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Ex-spouse took 50% of 1095-A information

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TP covered her whole family through the exchange and received a 1095-A with her name and SSN in Part I. Her S Corp W-2 showed 100% of the premiums as taxable income in box 1.

She and her spouse were divorced during 2018. She filed an extension for her 1040 and advised me that her ex reported 50% of the information on Form 1095-A. There was no advance payment of premium tax credit shown on the 1095-A. However, the family qualifies for a premium tax credit. She is claiming both children on her 1040.

She only wants to report 50% of the premiums reported on the 1095-A because she doesn't want any red flags with the IRS. I advised her that she will not get the full SE Insurance deduction to offset the amount reported as income in her W-2. She is fine with that.

Has anyone dealt with this issue before? Won't the IRS match the 1095-A information to her 1040 since she is the one listed in Part I? Or is it OK for them to split the 1095-A information?

I guess I could report the other half of premiums reported on her W-2 as additional amounts paid for health insurance coverage on the SE Health Insurance Worksheet. At least then she will be able to take the full deduction less the PTC. Does anyone see a problem with reporting this way?



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