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  1. Must be for NOL purposes. Anyone familiar with Georgia rules on NOL? Taxpayer did not have a NOL on his federal return.
  2. Funny how things are handled differently in other parts of the country. Here in my area, most accountants and tax preparers simple lump all income on a K-1 and don't bother with compensation to officers.
  3. No, as a matter of fact, it was the CPA firm that prepared the corporate return in Georgia.
  4. Any reason that a Florida resident would have to file GA tax return when all he had from Georgia was a K-1 from an 1120S with a loss? Seems to me he had no GA income so no return needed. Someone told my client he had to file GA income tax.
  5. I have a client that lives in Miami and found a lucrative job in St Petersburg (about 200 miles). He will be renting a small apt there so that he can be close to his new work location. He will travel to and from his main home for the weekends. His tax home will be St Pete and his main home Miami. I believe that the travel on the weekends is deductible. Am I correct?
  6. the boss

    Great year

    I started with TWise last year and went fairly smooth. This year was even better. Still miss TWorks though.
  7. Looks like this forum is dead. Either all is good or no one left.
  8. Ok, here are all of the details: LLC (A): Whose only member is LLC B which in turn has two individuals as members.
  9. Ok, the both disregarded entities reported on Sch C?
  10. How do you treat a single member LLC when the member is an LLC? Elect on 8832 C status?
  11. I would certainly go back to Taxworks even if the price was a bit higher that what we paid thru TRX, Maybe if we all join together, then maybe TW would offer a mutually acceptable price for all of us.
  12. Printing problem solved. You guys (and gals) rock.
  13. Thanks to all that made suggestions. I will try printing from pdf and see how it goes. In the mean time, other two printers working fine.
  14. I am having problems printing with my HP Laserjet 1020 printer. Printer works fine with every other software. With TW, I get an error message and no print. Called CS and weren't able to offer help. Have any of you had such issues with this software?
  15. the boss


    Taxed is right. They are ugly as .............. Need to go back to stamping copies again.
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