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  1. In the past there's been an option to print specific employee W2s/vendor 1099s without printing the entire batch. I don't see that option this year, only to print the entire batch. Does anybody know if this is still a print option?
  2. Right click on Line 17 and create a text schedule.
  3. RICKH3

    Reject Code 84

    I've been trying to efile some 2013 returns and get this reject code (84) every time. It says..."The year in the Submission ID does not match the current tax year." What the heck does this mean? What is the Submission ID??? Thanks, Rick Harrison
  4. RICKH3

    Release Date

    [twitter]I find it incredible that we are in the middle of February and ATX still has not finalized some forms. The Tennessee F& E return, for one...for whatever reason, this return is always late to be finalized by ATX, but this is the latest ever. What is the holdup? I know for a fact these states have finalized them on their end, why is the software soooooo dang slow??? Any help or suggestions welcome!
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