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  1. I want to tap into the collective intelligence of the community here. My firm has just started using ATX software. We have a number of partnerships which have made Section 754 elections in the past. My question does not involve how to make the election, that has already been done. My question is how do you set up the software to handle this situation and get the correct amounts onto the K-1 forms for the partners. Yes, I have read the ATX support page on this, I am curious if someone out there has come up with a better approach. Let me take as an example a partnership where 2 of the 6 partners have made the election on land and building (inherited). How would you set that up?
  2. Right clicking on Line 17 does not show text schedule. "Text List", an option, is greyed out.
  3. This is our first year using ATX and naturally we are going down the learning curve. So, an easy one to start: Sometimes we like to include a (global) note or comment on all the taxpayers’ K-1 forms. Sometimes we like to include a note or comment on a specific taxpayer’s K-1. So the question is how can that be done? I have attempted to put something on Line 17 Other Information (1120S K-1) but I am restricted to existing boxes and descriptions. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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