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  1. Nellie

    Hey everyone

    I do.
  2. Nellie

    ATX Question

    Terry, The software will insert and populate the Form 9325 when the return is accepted by the IRS. I have not had a problem with this form.
  3. Nellie

    179 Expenses

    I played around a bit with it and found that the active participation must be checked on the Sch C for it to carry from the 4562. Had no problem getting it onto the 4562 however. Hopefully OLT Pro will be able to help you on Monday. Until then I would just go over the input for both of the forms slowly, line by line, and be sure everything is checked that should be. That is where I find most of my problems.
  4. Nellie

    179 Expenses

    Is this on a 1040?
  5. Nellie

    179 Expenses

    'Business Income Limitation' must be filed in - have you tried that?
  6. Terry - I was not able to add a new return last week.  The program said I had not paid or something.  Dan never called me back so today I called OLT-PRO directly and they were able to fix me.  They said they would send an email to Dan and let him know what they had done.  I just thought you might like to know.


  7. Nellie

    Form 8879 keeps using "I will enter my PIN"

    Easier for me just to type in '8879' than to scroll to the EF Info form. I just have a thing about customizing anything on the forms. The programmers do their job and I do mine.
  8. Nellie

    Form 8879 keeps using "I will enter my PIN"

    On the input screen for the 8879 you have to check the box "Entered by ERO" I have not had any problems.
  9. Nellie

    client missing

    Go tothe ONEDESK HomePage and click on Demo/Downloads. Select Desktop Manual form the bottom of the page. Just change the year as printed in the instructions. Hope this helps - if not call Dan. Nellie
  10. Nellie

    MFJ/MFS Comparison Tool

    The 1040ES is working well for me. The vouchers have been correct and I have been able to over-ride the amounts when needed. Maybe I just got lucky??
  11. Nellie

    How do I delete a client

    Oops - 4th button from the LEFT
  12. Nellie

    How do I delete a client

    Double click on the client you want to delete. Then you can delete - 4th button from the right under 'Client Manager' Nellie
  13. Nellie

    Return stuck in queue

    I just checked again and all 3 of my returns were accepted at around 4:30 pm. Hope yours got accepted as well. Nellie
  14. Nellie

    Return stuck in queue

    I have 3 returns in the queue. One I just did and one from 11:00 am (5.5 hours ago). I am in no rush so I will wait and see what happens. Nellie
  15. The Form 8959 does not seem to be calculating properly. The program wants to give a credit for the additional .9% of Medicare tax withheld over $200,000. The W-2 shows Medicare wages of $218,465 with Medicare withheld of $3,334 - which is correct. The program says it is $167 too much. The difference between the 1.45% and the 2.35% of the $18,465. I don't want to override this if I don't have to. The program should do it correctly. At least, that is how I feel. Dan is working on this and will get back to me to let me know about a fix.