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  1. Robin

    1099 printing

    I agree, not a fan of the new process. Many times we need to only print a replacement for someone, and had been nice to be able to select. Too cumbersome this year. Any idea when the 1096 will be ready for efile?
  2. Has ATX released minimum specs for a stand-alone computer system (1 user) yet? Or maybe some computer gurus on the boards have some suggestions. I specifically want a desktop/ monitor setup, as exclusively using a laptop is grueling to these aging eyes. Currently using a 6 yr old Windows Pro 7 64 bit i7-2600 CPU 3.4 GHz 12GB ram 914GB hard drive (622 GB free) which has recently started to slow down and lock up, requiring a periodic re-start to move on. I tried to load up in 2012 when I bought this computer. Not real excited about to moving to Win10, but I guess it’s inevitable at this point. TIA, -Robin
  3. I go through a "withdrawl". Yawn the whole month of May (after payrolls)
  4. I have the numbers via the statements that pertain to each state on a spreadsheet. My problem is with line 3 ( Federal CGD) on CA 540(NR) D, which does not seem to allow for adjustments, or at least I can't find where to designate the proper CA CGD. I have properly allocated all the other numbers to the CA filing, just having a problem with the CGD number.
  5. I can not figure out how to allocate CG Distributions between a part yr CA & MA. I can use the CA540NR to subtract out the other states interest & dividends but there is no line for the CG Dist & jumping to the sub-schedule it uses the federal CGD, and does not allow for the adjustment for MA. I thought maybe using the DIV input worksheet might be the answer but does seem to work. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks all - new territory to navigate. I did catch the tail end of the cpa academy & downloaded their handout, but the part I caught didn't talk about tax reporting .
  7. First time for one of these. Client says they received no document. Says he had a S/T gain of $2,500 on a $10,000 investment. He traded multiple times on the exchange but gave me this as the result in the end. What type of backup can I request of him. I will definitely report on his return in any event. How has others handled these transactions?. TIA for any guidance. -Robin
  8. I realize that Evan, but she is the custodial parent, no question, but has allowed the spouse to take 1 of 2 children in the past when they spent ample time with the other parent. In 2017 that no longer was the case, and she doesn't want to take the chance of him claiming the child as he had in the past. You know how it is with divorced couples. She legitimately is entitled to both exemptions in 2017 and doesn't want to go through the hassle of proving it to IRS in the event he files first.
  9. Have a client that wants to beat ex-husband to filing first. Of course has to do with claiming the children, but she has a schedule A & he doesn't. Wondering if it will be ready for Jan 29. Anybody?
  10. UPDATE on my recent "unable to connect to server" issue for ATX 2016. Apparently, Norton released a security update within the last few days, which did not play nice with the 2016 software, so none of the fixes in the Knowledgebase or the forums works in this case. Eric (my original contact & Scott ( to whom it was escalated to) from ATX support had me up & running within a few minutes he accessed my computer. Also,, he put in a safeguard so 2017 will also be accessible. KUDOS to ATX support!!
  11. AbbyNormal, As I have encountered this issue today, and have tried opening prior years with no problem, tried the ATX 2016 Admin Console suggestion (2016 doesn't even appear on the list but 2013-2015 does), I am about to try your suggestion of copying and deleting the file which you posted above. So if I understand correctly, I search for the file in the directory you list, then delete it then merely paste the copied file to the same directory? Sounds like the original file might be corrupted?? Thanks for your help, I am beyond frustrated for this to be occurring with the deadline approaching!!
  12. Done - thanks for the reminder - This site is invaluable!
  13. Curious, if this can be accomplished using Adobe Acrobat X (since I already have it). -Robin
  14. Thank you Judy- I am trying to read everything I can on this topic. -Robin
  15. I have a situation where the "technical termination" date is 7/8/16. I understand the new filing date comes to play, which is 3 1/2 months after July 31 (Oct 15th). My question is since the partnership will continue with a new partner replacing the outgoing partner, what happens to the balance sheet for the initial short year return, does it get -0- out or are the ending balances reflected as usual? My other concern is going to be how the partner's retirement plan numbers are to be reflected for this short period, as this is usually a year end calculation by an actuary (cash balance plan). To date there have been deferrals & match (which are posted to the draw account), but year end has included the cash balance plan calculation Any ideas? (This is my first experience with a technical termination). TIA.
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