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  1. E-filed client 2018 return and at the same time calculate and gave them their estimated tax vouchers for 2019. Client called after forms were e-filed and indicated that IRS tried to debit her bank account for 1st qtr estimated tax. Client called IRS and had the first qtr tax resolved. However, IRS tried again and attempted to take funds for 2nd qtr. I looked over all the forms and cannot find where I indicated for the IRS to take the funds out. Contacted CCH help, and support cannot help. Support requested I called the IRS, that only they can help Looked over at what forms were
  2. Dependent child has 14,000 in earned income. I am looking into the ATX/Max program on how to tell it that the TP is being claimed as a dependent, so that he can pay the appropriate taxes, but cannot see the check box. If I check the single box, then he gets the full exemption, which is wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Deo
  3. Any one familiar with CAS payroll program. I am on hold for 2 hours 30 mins and counting I am getting an error message when trying to create a 941 e-file using CAS '"VGL is still trying to communicate with Payroll tax preparation Software" Would you like to keep waiting. Any assistance would be appreciated. Deo
  4. Client went to HRB to prepare his taxes, apparently the employee did the return on the side. He bungle the return. File husband as single with a huge tax bill File spouse as HOH with a small refund using the rental property address. On top of that he left out the 3 family rental and other info, plus filed the returns late. I guess my starting point is to amend the TP return to include the spouse and then include the rental and other adjustments. I requested a transcript, because I am not sure what info was submitted to the IRS. There would be a penalty since it was fil
  5. TP purchased rental property some time back. Prior owner had a mortgage on property. At time of closing mortgage was not paid off for. TP kept on paying mortgage payments. It was only this year 8/2018 that TP was able to obtain their own mortgage for the property. I am now finalizing the TP 2017 returns. My question, given the fact that TP was paying the mortgage in 2017, who gets the deduction of the mortgage interest. The mortgage interest is a very sizeable amount(50,000.00). What makes it interesting now is that TP and the previous owners are not on speaking terms. Thanks.
  6. I have the solution. There is an additional form which I missed, IT-360.1 which apportions the NYC taxes Thanks never the less. Deo
  7. TP lived in Nassau county Jan-Jun, then moved to NYC Jul-Dec. For some reason ATX software is not computing the NYC local taxes for the 6 months that the TP was living there. I am trying to figure if I am doing something wrong with the allocation. I did input that he lived for 6 months in NYC. I will appreciate any assistance in resolving the NYC allocation Thanks Deo
  8. DEO


    I have a Florida TP who had a rental property with his brother from Washington decided to formed an LLC last year. What Florida business forms I would have to file along with the IRS 1065? Not too familiar with FL business taxes. Previously I filed a schedule E with his personal. Now that he has converted midway during last year, do I have to file part year Sch E and part year 1065? Thanks for your assistance. Deo
  9. DEO


    I am getting an efile rejection on a NYS return. I tried updating the forms. I even deleted the NYS return but to no avail. Any help woul be appreciated. R9999 Unmapped Exception 04074 ELF Schema Validation Failure
  10. Client's daughter received both a 1098-T and a 1099-Q. 1098-T Box 2 16,200-Amounts billed Box 5 15,959-Scholarship 1098-Q Gross distribution-14,100.00 Earnings-8,975.00 Basis-5,125.00 What is the appropriate/advantageous way to handle this so that TP can come out on top. Thanks for any assistance.
  11. IRS is accepting business returns. I have filed two this week and they have been accepted.
  12. It was exceedingly too late, to contact the IRS. I did some research, and file the NYC Corp tax as a C. My understanding is that NYC follows the IRS and a copy of the Federal form has to be attached to NYC return. So I did use the NYC-2 form. My only problem was that the info on the Federal 1120 does not all flow to the NYS CT-3S, it had to be manually entered. Thanks again
  13. All necessary papers were forwarded to the IRS and NYS to change Corp tax filings from C-Corp. to S-Corp. However, the IRS received their form late, so that the change over will be effected from 01/01/17, whereas NYS has accepted and their change over to S-Corp is effected 01/01/16. My question is regarding NYC General Corp. Tax, who does NYC follow, the IRS or NYS. Thanks for any help Deo
  14. TP called me last night. He is a consultant with an extremely large US firm. Sent to Toronto for an 8 weeks assignment. Working Monday-Thursday. Travelling back to US for the three other days Will be paid by Canadian counterpart. He never applied to Canada for a tax id, neither a work permit. When he will be filing his 2017 taxes, I know that he will have to include his worldwide income. What is puzzling me at this time, is the fact that he did not have a tax id or working papers in Canada, how the income will be handled by the Canadian authorities. I know it is e
  15. Spouse with a legit SSN was deported. TP supported spouse in home country. Can TP clam spouse? Thanks for your assistance. Deo
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