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  1. As far as I know Thervo doesn't push the remote option. I don't believe the "remote" workers are living in high end locations. They are living in low cost areas, targeting the entire country and if they can earn $45 for an hour of work they are in the top 10% of income in their county. Just looked it up , you can get a bookkeeper billing at $35 per hour and an EA doing individual returns for $100. Both are remote. $45 isn't realistic I'm guessing but $100 as your starting point is pretty darn low.
  2. I wish we had done it 6 years earlier. I was worried about cable down times but so far (knock on wood) we haven't had one.
  3. Interesting, so you are doing the remote work? How much is a normal going rate for remote work? Because I was specifically talking about the remote work. I've done Thumbtack for local clients. Thervo works the same way pretty much. You do realize I said it was a bunch of tire kickers and you said you get 1 in 15 people as clients? Is that similar to what you get when you meet with a potential client from a different source?
  4. Oddly, our robo call volume is WAY down lately. Knock on wood. We were getting 3 google listing calls per day. ATT would call daily. Since moving to VOIP it has dropped dramatically for some reason. 25 years ago we switched from Southwestern Bell (they made me mad) to Birch telecom (switched to VOIP last fall). We were getting 1-2 calls per day from Southwestern Bell (now ATT) to get us to switch back. That's probably over 5,000 calls from them. I told a guy one time from ATT and he claimed it wasn't possible until I mentioned we had 9 phone lines and said yeah, that's
  5. There is a web service out there called thumbtack - people will remotely do your taxes for a very small amount of money. No clue how well it works for people but it's pretty much just a bunch of tire kickers looking for the lowest bid possible. I've never asked for a bid so I don't know what others are charging but it seems like if you are working remotely, you could make some money that way on the side. The problem is you might be doing a 1040 for $45 - no clue. But hey, that's a lot more money that you'd make per hour as the Intuit call center guy.
  6. It would depend upon how the trust is written up. The IRS really only cares that the income is reported and someone is paying the proper amount of tax. A trust can distribute capital gains or keep them, depends upon the trust. A trust can spit out principal assets if the trustees are so inclined and it's allowed by the trust.
  7. This is the route I'd take. It doesn't matter that she's living off the money, many kids get money every year from their parents and essentially live off of it. I do the taxes of a few of them. (If the siblings have spouses you can give $30k per year easily)
  8. That sucks, I'm sorry. My mom is in the late stages of Parkinson's with dementia getting progressively worse. Death would be appealing at this point but she could last another 9 months.
  9. T Rowe Price doesn't have to think anything is weird about someone not taking a distribution since it is an accumulated figure and they could have been taking their distribution from another IRA at a different firm. You aren't required to take the RMD from each account. Their only requirement is giving you that RMD number each January. IMO you need to figure out the RMD from EACH account and compare it to what they took out. I have clients who might have an RMD of $21,230 per year and they'll take out $23,000 just to be sure. If that forgotten IRA was small enough, they might not have any prob
  10. I've had multiple clients where this has happened on the state return. In fact it has happened to me. No clue why and never received an explanation why. This year on my local state I've had two clients call me up and tell me they received checks from the state with no information, no explanation. Two weeks later the state mailed them each a letter demanding the money back and it was sent in error.
  11. I agree, have been slowly acquiring information and have done only a few actual cases thus far. I think it's a lucrative area and I think it's going to explode but thus far what I've done isn't exactly enjoyable work. Several years ago I did the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers boot camp (dvds) - sadly that was limited to OICs but had decent information. Jassen Bowman and his Tax Resolution Training videos on Youtube (free) are rather informative. Locally we have several law firms that are advertising tax resolution work non-stop.
  12. Do you handle much representation work?
  13. You can watch their previous ones for free but not receive credit. I like free. Canopy Tax has free webinars you can watch whenever you want for free and get CE credit. Just had a weird tax client phone call. He insists I told him to not make his January 15th estimated tax payment because of the virus and the IRS had delayed everything. Told him the IRS didn't delay anything until mid-March and I hadn't even heard of the virus in early January. He still insists I told him that back in December!
  14. For the Enrolled Agent CE requirement, it doesn't include courses focused on state forms does it? I thought I read that it only works on federal tax
  15. I'm in my 1st year of the 3 year CE cycle. I've already done 25 hours of CE, will do 15 more over the next week or two. Every time I've done the webinar route like Tax Forum is doing or gone to a major forum event - about 1/2 way through I'm zoning out and wondering why on earth I ever thought it was a good idea for me.
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