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  1. Got mine today. taxbilly
  2. http://www.scc.virginia.gov/clk/formfee.aspx taxbilly
  3. >>Top Secret clearance<< Good luck with that claim! taxbilly
  4. ATX is sending out the first disk in a few weeks. taxbilly
  5. I agree with Jainen. You are on shaky ground. taxbilly
  6. If you belong to the NSA there is a lively and spirited discussion going on today on their member to member site about this very subject. taxbilly
  7. http://www.aicpa.org/InterestAreas/PrivateCompaniesPracticeSection/Resources/CPAComfortLettersToLenders/Pages/default.aspx Be sure your liability insurance will cover you if you decide to go down this slippery slope. taxbilly
  8. Just got an email from ATX titled : Update on PTIN Renewal". The fourth paragraph says "renew your Taxwise software". taxbilly


    Does anyone know if the $3000 borrower relocation allowance is taxable? taxbilly
  10. http://www.unclefed.com/IRS-Forms/2009/p536.pdf taxbilly
  11. My reasoning is that if the 2010 instructions uses 12/31/2011 it would stand to reason that the 2009 instructions, if it was in it at all, probably would have said 12/31/2010. taxbilly
  12. I see your point and agree it probably would be rejected. taxbilly
  13. >>Only the instructions for the 2010 Form 8888 preclude filing it late, as far as I can see<< Didn't see anything in the instructions that said that but I have old eyes and I read the 2009 instructions. taxbilly
  14. I do a lot of documentation because of the clients "lack of memory" as to where they got the info they gave me. taxbilly
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