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  1. Ringers, I was trying to prepare a document like yours, but I was getting frustrated. You did a beautiful job. Thank you very much for sharing.
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded. My ATX software was somehow corrupted and deducting all of the carry over passive losses. I knew this was wrong,but the software would not let me correct the problem. I rolled over the return again to start all over. This time my ATX software handled it properly and did not deduct the carry over passive losses. Spent too much time on this return.
  3. Taxpayer converted a rental property to his primary residence on June 29, 2016. He has passive losses of $191,000 carried forward for this rental property. Can he deduct these losses in 2016 since it is no longer a rental property?
  4. Verification Code can only be: Hyphens Numbers 0 through 9 and Uppercase letters A through F
  5. There is no letter o in the verification code.So if you see 0, it will always be a zero.
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