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  1. That is perhaps due to some Americans not recognising the value of professional work being performed. It's as if they are treating professionals and lawyers who are CAAs as something similar to the US notary transaction. I am an American but have been living in the UK since 1999 and thankfully it's not like that here. It's fairly rare to have that happen with British clients - or American clients who have lived here for any stretch of time.
  2. I just found this forum today. One thing I cannot figure out as a Certifying Acceptance Agent is these people who come into my office supposedly for an ITIN application appointment but then demand that I simply then and there certify photocopy their passports and other documents, and at the same time saying that they have already retained and paid accountants (usually based in the USA) who have completed the W-7 and all other forms, etc. I normally seek to explain to them I cannot help them as I am not familiar with the ITIN requirements of their particular case (which they don't want to discuss anyway) , and that I perform only the whole ITIN application and not just chosen "parts". I believe it is my role to always discuss with the clients the grounds on which they can seek an ITIN, their documents, and become familiar with the application to be made. I don't believe I am authorised to pick and choose what aspects of the ITIN work I can do. Anyone else having this issue? What is the best way to handle such persons, and the accountants who send them to us. Deburca999
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