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941 E-Filing Question


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I have about 10 clients I process the 941 payroll forms for, and have always done this by paper.   I have the ATX MAX software, and need to start doing this electronically.   

1.  Is this an easy transition?

2.  Do you have your clients sign the 8879-EMP each quarter?

3.  What other software do you use if it's not ATX MAX?   

4.  Any other filing tips or advice for this transition would be helpful, thanks.

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I have the client sign the 8879-EMP each quarter.  Also with ATX, I have to create a 'new client' for each client for each quarter.  I put the date or 1,2,3,4 QTR as part of the name.  Maybe I'm missing something but that's how I've done it.  I only have one of these though and not 10.  I'm winding down and payroll is becoming more of a hassle every day.

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Thanks Randall for your comments.   Those are some good thoughts.    I am a numbers guy, and I do like to do payroll.  What I hate is paying an overpriced service a ton of money for the pleasure.   I understand it costs money to breathe, but not that much.  Thanks!

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On 4/27/2024 at 5:38 PM, BulldogTom said:

ATX payroll compliance is a very basic 941/W2/1099 program.   It works.  

Longview, TX

Yes, I get it in my package.  I have one client left for quarterly payroll.  I still have a few W2s and 1099s to do at year end.

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