cloudflare DNS (I use this for my home network (router configuration) and on my cell phone) OpenDNS Google Public DNS I'll post again with an update as I get closer to the end of my site transfers.
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    The guys below have sure got their ACT together on practice management, but I cain't seem to get beyond the basics. My secretary (wife) will say "If you don't sort through that junk and come up with a tax return in three more days, Btfsplk's Garage is gonna kick your ACT!" So my program goes into action: 1. Scan the Post-It notes stuck around the rim of my computer monitor. 2. All notes are prioritized in order of importance (for example-first on the list might be "See Buffett" or "Call Gates"). 3. Begin top-left and go clockwise, look across to top-right, then down to screen bottom, back across to left, then up again to top-left checking for something actionable (McDonald's/Bacon-Egg Biscuit" gets a lot of attention). Some notes, the sticky part wears out and they fall off, but tech support advised Scotch tape and that fixed that. On a fair day two returns will get done and hopefully all by October 15th. It used to be simpler but the funeral home quit handing out their big block appointment calendars (unless you die). I've upgraded and got a wide-screen monitor (holds more Post-Its). If it gets too crowded, I'll buy a second (need one for Solitaire anyway; I hate for a client to catch me playin' that when I'm supposed to be on their case). ____________________________________ Simplify! Simplify! - THOREAU
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    To all my friends here - if you celebrate Passover, then, "Next year in Jerusalem!" If you celebrate Easter, have a blessed day. One of my huge blessings is all of YOU.
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    a while back, after much frustration i changed my Oxford insurance password to "thisisb*s*f*koxford" all spelled out. Well one day my secretary had to deal with them on an issue and they asked her for the password verbally. Boy was she embarrassed to say it over the phone.
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    I bought stock in a paper company.
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    If I knew someone had you blocked, I'd enter a new post quoting you word-for-word and then add at the end "(at least that's what Judy said on this subject)". Just for fun...
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    I've always followed the theory that my odds of wining the lottery are roughly the same whether I buy a ticket or not.
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    Same people every year, will keep me busy all weekend. Some I haven't heard from as they need constant reminders. So I get into office super early due to workload and go to bang out an email "Hey BabaLou, do you know what date it is?" "It's 10/12 and I'm running out of time" I think to myself it's Columbus Day......Holy Matrimony, it's my anniversary! Luckily wife had a 7:30 dentist appointment, never saw her. I ran out to Stop and Shop and picked up a mushy card and beautiful bouquet of red roses with the green and frilly white stuff. Sitting nicely on the table when she got home. I'm like a hero now. Still going to charge the client extra. Note: That's not the flowers on the left, could have been when I remembered last year.
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    I swear we look almost like a group of tax nerds! Well, there was the occasional mention of tax, software, etc. but we did have a lot of fun getting to know each other in a very different way. Thanks, Rita, for making this happen (or allowing it, as the case may be ). We always knew you were a super person; now we know for certain!
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    Overall, I think this tax season went more smoothly than I originally anticipated. It didn't take that long to get used to the new 1040 format and ATX worked relatively well all season. Sure, there were some hiccups and a learning curve but it all worked out in the end. Thanks very much to all the members of this forum who give their time and lend their experience. It's such a great resource and one I value very much. Enjoy the "off" season!
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    I wondered where he went when I told him not to come here unless he's willing to pay me to prepare an extension. Apparently he moved to MO.
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    Oh, I love this. I'm going to do this when I get a staff. LOL.
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    And here is one version of an old story. WARNING: potty-mouth terms used as you get farther in. Password reset A man was was unable to log into his online banking account and he pulled up the online chat support. "I put in my password and I cannot access my account" "Sorry that password has expired - you must register a new one." "Did anyone discover that password and hack my computer?" "No, but your password has expired - you must get a new one." "Why then do I need a new one as that one seems to be working pretty well?" "Well, you must get a new one as they automatically expire every 90 days." "Can I use the old one and just re-register it?" "No, you must get a new one." "I don't want a new one as that is one more thing for me to remember." "Sorry, you must get a new one." "OK, roses." "Sorry you must use more letters." "OK, pretty roses" "No good, you must use at least one numerical character." "OK, 1 pretty rose" "Sorry, you cannot use blank spaces." "OK, 1prettyrose" "Sorry, you must use additional characters." "OK, 1fuckingprettyrose" "Sorry, you must use at least one capital letter." "OK,1FUCKINGprettyrose" "Sorry, you cannot use more than one capital letter in a row." "OK, 1Fuckingprettyrose" "Sorry, you cannot use that password as you must use additional letters." "OK, 1Fuckingprettyroseshovedupyourassifyoudon'tgivemeaccessrightfuckingnow" "Sorry, you cannot use that password as it is already being used"
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    It's more like a combo of the (old) tie and a new-not-improved big giant clown bow tie with the expansion to include up to six schedules. lol
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    OMG! You are not perfect? My world just shattered. Take a look at my thread last year where I missed a quarter million dollar sale of stock on a client's return. When you get to my level of screw ups, I will buy you a drink and we can commiserate together. And I think you have 3 times the number of clients that I do. If we are keeping stats....your success rate puts you in the Hall of Fame. Fix it and move on. $h1t happens. Tom Modesto, CA
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    For many years I sincerely hated the 1040. Now, I belatedly realize that while it loved me; I, ungratefully and ignorantly, did not properly and deservedly love it back. Once I could scan all with a brief glance at pages one and two. Now, half my waking thoughts begin with "Where is..." or "Where does...." _________________________________________ Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town? ----- MARK TWAIN: "HUCKLEBERRY FINN."
