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  1. JackieB


    Yeah, the EIN is for paymasters and it doesn't say "in care of". It is kind of a weird scenario. I've never heard of anything like this before.
  2. JackieB


    I have a client who runs their payroll through a third party service called Paymasters. The W-2s issed to their employees show that the employer is the third party service. Obviously, my client still pays for the payroll and taxes, but even the 941's are under the third party service's name. Is this still considered their wages for QBI? I am not finding a straight answer when I research the issue.
  3. Hello! Is there anyway to convert the fixed assets from ATX to an excel sheet? I originally printed to a PDF and then converted to an excel, but it doesn't seem to like it when it's done that way.
  4. I received an e-mail from ATX just now. They said they will have the problem resolved by the end of the week. YAY!!! Majority of my client's response to log keeping: "OH, HELL NO!" HAH!
  5. There really is no explanation on what is causing the problem yet. But, from what I can tell, if you have a Schedule C or F and a Schedule E in the same return it errors. Because if the Schedule E isn't checked as "qualified" for QBI purposes, I think the software is getting confused and wanting the 8995 to be deleted. The Form is still filling out and calculating the deduction correctly, just won't let you create an e-file. ATX told me that they are working on the problem, checked again this morning and it is still an error. Hope they figure things out soon. If they don't, I suppose we would all have to just click the Schedule E as qualified and then override the deduction and 8995 to being correct?
  6. They took a copy of my file and told me they will call me back. It sounds like it's a problem they can't figure out how to fix as of right now.
  7. There was also two schedule E's, but there is nothing checked because they are not qualified.
  8. I have a tax return that it won't let me create an e-file for, it says "If no businesses are "Qualified for QBI purposes, please discard Form 8995". There is a business that is qualified, I have it checked on the Schedule C data and it shows up as checked in the activities section on the 8995 and is producing the QBI deduction correctly. Any ideas on what I am forgetting to check to have it let me efile?
  9. Am I understanding things correctly, if the partnership has less than 10 partners there is no need to opt out of the new partnership audit rules? Took a continuing ed and that is what they said but haven't found any sort of back-up to that statement anywhere.
  10. False alarm, it was a software issue and was fixed
  11. Box 3 $38,000, Box 7 $7,000. QBID before DPAD is $6,000. If I put the DPAD on the 8995-A page two, it only brings the DPAD to the 1040. It leaves the $6000 on the 8995 simplified form. I need it to go to the A
  12. I'm just going to have to call ATX, I think it is more of a software not doing what it is supposed to be doing problem. Thanks!
  13. On the K-1 "Global Information" there is a box to check under "Customer & Preparer Copy" that will print the basis statement and it will roll over every year.
  14. JackieB


    I put the DPAD on the 8995-A, it keeps the original QBID on the 8995. Are these supposed to be on the same form? If so, how do i get ATX to let me put the regular QBID on the 8995-A?
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