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For ATX:  LLC 2 members.  Both commercial and residential rental activity.  My understanding is you can aggregate the residential properties together and the commercial properties together but you cannot aggregate the residential with the commercial.  So I will have two activities.  On the Sch K, line 20c input sheet, there is one line for code z.  Should I type in on the lines below separate descriptive info for the two activities?  This will show Code AH and populate in the K-1 Sch Statement for each member.  I don't see a way to have more than one line for more than one activity.


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I think ATX is severely behind in this, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get the required information to report correctly there are multiple passthrough investments and direct investments in real estate in a partnership.  Other software is even tagging things like UBIA automatically and transferring that information directly to the K-1 when you enter depreciable assets.  

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