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  1. That's a great idea. That's exactly how they structured the Ultratax package to get it competitive. Unlimited 1065 and PPR for everything else.
  2. Good insight. I might indeed expand my search a little. I'm getting a quote on Ultratax. I think it's going to be very competitive for a 3-year term, but retail for what I need is pretty pricy. The rep said I should hope that my fees will grow by then.. ha. I assumed ProSystem would be pretty expensive, but I might as well get a quote there too. I wanted to ask the CCH rep what a solo shop gains loses by using ATX over ProSystem since ProSystem is a known quantity for me, but I knew that would get me nowhere. I'll have to look into Lacerte. From what I've seen, they have a 200 plan that would be pretty fitting. If anyone can chime in on that cost, that would be helpful. I've just been wary of (more) Intuit products, but they're tough to avoid in our world.
  3. I'm hoping they still offer this. The website suggests that only a 'live demo' is available now. Salesperson is checking for me.
  4. Hi all, great community you have here. I came across the forum while researching tax software (renewal time). I've used Drake for the past couple of years. I generally find it okay, but I'm wondering if making the move to ATX makes sense for me. I'm drawn to ATX partially because I had many years using Prosystem and grew to appreciate many of the bells and whistles, especially after switching to Drake. I'm a solo shop. I'm at around 55 tax returns. 90% are 1065s and the rest are 1120-S, 1040 and 990. Here are some of the issues I have with Drake. Prosystem was much more robust in excel import/export functionality. This saved a lot of time/effort importing massive amounts of data (partner info and fixed assets for me) Prosystem could print off K-1 package PDFs for each of the partners and even add password protection to each file. I have to manually print to PDF and add the partner's name to the filename. This is tedious for some of my returns that have 100+ partners. Drake cannot calculate depreciation correctly for short-year returns. Weird that they can't get this right. If you have multiple activities of the same type (e.g. multiple rental properties), you cannot specially allocate to partners per activity (I.e. 50/50 split for property A, but 75/25 for property B.) Some small stuff that I don't think I would ever see in Prosystem would get overlooked in Drake. For example, when entertainment expense was no longer deductible, Drake would still add 50% Meals and Entertainment to the statement page instead of stating just 50% Meals Can't e-file superseded returns. Would ATX be more efficient in any of these areas? Or would I just be trading in some limitations for other limitations? The price differences aren't significant for me. The support for Drake was good, but I rarely used it. Many on this forum seem to have switched from ATX to Drake, so I'd appreciate any insight from those who've used both.
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