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Version 07 available 2/7

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If you are getting multiple Efile rejects for states, please download this and update your software. If you installed TW in more than one computer, save this update to a flash drive and run it at each computer with TW to update. Much faster than downloading at each computer.

Also if you can spare 15 minutes at 9am EST, please watch Taxwise TV on the solution center. They get the latest news first. Ben and Stephanie are great and they talk in simple English, not the tech jargon that puts you to sleep. It is like watching a newscast.

One thing that we have to get used to is that TW does not have auto backup, so at the end of the day you MUST initiate it before closing down the program for the night. Taxworks had the option to auto backup upon exit.

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Thanks for the tips Taxed. I will see the videos in the solution center as my priority tomorrow. I have tw already in two different computers one as server and one as workstation and I downloaded the update only in the server I din't know it has to be downloaded in each computer.

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