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  1. Try Taxwise. We were with Taxworks until their utter FAIL. We switched on Jan 18th and had to learn on the fly. We did almost 1600 returns1040, 1041, 1065, 1120 & S, and over 20 different states. Was it perfect? No I hated it for the first week to ten days but by the middle of Feb I liked it and by the end of the tax season I was a fan.

  2. Had a client yesterday under their deductions list had "$82.67 school supplies". I asked her to explain, she said "I bought school supplies for my grand child! Um no that's not going to work. After several other issues with them I gathered up all their documents and handed them back and said "You need to find someone else to do your return".

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  3. The F1 key is the only stability issue I have, but it seems to have gotten better in the last ten days. We have three work stations networked to our main computer, zero stability issues and we've put out over 1200 returns so far.

  4. We just started using Taxwise this year, we are Taxworks refugees. It's not as easy as taxworks2011 but it works and is relatively intuitive. The issue you describe is annoying but not near as annoying as Taxworks 2012.

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