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    Judy, you absolutely nailed it.
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    Maybe we need a "Bless his/her heart" emoji for those times when [just doesn't cut it.
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    I'm guilty of contributing things that, well, don't really contribute much. But, I do think this board is friendlier than most, and it's my favorite because of that. There's not a soul on here I'd ignore. No kidding.
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    I put in $4. One Mega and one PowerBall ticket. So, I am up to $8 a week. And I don' buy them every week. Lets say, I buy them for 40 weeks. That is $320 a year. Whatever I hit? Will beat whatever returns I have ever gotten in my SEP plan.... And yes, I will pay to fly everyone here to the next social get together....
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    I was remote supporting a client for QuickBooks this morning, and after I deleted his duplicate transaction, he asks, 'can you check my backup to make sure my QuickBooks data file is being backed up?' First I looked in QB and it was not prompting for a backup every time you close, so I set that up to back up to his documents folder. When you upgrade QB, your backup settings and some print settings (like check font) do not rollover with your data file. Who knows where Intuit even stores that info. QB should walk you through the backup options the first time you close any new or rolled over data file. The I looked at his CrashPlanPro backup settings and it defaulted to backing up only his user profile. Well, QB uses the Public user profile to store the data file so his QB data file was not even being backed up. He had gone an entire year with zero backups of his QB data! Why, after 40+ years of computer use, software companies haven't agreed upon a single location where all data and user configuration settings are stored so backups can be easily done is a testament to our stupidity. I have several programs that store data in the user folders. Some (like ATX) store it in a hidden system folder (Brilliant!) and others store data and/or settings in the program folder. I'm lucky to have been involved with computers since the mid-70s, but the average user shouldn't have to be a detective to find out where their data and settings are stored and then make sure those locations are included in the backups!
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    Hey that reminds me of a post a couple years ago where a member here was spotted in a photo while snoozing at a live seminar. Personally, I prefer webinars so I can snooze at my own desk.
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    I've personally found the online, webinar or self-study to require more "concentration" than going to a live event. I've gone to many live CPE classes offered by the well known course providers, including CPA Societies. Many of the individuals who attend these live events are either doing personal work or surfing the Internet. At least self-study requires some type of validation, either through a test of some means of substantiating your participation. Anyone who wants to simply "buy" their CPE will do so whether they attend in person or purchase self-study.
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    BINGO! And why would anyone with common sense design a two half-pages form instead of a one page form? Answer: just so some politicians can say 'postcard'. I need to meditate to lower my blood pressure.
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    Yeah, you won't get rid of me when I retire. I will still come hear to taunt... harass... stay in touch with old friends.
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    Jack...I think people were saying you were crazy, but it had nothing to do with you not wanting to use WIN 10.
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    The camera on my pixel 2 phone is pretty amazing. And I finally got the hang of taking panoramas. I want to print this one and hang it on my wall.
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    Awwww, you all are the best! I enjoyed the day so much, and we were honored to host. Edsel and Posse, thank you for bragging on the kids! They and Donna (Posse) did as much as I did to make it happen. Here's two pictures from May: First one: David, Me, Karsyn & Allie, Daniel, and Erin. Daniel won the marriage lottery when he got Allie. Best daughter-in-law ever. Second picture is Karsyn modeling what you SHOULD wear to Walmart.
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    I'm not overly satisfied with this video, but I've spent around 10 hours to get this far, so, be gentle. The video looks much better before I upload it to youtube, and I'm not sure how to get around that. So with no further ado:
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    Generally it went well. Few problems with the program but no need to call in. Under withholding was a big factor and spent some time explaining, but sending the highlighted Comparison sheet with the return was very helpful. Some clients didn't do so great with the new tax bill but most had no problem accepting it. The 6 schedules slowed me down in the beginning so one day when I had nothing to do I sat down and memorized which is which. Also, next year should be a breeze with knowing ahead whether schedule A is needed or not. Thank you everyone for your valued input, I've learned from you and grateful for your help. Always and Forever.
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    These days you need to win the lottery to afford a family trip to Disneyland...
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