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  1. I believe the treatment is different for Gold and Silver Bullion Coins held for investment as opposed to Collectible Coins. I wanted to confirm with the community that you can take a capital loss on the sale of Gold and Silver Bullion Coins on a Tax Return. Also, would this be reported on the same form as for Capital Gains and Losses for Paper Investments, or would this be reported on another form? Thank you all for your wisdom and insight into this matter. Sincerely, Peter
  2. By the way, this was a brand new client who did her 2015 Return with TurboTax but did not yet E-file it herself because her and her husband owes too much, so she is giving me a shot to find more deductions and lower her Tax Liability.
  3. I double-checked on the Official ProSeries community, and apparently other people are having this same issue with transferring 2015 TurboTax files into 2015 ProSeries. I spent about two hours on the telephone yesterday with Customer Support, and in the end, the lady I spoke with admits that it may be a glitch for 2015's software. We were able to Transfer this given client's 2014 TurboTax file into 2014 ProSeries, so the workaround will be rolling forward the 2014 return and inputting the 2015 numbers from scratch. Please let me know if anyone else out there that uses ProSeries is having this issue- getting the Unknown Error message when trying to transfer,
  4. Hello, does anyone know if there is problem or if we are short of an update to be able to do this? I did 3 1040X Amended Returns for my mother and easily transferred her Turbo Tax Files into Pro Series and I am getting her back another $7.282 in additional refunds. However, I have a new client that wanted me to "check" her and her husbands work on a 2015 Turbo Tax File, but I keep getting an error when trying to transfer. Any thoughts, hints, suggestions, ideas? Thanks.
  5. As a brand new fully licensed CPA, I put everything in place to start my own part-time nights and weekends Tax Practice in time for the 2016 Tax Season. The only problem is, ATX failed my Test. It could not handle doing my own return easily or that of one of my pre-existing clients. Since I live in New Jersey on the Delaware River and spent most of my time working in Wilmington, Delaware in the past, but my wife works in New Jersey, I need to be able to file MFJ on my Federal Return, MFS on my Delaware Non-Resident Return, and MFJ again on my New Jersey return to optimize my Returns and get the best result and biggest possible refund, same for one of my pre-existing clients and will likely be the same for many of my potential new clients. Can ProSeries do this easily, seamlessly, and flawlessly by doing this all in one quick swoop and efiling all 3 in one shot without using the ATX solution of having to create a Duplicate Return for all 3, doing one set as MFJ and another set as MFS then efiling each one separately and risk the New Jersey return not giving the proper credit for Delaware Non-Resident Income Taxes Paid on the New Jersey return, and then trying to figure out how to override it? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. Hello Eric. Sorry to trouble you. Can you please help me change my username on this site to shorten it to just PJCCPA? By putting the comma in there, people are unable to privately message me. Also, I want to reduce my footprint by shortening my username to just my initials and primary designation. Thank you kindly.
  7. Sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers coming your way. I have a friend whom I went to Graduate School with who might be interested in buying a Tax Practice in Lancaster, although probably not right away. I believe he is in his fifties and had been a Union Flight Attendant for most of his career. But he has been moonlighting nights and weekends during Tax Season for the past 3 or 4 seasons for a Tax Service, possibly Liberty Tax Service. He was also studying for the EA Exam last time I spoke to him. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware currently but his dream was always to move back to Lancaster where his family is and set up a Tax Practice there. I'm not sure that he is ready, but I'm confident that he has the means. I could reach out to him and see what his time frame is. Message me if you are interested.
