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  1. They must have had an update this week. I "recreated" the two s corp files and tried again. This time it went through. Third time lucky? Nope - more like 10th time lucky.
  2. The "unlink" didn't work for me either. It's not just one return either!
  3. I have yet to be able to e-file a South Carolina S corporation return. I keep getting this message: "The element 'summary' in namespace 'http://www.irs.gov/efile' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'netrefundoptions' in namespace 'http://www.irs.gov/efile'" This sounds like an IRS efile error; however, the IRS has accepted the returns. These are the reasons that ATX software gives me that SC rejected the returns. Any ideas?
  4. claycpa

    rejected e-files

    I'm getting a "stateschemaversion" attribute error on filing an 1120S to South Carolina. Any ideas on this?
  5. I don't see a "FILE" dropdown menu in ATX Tax software. In "Return Manager", I can click on the "returns" drop down menu and then go into "change printer". I'm referring to ATX tax preparation software. Sorry but I'm not sure where in that program you are doing what you said above.
  6. Apologies if this is covered somewhere else. I have set my printer up under report manager in ATX. I have also established the printer used to print tax returns as the main default printer in windows. However, ATX continues to default to the WRONG printer (in this case the printer that is used to print postage!!). Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Ditto what LouD said! NO FLOW!
  8. I have keyed in a k1 for an s corporation in the k1 input screen. At the bottom of the screen, I also keyed in the 199a deduction information. I found out from chatting w/ tech support that I have to key in the SAME information on the section 199a worksheet. Also - thanks to Eric above - I have learned that I also need to mark the qualified business AND service business. It should have this information automatically flow over from the k1 screen. (Also seems strange to me that I have to mark the business as "qualified" but that's a pretty easy fix). ALSO - instead of marking a Schedule C or E as being "qualified" and "service or not", you have to remember to update the 199a worksheet everytime a change gets made to schedule c and e manually. This information also is not automatic. This set up is ripe for something to get missed!
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