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  1. Jim & Gail, Thanks for your responses. Yes, adding Box 3 and 7, then multiply by 6.2% does equal the amount in Box 4. Thank you both very much. Jerry
  2. Jim Oh Bkkr & Pacun, Thanks for your reply and information. Jim Oh Bkkr, the amounts in Box 3 and 5 are not the same. Box 3 is $7151 and Box 5 is $8544. Does this mean that the Box 7 tip income of $1393 has been taxed but has NOT been considered in the amount withheld for Box 3 Social Security Wages ? Should Box 3 and Box 5 be the same amount ? Do does this now mean the $1393 should be reported on Schedule SE ? Thanks again. Jerry
  3. Hi, I retired from tax preparation in 2010 and I find that my memory is a bit fuzzy on some of these topics. Mom is single living with her single daughter, who was 19 at the end of 2020. Mom has filed as HOH for the last 18 years. For 2020, daughter worked part-time as a waitress and earned $8544.00, lived with Mom all year and was a full time student for 2020. Daughter also earned $163.00 from "Post Mates" as a self employed driver for food delivery. She received no 1099 or W2 for this income. My questions are: (1) Since daughter earned a total of $8707.00, does th
  4. jmallard


    Yes, I have three e-mail accounts and have received those type e-mails on all three of the accounts. One thing that makes it a SCAM is I don't have any cameras attached to my computer. Still wouldn't hurt to change your e-mail address. Hope this helped. Jerry
  5. BHoffman, Thanks very much for the quick response Jerry
  6. Hi, Can someone tell me what the class life (years) of a new HVAC (Heating/Air Conditioning System) for depreciation ? Thanks Jerry
  7. Elrod - Catherine & kcjenkins, Thanks very much for your information and advise. I just have one more question. Should I go ahead and paper file the California return so the Form 8822 can be included and print a copy of the Form 1040A (that I created separately) and indicate that the form is a copy for info only because it has already been e-filed ? Thanks. Jerry
  8. Hi, My daughter decided to file her own taxes this year (free on-line program), however, she entered the wrong address on the Form 1040A. The "free" program e-filed her 1040A and then wanted a fee to file her California return. That's when she came to me No problem from the FED e-filing, she has already received her refund to her bank account. I want to correct the address mistake on her California return. Do I need to amend her Fed return? Thanks. Jerry
  9. Thanks for the response TAXBILLY. Jack from Ohio, Thanks for the link. I had an old one but it quit working. My client didn't remember if he received the payment or not. The link says he did receive the payment. Now, I can e-file. Jerry
  10. My client had Unemployment Income from the state of California. Can someone tell me if Unemployment Income from the State of California is considered income from a state or local government for work not covered by Social Security and reportable on line 11 of Schedule M. My schedule M keeps getting rejected for no amount on Line 11. Thanks. Jerry
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry, but I don't know what TTB 6-2 means. Jerry
  12. Hi Everyone, I used to have a list of items that may be deducted on Schedule A when a person buys/re-finances a home. Could someone give me a clue as to which of the following items might be deductible: - Loan Discount - Bank of America - Credit Report to XX Credit, Inc - Flood Certification Fee to XX Flood Determination, Inc. - Tax Service Fee to XX Tax Service Corp - Lender Fee to Bank of American N.A. - Interest from 12/29/2009 to 01/01/2010 - Hazard Insurance - County Property Taxes - 6MO - Aggregate Analysis Adjustment to Bank of America - Settlement or C
  13. Thanks for the information folks. I appreciate it. Jerry
  14. Hi Everyone, I have a client whose husband is in prison and the wife has full Power of Attorney. I paper filed them MFJ last year (2008) and submitted a copy of the Power of Attorney (Fed & Calif). I will file them MFJ again this year. My question is, do I have to keep paper filing this client and include a copy of the Power of Attorney every year, or can I e-file this return? Also, does the wife just sign his name where needed ? (Form 8879, etc.) for my files. Thanks. Jerry
  15. Don, Thanks again for more enlightening information. I've never heard of "twelve-stop counseling programs" or "face your past errors" programs. For this taxpayer, I don' t know how far back he has any W-2s and for what years. I thought there was a form that you could request copies of the W-2s that the IRS has on record, but I can't find the form anywhere. Jerry
  16. Don, Thanks for the info. Didn't know he could fill all his back taxes. Jerry
  17. Thanks for the responses. Turns out that the taxpayer does not owe as much as he thought on the school loans. The refund amount with them filing MFJ will be more than enough to pay off the loans. Another fact concerning this couple is that the taxpayer (husband) has only filed taxes lately for 2007 and 2008, as a Single person of course. He did not file taxes at all for an undetermined number of years (I haven't found out yet) before that. For the most part, for those years he was single and only had one job, so no doubt, he would have been due a refund, which would have paid down his sc
  18. Thanks for the responses guys. I just couldn't seem to remember that simple task today. Jerry
  19. Guess I'm getting tired In the ATX program, "Return Manger" view. Where is it that you can edit what columns are displayed and in what order ? I just can't find it today. Thanks. Jerry
  20. Jainen, Thanks very much. I did get that part right Jerry
  21. Margaret, Thanks very much, I'll be in touch. Jerry
  22. Hi Margaret, Thanks for the reply. I have lots of questions. Would you be willing to let me e-mail you my copy of the form and I'll ask the questions there. I've never done one of the forms at all. Jerry
  23. Hi Everyone, Have a couple, married last year. Husband owes about $7000.00 in Student Loans. In 2009 he made $7200.00 and the wife made $52909.00 (she is a teacher). My question is if they file - Married Filing Separately, will the IRS keep her refund (which in considerably higher than his) to count towards his Student Loan debt ? I know the IRS will keep any refund he gets and they will keep any refund if they file - Married Filing Jointly. The wife paid most all of the household bills (she has 88% of their income) and can itemize easily. The Form 1040 states that if one spouse it
  24. Hi, I am mostly a "lurker" and "learner". I lurk and learn. I need help completing a Form 2555EZ and the CA Form 540NR and I don't know which direction to take here on the forum. I just want to make sure I am completing the forms properly because, of course, I don' want them to be rejected. Should I just post the scenario and upload the forms for advise, assuming someone is willing to give my any or Is someone willing to converse with me by e-mail where I can send images of the completed forms to see if I am completing them correctly ? or If folks tell me to go fly a kite, I u
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