  8. I checked my mailbox on this forum, but I did not yet get your message, Judy. Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  9. I have the Drake Demo software on my Laptop. I called them today and they said that they unlocked it so that I can add Delaware and try it. ATX is going to give me until December 15th now before I have to decide on returning it. Tomorrow, I'm going to a CPA friend's home practice to try out ProSeries from Intuit. I will be making a better informed decision this way. I was not yet fully ready to start my own business but I am doing it out of necessity for a dependable income. I am only going to be doing it part-time nights and weekends while seeking a day job elsewhere. I also wanted to thank you all again for pointing out that I need to be more careful so as to not insult people. I was never very good at being politically correct, but I can see where it is becoming a problem. I have been down on my luck for nearly 10 years since getting laid off of my last two permanent full time jobs during the Great Recession, and although I used to always have an optimistic outlook on the future, I suppose that I have developed a bit of a bad attitude lately so I will need to work on that going forward. I overcame a disability to go back to Graduate School for a Master's Degree of Accounting and Financial Management, taking night classes in Philadelphia while working temporary contract jobs during the day in Delaware. I finished with Distinction, at the top of the class with a perfect 4.0 GPA and then parlayed that into finally passing all 4 parts of the CPA Exam. Then I had to get additional CPA-signed affidavits of work experience that totaled over a year, since I had to get multiple ones and put them together piecemeal. This whole process took me about 6 years in total, and it was supposed to magically change my long-term employment prospects. So far that has not yet happened, and I'm about out of time and refinancing options, so I'm doing this to try and pull myself up by my bootstraps before its too late. Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  10. Again, I'm sorry and I apologize and its not my intention to insult people here. I sincerely appreciate all of your help and advice on this matter. The last two firms that I worked for did not treat me fairly. One kept one of my personal friends as a business client which I helped bring into the firm as an investment in my future career with that firm, and the other still owes me money from accrued vacation pay that was never paid out to me. I did read all of your posts carefully and I have zeroed in on the problem with the software, which is not an easy fix with the ATX Software as I was just on the telephone with customer support. This is probably going to be a deal breaker for me in using this particular software going forward. Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  11. Well, then let me first reply that it was not my intention to offend EA's and other Tax Professionals, so if you were offended, then I apologize. I do see the value in the Enrolled Agent Credential which is why I also started studying for that, too as well. Although I am a brand-new licensed CPA, I have 20 years of prior Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Experience. I only have about 2 years of combined Public Accounting experience, about a year and a half of Auditing back in 1996-1997, and then I worked for a Public Accounting Firm this past Tax Season and completed 165 Individual and State Tax Returns including some local returns. Since these were mostly High-Net Worth Clients such as Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, and perhaps those born with a Trust Fund, the majority of the returns that I did were more complex in nature so I saw a little bit of just about everything in one Tax Season. I have also had a few clients of my own on the side over the past 2 or 3 years, but this will be the first year that I will be signing off as the paid preparer with my own EFIN number. So I admit that I have much more to learn in the Public Accounting realm. I enjoy the profession and love doing it, but I have grown weary of bending over backwards for greedy Small Firm owners who do not want to put the time and money into grooming me to be a better CPA and expect me to be perfect 100% on every single task without giving me a learning curve to make the adjustment from going from Corporate Accounting back to Public Accounting even when I told them up front what I'm good at, what I need to work on to improve, and what I have absolutely no experience with at all. Sincerely, Peter J, Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  12. Thanks again for all of the time you put into this blog post. I'm not sure how to do an Override in ATX, I did not think that there was an option for that. I'm still going to call Customer Service tomorrow morning, but in light of what we discussed tonight I do believe there is hope for me in keeping the Program. Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  13. Yes, then it all makes sense now. So what I really need to do is to figure out the easiest way to file MFJ for Federal with ATX, and then file MFS for my Delaware Return for just myself and only include my Delaware Income, as I had 2 temporary jobs this year and a seasonal job with the Wilmington, Delaware CPA Firm over Tax Season. My wife has only New Jersey income and we are Pennsville, New Jersey residents. Do you know an easy way to do this with ATX without having to create a second, brand new return for myself from scratch? Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
  14. Wait, I just re-read your post and I realized you mentioned both people if filing on a joint basis. That might be the problem, as when I did a Church Friend's Tax Return at work on Pro-Systems F/X Tax, he was in the same situation as me in that he was Married Filing Jointly for Federal, but he worked in Delaware and his wife worked in New Jersey. I used Pro-Systems F/X Tax and selected MFJ status, but the Program optimized his return by selecting Married Filing Seperately Status for his Delaware State Income Tax Return. Perhaps this is what I should be doing for my own Delaware State Return, is to file Seperately for Myself but not my wife since she both lives and works in New Jersey. By filing my Church Friend's Tax Return this way, we received a more favorable result. But I'm not sure if there is an easy, time efficient way to do this with ATX. Sincerely, Peter J. Chrustowski, CPA, CGMA, MAFM
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