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  1. ATX customer service is literally closed and they aren't working remotely?
  2. If you can't find the person to serve them legal papers to separate, it's sort of hard to legally separate. It's still possible. Realty though is that this client could just go to the next preparer and inform them they are single and file that way. Also, I've personally never inspected someone's divorce papers to assure the IRS that they are legally divorced.
  3. When I became an EA I signed up for the NAEA. You were required to be a member of the state affiliated group and every year I'd get a letter about their state meeting about 2 weeks before the event and long after it was full and signing up was impossible. The first year of that happening I thought about how I had only become a member 4-5 months prior so maybe it was a one-off. Second year, well that's odd. Third year I decided it had to have been intentional. I wasn't getting any mailings except that one when it was way too late to attend.
  4. A text is not completely safe, I certainly wouldn't call it extremely dangerous. Texts are encrypted as they fly through the air - it's only at the phone company and on your phone that they are vulnerable. My FBI client who refuses to email anything even if encrypted, will text me documents.
  5. I have multiple lawyer friends / coworker arrangements and 15 minutes is pretty normal. You do a 2 minute call - bam $75 charged. I had a lawyer in my office on Monday late in the day and we talked about nothing for an hour. On Wednesday I ask if he was ever going to get me that folder of documents and he says he gave it to me Monday - that's why he was at my office. I tear up my office looking for this huge file - nope. I KNOW he didn't give it to me but he's sure he did. He looks everywhere in his home, office, car on Thursday and can't find it. It's got to be in my office. His dad calls me this morning and asks why a huge folder of tax documents meant for me is sitting on his recliner. Heart attack averted.
  6. Illinois was extended yesterday.
  7. I have a ton of returns yet to do and finish but I am 100% caught up. Nothing in my possession is able to be done except deliver a few returns when the "shelter in place" order is lifted in 3 weeks. I have about 12 returns that are requiring some K-1 forms. Gotta say, it's a weird feeling.
  8. This is why I'm not firing the guy. He directs to me about $20k in revenue.
  9. I fired a lady on the spot when she wanted me to argue with the state that she shouldn't have to pay penalties and interest for failure to pay estimated payments. She wanted me to do it for free and said if I had any integrity I would. It should supposedly be included in my fee. Not a woman thing.
  10. His dad was how I got the account and he's possibly the greatest guy in the world. The son is a nice guy but he's way the heck in over his head and not detail oriented on this stuff. He does all these screw ups and he's worried it'll get back to dear old dad.
  11. Last year a 1041 had a tax due with a penalty because they didn't make estimated tax payments (they were given coupons in 2018 just like every other year). I told them a penalty was coming but they insisted I not include it on the return. I got blamed when the bill showed up and they wanted me to pay the penalty. They even give me the IRS notice that they paid the penalty for me. This year I email ask if they made the 2019 estimated tax payments I gave them and the account trustee calls and quietly tell me no but they figured out I screwed up the tax free interest. Somehow, their not paying tax on tax free interest is what prohibited them from paying estimated taxes on taxable capital gains. He wants to go line by line on last years return and figure out where I reported that tax free interest as tax free. While I'm on the phone the secretary (working from home) emails and says no they totally forgot to do it again this year.
  12. I have doubts the IRS would call on that. Per the IRS website: Question: How do I access my online account? Answer: To access your online PTIN account, go to the PTIN system login page. On the top left side of the page under Returning User, enter your User ID and Password in the designated fields. Then click “Sign In”. BOOM - there is your PTIN once you log into the IRS
  13. I don't know if he owes. Whenever asked, I tell clients to talk with a real estate attorney to make sure it is handled properly. Most of the time I've had them, people claim they are like kind exchanges but they aren't IMO. Selling farm land and buying a commercial property. Selling the property, mixing the funds with their own and then a year later buying another and claiming it's all fine. Had a guy yell at me because he insisted his selling a debt free farm for a debt financed commercial development property in the city was a like kind exchange. After that - my response is they need to get an attorney.
  14. My tax rep informed me that all personal contact via the phone is essentially done for now. They closed all the offices and until they can either return the employees or set up "work from home" solutions for the employees, they are done. I don't know how the IRS can securely allow work from home on such data. Just my opinion.
  15. Need to call someone at the IRS and the number says no live service is available. Is there a number for anyone to call? Or do I need to pull their transcripts?
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