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  1. Gotcha - so shuts down around the end of November and opens back up about January. Thanks Everyone!
  2. Can you e-file a return after 10/15? (Current and/or prior year?) Some people say no - some people say yes I never normally need to so I've never checked in on it.
  3. I'm a little confused - we got an e-mail from ATX talking about their new Advanced Calculation and Compliance. Where the module will include calculations of education credits, taxes paid for other states, and the two year comparison for C, E, and F's and some more. Are they saying that the 2020 software will no longer do that stuff if we don't pay the extra $499? Our software always has done those things in the past... Any thoughts?
  4. Thank you for the input everyone! I appreciate it!
  5. My whole nervousness about that is she will not be working any longer. That is the only income she is going to have - if she was working full time I would be in agreement about a gift.
  6. I had an emergency family thing - that is why I never came back to add more details. Sorry everyone! Thanks for all the thoughts though! She quit her job and will be doing this full time - the father will be living in her home and my client will be using the $4,000/month to cover all of his expenses. He used to live in an assisted living but they found it more cost beneficial for him to live with her and they pay the daughter. The client is single and does not have a spouse so will have no other income coming in besides the $4,000/month from her siblings. That is why I feel that gifting w
  7. Hello! I can't find anything when I research on this specific situation that I haven't come across before. Client quit her job, she is getting paid $4,000/month from her siblings to take care of their elderly parent that used to be in an assisted living. Is this money taxable? My gut says yes, but that opens up other questions like - Schedule C? Would there be any expenses that could be used on the Schedule C?
  8. With everything now - I have a lot of clients that asked for their refunds to be applied forward wanting to actually get the refund instead. Their returns already being filed - is there a way to do this?
  9. I have also noticed that you are only able to log-in once per day. Our MN board of accountancy told us that if you log-in too many times it will lock you out indefinitely. So keep your eyes on that as well!
  10. Does anyone know any thing about this? A client of mine had a refund on the return that was applied to 2020 - she is trying to enter her banking information on the "Get my payment" on the IRS site and it wants her to enter her refund or amount due. If she puts the refund amount it says that it is wrong, if she puts zero it kicks her off the site. Any thoughts?
  11. I am getting a lot of calls. Do those who are not required to file a tax return because they have too low of income or just on Social Security need to file a tax return to receive the stimulus?
  12. Thanks Catherine!
  13. Hi Everyone! I have an odd situation with a new client. I guess I am unsure of what to do. In 2016, he started a contract for deed on a property. His prior tax preparer took the entire gain in that year and has just been taking the interest income going forward. They are stopping the contract for deed because the person making the payments is expected to pass away within the next couple of months. His plan with his lawyer is to give her the $15,000 down payment back and consider all of the payments made in 2020 as rent as he is going to let her stay in the house until she passes. M
  14. 100% of the HOA's income is from member's dues. They have no other non-exempt income and the cable, telephone, and internet are for all of the members of the HOA.
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