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I check in on this forum a couple of times of year, I was sorry to read about the problems ATX users were experiencing, especially for a company like CCH behind ATX. For what it's worth, this is my story... I used a program called Dunphy Systems until Don sold out to Creative Solutions, it was a sad day for me when I learned this, it was a great program and I had used it since 1985. I searched for a "forms based" entry system and signed up for ATX for 2005 or 2006.

ATX was still owned by a partnership then and it was announced that they were being purchased by CCH, I realized I still needed to continue my search as I did not think CCH would actually keep ATX going. ProSeries was offering a discount for ATX users and since I had my ATX invoice, I used the offer to jump ship to ProSeries, without ever getting past the ATX demo. While I did not like that I was competing with myself, as Intuit was telling people they could do their own taxes, I soon realized that for the returns I did, people did not even want to attempt to do them on their own.

I have stayed with ProSeries ever since and I have to admit their program is excellent, I use the unlimited 1040 and all States, around $1,900 with the additional Tax Organizer per year. For the last 4 years I also have used Drake's PPR for up to 15 returns which is what I use for Fiduciary, Corp, Partnerships. Any additional returns over 15 are paid per each. I have considered using only ProSeries, as they also offer a pay per return feature for non-1040 returns, plus I'm familiar with ProSeries. My only complaint with Drake is that you have to click on "View" to see the return, although it is displayed very fast, and I have gotten used to it. Drake seems to be more of a family-oriented Company and if I ever have a question, I can quickly speak to a real person who always has an answer.

I hope all of you have a better tax season next year. I'm sure that we will all continue to see changes as the tax software "Consolidation" continues.

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I think you're following a very enlightened business plan. Not only have you identified a backup, but you're familiar enough with it that you could turn the ship at any time if necessary. You have good business smarts - no vendor can ever hold you hostage to their own failures. I know some people who could learn from you if they were just a tiny bit more imaginative.

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