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  1. Thank you very much, Max! I will ask for 2018 version.
  2. Thanks, Max, for your reply. I got a YE statement from Equatex, but they do not tie in with the Form 1099-B nor W-2 box 14. Could you please tell me what kind of spreadsheet that your client gave you? I will ask my client for the same spreadsheet. Thank you.
  3. Hi Max, I hope you have solved the discrepancies. I have a new client who also works for Genentech and receives RSU and SSAR from Roche in his W-2 box 14. I cannot reconcile his W-2 with his Equatex statements. Did you ask your client to provide you with any additional statements? I am trying to determine his cost bases. Please shed some light on how you reconciled the RSU and SSAR with the Form 1099-B. Thanks in advance for your help.
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