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  1. Thanks for your input. I appreciate your comments, especially those pertaining to the comparisons between the two programs. This is the first time I've been on since sunday and noticed on another thread that TRX isn't an authorized distributor/reseller of ATX. If this is right, then my whole issue may be a nonstarter. However, in the event that it turns out that TRX is authorized by CCH specifically for ATX (and not TaxWise), then it might be advantageious to try out the ATX 08 demo. Thanks again. George
  2. I've read quite a few of the comments made on this and one other Community site. The offer really does seem very compelling. The responses by TRX personnel have appeared logical, and the responses by others, many of whom have used ATX products over the years, have seemed good. Many have very glowing things to say. Now to the heart of my concern, other than TRX delivering what it said that it will. How does ATX Max, or whatever it's name, compare with Intuit? I'm not especially fond of them either, but I've been using their ProSeries products since 1987. And, while there are shortcomings, I've been able to work around them. They're very intuitive and their review has gotten particularly good. I've had, perhaps only three occasions to talk with their support over this long period. Their price structure has become less comptitive as the size of the industry shrink and becomes more oligopolistic in nature. So, how does ATX compare? Also, what about ATX's ease of use? I've been getting their Zillion Forms for several years and they've been deficient. Also how easy is it to convert from Intuit to ATX. I've been using Kleinrock research ever since I abandoned CCH and RIA and, while deficient when compared with either, I've learned to get around better with it. Their Express and Quick answers for 1040, 1041, and Business have been reasonably good, but not up to the level of what I've found in The Tax Book. I would appreciate your comments on anything, but especially on conversion and ease of use. Thanks. George
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