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  1. Thanks for the help. I have another question. When setting up a new client in the write up system. Does this interface with the AR/AP and Payroll modules so that I dont have to reenter the information multiple times? It seems somewhat awkward that these related functions are all piecemeal when they are all related. I havent completed any formal training through ATX yet, I am just trying to figure things out on the fly through the demo version before shelling out the cash for the entire system for this tax year.
  2. Hey community, I am new to ATX for this upcoming tax season coming from a previous firm that used creative solutions/quickbooks and Lacerte for their tax season needs. Does anyone have procedures in place to have an efficient year end client write up. Like you post cash disbursements first by posting checks, then post reciepts, etc. Also, I am having a hard time figuring out how to have an entry description when posting a general journal entry! Thanks, RangerCPA PS Any other helpful advice or tips and tricks are also welcome!
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