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  1. I have kept my fees fairly stable over a number of years but raised a bunch this year. I sorta regretted it but am still recovering from the season and now realize that going forward I am going to be forced by age to downsize anyway. I enjoy the work but have finally reached a physical limit and must make adjustments if I plan to go forward. I am long past the point of needing the money but I like being occupied.
  2. I should have known ole eagle eye would notice that. efile cb efile.
  3. I had to pull some credit card statements for 2021. Normally ATX charges for any email overages in a timely manner. It does appear they missed a couple. I never receive a bill from them as they are authorized to deduct the $5.00 or so which my card folks advise me of. I don't have any email charges for this year so the charge comes from 2021 for TY 2020. Hey ILLMAS can I get a loan ?
  4. I have just received an email from ATX listing a charge which I don't owe. On checking my account it is listed as undefined. The only additional charge I ever owe is when I exceed the fixed efile limit and they were fully paid last year. A call to accounts receivable department advised they would get back in 48 hours or so. Has anyone else received anything like this. Normally I pay in full on reordering my software in May and if any additional fees are due for any efiles they are promptly paid. I surely hope this does not presage any problems in this regard.
  5. Well I have egg on my face. On close examination of the invoice I see my price is 12% less than the list price. Even so it is 10.5 % more which is a significant increase over past years. I want be in the business but for so much longer as the steady grind of working three months each and every day has finally begun to tax this ole bird a bit too much. Going forward I will likely increase all clients a small fixed dollar amount which they likely will not gripe about.
  6. That was my thought as well having seen no few of my older clients totally escape tax on long term gains. She will in all likelihood do just that.
  7. I checked my figures from like five years and this year will be the largest increase I can recall. It would have been in line if that 10% was taken off. I'm going to set back and bide my time. They offered no discount and increased the year over year 10.5%.
  8. I failed to notice last year that my usual 10% discount had taken a hike. This years increase looks to be in line with prior years. I may wait and see but I doubt I will receive a call from any rep. Still since one of us got a 20% discount in December it does give you pause. Wish the ole Saber roar was back. $75.00 per year them were the days !
  9. They will likely do their thing and then sell to Intuit or maybe even WK. Our number of choices available seems to shrink every year or so.
  10. Does the ATX program sort out the 1250 gain ? If the 1250 gain is taxed at ordinary rates she is in the 10% bracket which is even lower than the 15% capital gain rate. I've got plenty of time on this so I will need to review it thoroughly. The house is not in good condition and sits on ten acres which will need to be segregated out. The land will likely compose most of the sale.
  11. I received a letter in the mail. I normally renew online but noticed this year no discount and looking back no discount last year. I'll contact my sales rep whoever that will be and talk this over a bit.
  12. You have likely just got a taste of what is going to happen.
  13. I usually renew in May. The software is my largest cost but comes in at a reasonable cost when broken down per return. I raised my fees this year and received few complaints in no small part because everything else is exploding. My business is slowly being impacted by all the FREE tax stuff supported by no less than our local banks and just about everyone else. I have been able to keep my annual fee income fairly stable for a number of years and this year introduced a new lower fee for all these younger folks who have found free file a problem. I note that many of our local tax preps have folded and we face competition from all those cheating filers out there. I got one from a guy I knew thirty years ago since he had covid. He did not file any efiles and I soon found out why. No signature on the client return. He was cheating back then and still is.
  14. You really have to love a tax forum where even the best educated flop over into arcane disagreements. LOL This one reminds me of a question I submitted years back and got some 35 or so contradicting replies ! I feel some comfort in the knowledge that I am far from being alone in my understanding of our tax code. In this client's case she being in the 10% bracket she may totally avoid any tax at all. This sale is reported on Form 4797 right with any result carried to the Schedule D ? This instead of using the Form 8949.
  15. Sorry guys I got it from the 2017 edition of the U S Master Tax Guide sent to me by CCH. On page 1785 it reads in the second paragraph the following "Residential rental property and nonresidential real property that is placed in service after 1986 and is subject to MACRS must be depreciated under the straight-line MACRS method. Thus, there is no recapture of depreciation upon disposition of such property because no depreciation in excess of straight-line depreciation could have been taken." As noted in my submission this house was set up in 1998 well after 1986. In checking my setup for it it reads SL/GDS for 27.5 years.
  16. I got my info from the Taxbook as well and since I earmarked the applicable page I will retrieve it and send y'all a direct quote.
  17. A client has placed a rental house she owns on the market. Concerned the sale would fall under the recapture rules I checked the date the house was set up for depreciation and see it was in 1998. After reading the rules earlier today it looks to me that it will not. Assuming it is sold this year I expect I will use it's depreciated basis which will surely produce a hefty capital gain and since I have not needed to handle one of these in years want to check to see if my assumption is correct.
  18. Well forty seasons now done. Some of these clients showed up as young adults, had children whose children now have children. Not in my wildest dreams when I accepted my Uncle August's suggestion to take over his small tax business when he quit it would go on this long. It has been a challenging and rewarding time. I have had countless laughs with clients and sad times when as with this year three of them passed on after more than thirty years. I have been much appreciated and sometimes less so. I have not been perfect but I rather doubt the perfect taxman has yet to walk this earth. And now you are doubtless thinking I am going to hang it up and bring in my rocking chair. Well I ain't ! I'll be back again next year.
  19. Needless to say I took the SAGE advice of my fellow forum members and contacted the minister who is supposedly getting this fixed. Until she does she will be on extension. I can only imagine what Margaret's wall would look like if she had not restrained herself.
  20. Has WK put out any information on Windows 11 use in 2023? Like everyone I am bombarded by Microsoft to upgrade but I am going to wait to see if ATX will be compatible before moving forward or not after tax season.
  21. I have just awakened from a two hour nap while sitting in front of my computer doing taxes having dozed off it seems.
  22. A client retired and failed to advise me of her change of address. The former address a post office box is where her refund check will go. As the box is now assigned to someone else simply getting it redirected will be a problem. Is there any way of getting this addressed as her efile was sent prior to her calling and telling me. Am wondering if ATX tech support can address this.
  23. Normally I add the W-2 wage AND the housing allowance together minus allowable expense and place it on Form SE thus insuring the payment of required Social Security tax. This year I have excluded the W-2 wage since they evidently withheld these taxes already which is a new wrinkle. It is a small amount and likely would cause no problem. I simply have never seen this handled in this manner and really wonder if the new outfit was up to snuff on this but I am not going to call at this late date and inquire.
  24. A minister for whom I work received her W-2 from the church's new accountant. Their former accountant now deceased did not indicate any Social Security or Medicare tax withheld from her W-2 but the new outfit does indicating amounts in boxes 3.4,5 and 6 of the form. I have calculated Earned Income Credits for all my over 65 clients who have jobs and qualify for the credit this year. I can find no reason not to compute one for this client as the church has evidently paid Social Security and Medicare tax on this wage income. What do you think. The resulting credit is some $248 dollars.
  25. I cannot imagine being fatigued at the end of tax season being myself full of energy and pep.
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