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Installed the 2018 software and started testing my macros and thought we could help each other by sharing our favorite macros.

I run this macro at the start of every return: NY>MISC>>>>>N~STAX[FJ:2]X[FJ:5]4[FJ:8]X~B3>N[FF:27]N~HC>X>~IDS>1>>NY>>>1>>NY[FB:6].  This macro answers "N" to NY bribery question, makes sure the default sales tax tables are used and sets  local sales tax rate to 4% (Monroe County, NY), marks "No" to Schedule B foreign income questions (never had a client with foreign income that met reporting threshold),  checks that everybody had health care (90% + of my clients receive health care through their employers), then fills in 1 (driver's license) and state (NY) for both TP and spouse and moves courser back to number field.  This is where I start my returns.

After I have reviewed the return and am ready to print I run this macro: PRNT>[FJ:32][D]~PIN>[D]>#####~PIN2>[D]>[D]>>>>X~ADMN>[FJ:56][D]~.  This macro enters the current date to print on the returns on prnt screen, goes into the PIN screen and puts in my PIN and the date (which creates the client PINs) and  then goes to the PIN2 screen, adds the current date and checks the NY certification question.

I have also set up macros for the most used banks in my area to fill in the bank name, routing number and check the checking box.  (Y>NY>[FF:2]ESL>222371863>>X>>222371863>>X)



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