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  1. Our VOIP provider gives us an email with voice to print copy of all voice mails. I can also download any voicemails I think. I can also record any phone calls I want (my state only requires one side to know a call is being recorded).
  2. Tax software is IMO the ultimate in finding something that works with your brain. If their style isn't intuitive to how your brain works, you are going to struggle. Intellitax worked so amazingly well for my brain and OLTPRO is very VERY similar so it's why I stick with it. Forms entry seemed so impossible to learn but once I did - I couldn't go back to anything else. I switched around on my own until I found TRX and then THEY switched me around until the debacle that was 2013.
  3. Can you provide an example where they got a TIN, moved assets under the TIN, you now have a 1099 or K-1 in your hand showing income associated with that TIN and a 1041 would be wrong? OP said it is a settlement trust. A 1041 should IMO be prepared. Instructing non-lawyers (like myself) to read legal documents seems fruitless to me. Especially if the goal is to uncover a remote instance provided for within the legal jargon. Ask the lawyer.
  4. That's the one I was thinking about. H&R Block owned them.
  5. I always assumed ATX stood for Advanced Tax software. Anyone ever make a list of all the tax programs they've used? TaxAct, TaxWise, Drake, Intellitax (My favorite), ATX, Proseries and OLTPRO are mine I think. Has to be another 1-2. H&R Block had software they sold to professionals - anyone remember the name?
  6. Then you almost certainly need to do a trust return.
  7. None of this was tax information for our tax prep business. I did all that last summer when we had some time on our hands. I'm almost completely digital on that side of the business - even signature authorization. I scan them all when tax season is over to keep just a digital copy. I scanned every client file and destroyed it as I went. This was 100% securities / investment sales. Everything on that side of the business is now digital going forward (pretty much) but we have to wait for holding periods to expire on the old stuff before destroying it.
  8. edit: 96 gallons. Guy from the shredder said we had roughly 1/2 a ton of paper.
  9. Just filled up three 94 gallon trash bins that are going off to the shredder. Each January 1st for the next 3 years I have about 50 lbs of paper that will need to be shredded and then I'm all done. Everything will be online or on a travel drive. Such a wonderful feeling.
  10. They are only deducted on the 706 because the IRS assumes you'll want to pay for your own funeral expenses. If you prepaid it a year ago, that money would be out of the estate long before filing the form.
  11. That seems reasonable. On the PPP I told them they needed to talk to a banker which seemed to confuse them. Paying income tax on unemployment always ticks me off. So many people don't withhold and then next April are stuck unable to come up with the funds because they were unemployed. Grrrrrrr. I know nothing about applying so I tell them to go to the state website but they always think I know.
  12. I'm not an unemployment "expert" and I'm not an expert on the stimulus payments or the PPP loans. Am I supposed to be? People ask me questions but it has really next to nothing to do with what I do.
  13. Other than the iTunes software on my PC years ago, I've never used an Apple product that I know. I have a client who insisted on buying Apple computers and he's had never ending problems with Quickbooks. I find it odd that someone would pay MORE to buy an Apple product and then use essentially an emulator to operate it as a Windows machine. My nephew is a project manager in Cupertino and he tried to sell me on the idea and his own father told me not to do it.
  14. You may still owe a state return even though you live in Lithuania. If 2008 was their last US return, that's where I'd file their trust returns unless someone can give me proof why a different state is better. If you can't determine what state their trust return is due in 2016, how on earth are you arguing their 1040 was incorrectly filed in 2008? I have a hard time believing any state is going to argue that you owe the money to them over another state unless you choose a tax free state like Florida. Unless the tax preparer was hired to do their taxes and didn't, I fail to see how the OP is liable for a tax return not being filed.
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