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  1. Our ATX is super slow on last day of the tax season ( Very year) and when I search this issue in Google I found out the high performance computing server may be a solution. Any one in this group have same issue like us and if yes how do you fix it Thanks in advance
  2. We are having a very hard time opening and saving the return in the last few day off the season every year. We do have 10 users and large volume of database. Anyone have a similar issues and any solutions
  3. Hi All, We are facing two issue with ATX Software 1) We have a Server and users and we are getting an error message very often "can't connect to the Server retry" After we try so many time it will work any one experiencing this issue or any solutions 2) On the Last Day on wards , Return Manager and E file Manager showing the same number of return Normally Return manager will show all the return and the E file manager will show each return we e filed ( if we have multiple state , each state will count as return there) In short we have duplicate returns on the Return Manager and if we delete or change any return both return will reflect the change Waiting for the Tech support help to resolve the issue
  4. Thanks, Is it worth paying 3 time price on Advantage over Max ? I am sure there must be more features
  5. Yes we are located in Naperville IL and looking for practical comparison for ATX Max and Advantage
  6. ATX Advantage Currently we have ATX Max and thinking to upgrade to ATX advantage. There is big difference is price between both Advantage and MAX. We do very decent number of return with multi state Any comments or comparison will be help full
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