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OK, I have a TP that is a very high earner over $400,000 in 2015, he made 46K more last year (his salary was reduced) so he had roughly 46K less withheld.  Obviously is taxes are not 46K less.  Anyway, I looked at his and his wife's W-2 from last year and added the WH to see what it was, and I glanced at his 2014 1040 and noticed the W/H listed was more the withheld on their w-2's, so I look at my entries to see if I inputted amounts wrong, I did not.  I looked at his other documents to see if they had W/H and they did not.  I went back to the W-2 input screen and it shows Federal w/h $119,252 BUT on line 64 it shows $120,669 in withholding.   WTF is going on?????  I looked at every input screen to see if I entered W/H anywhere but I did not.

What the heck to do.  NO time to call Dan and fix problems from LAST YEAR.

This is NOT a client I want to lose or look incompetent to.


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