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  1. mdmcfarland

    Export into Excel

    Can we please close this topic? I've got my answer and the new posts are way, way off topic.
  2. mdmcfarland

    Export into Excel

    I'm glad you are enjoying it. My mail box is getting full with all these notices.
  3. mdmcfarland

    Export into Excel

    They mainly want to know if the depreciation part can be exported.
  4. mdmcfarland

    Export into Excel

    Thank you. I know most programs have conversion programs. I'm not really sure what they wanted to export into excel for.
  5. mdmcfarland

    Export into Excel

    We have sold our tax business. The new owners use Creative Solutions in their office. We have used ATX Max that last 5 years. They called and wanted to know if we can export to Excel through our tax program. I can't seem to find it out on my own. Can anybody help me with the answer?
  6. mdmcfarland

    Happy Birthday mdmcfarland

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was off work for several days to help out with the local county fair. :lol:
  7. mdmcfarland

    Farm depreciation

    Generally if concrete is poured BY a barn for cattle, it is being used as a feed floor. It keeps the cattle out of the mud when eating.
  8. mdmcfarland

    How soon do you file a 1040X

    Thanks. I thought it would be best to wait until it has been cleared and the refund received. It sure would make it simpler if it WOULD be rejected, but I'm not counting on that.
  9. mdmcfarland

    How soon do you file a 1040X

    I e-filed a return and then noticed that the federal withholding was entered wrong (I know - I should have checked it closer). How long should I wait to mail an amended return. The 1040X is in progress right now and isn't even ready yet. Can I do it as soon as it is ready or should I wait longer?
  10. mdmcfarland

    Check return error list

    I just tried it on my computer. I Checked the return and when the report came up hit print. It worked for me.
  11. mdmcfarland

    Estimated Tax Payments

    Oops, when we dug a bit further, the estimates WERE paid electronically as set up in the program. I just wanted to let you know so that if you are thinking about using this feature - IT WORKS!
  12. mdmcfarland

    Estimated Tax Payments

    I can't believe that I am the only person that set up paying the 2008 estimates electronically. PLEASE anyone that has done this, let me know if it worked properly for you.
  13. mdmcfarland

    Estimated Tax Payments

    Any suggestions what we do about the late payment penalties?
  14. mdmcfarland

    Estimated Tax Payments

    I set up one client to have his 2007 tax payment and his estimated tax payments for 2008 to be paid electonically. This was set up when I e-filed the return. I have just discovered that only the 2007 tax payment and to 1st qtr. 2008 estimated payment was made (as far as we can tell from the bank statements) has anyone else used this feature. If so, did it work properly for you?
  15. mdmcfarland

    Database Validation Error

    I may have found the error myself. I don't think we had applied to e-file 1120 returns when we first sent in our application for e-filing. As I understand it, we would have to either re-apply or amend our application. Since this is our only 1120 return, I think we will just paper file.