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  1. Roberts

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    Missouri turned a 2 page tax return into 5 pages. It's naturally progressive to turn a 2-3 page federal return into 5-8 smaller pages.
  2. Roberts

    New alimony rules

    Alimony deals entered into after Dec 31, 2018 will be taxed the same as child support. The payer will be taxed on what they pay, the receiver will not pay tax on what they receive. This is not retroactive to previously entered into agreements.
  3. eServices is a complete mess. They should shift to a Citrix system or something similar. The system they have with all the hoops you have to jump through really isn't all that safe. At least my password doesn't keep expiring.
  4. Roberts


    Yep, get a police report.
  5. Roberts

    What would you do?

    Doesn't an ARM automatically reset? Only one I had did but maybe they don't on commercial. Balloon makes sense.
  6. Roberts

    What would you do?

    I don't even know what you mean that a mortgage expired. How much work is required on your behalf to meet what the banker is asking? If it's a valuable client, I go out of my way to help them regardless of who's fault it is. Just because the banker screwed up doesn't mean the client isn't any less in harms way and your help would be greatly appreciated. You can send them a bill if it's a significant amount of work on your behalf.
  7. Roberts

    IRS targets S Corp Distributions

    Of all the outrage over taxes by the public - I've never understood why the S-Corp is allowed the way most operate under it.
  8. Roberts

    Subpoena Question

    After reading in the back of the subpoena that a bill was expected - I did away with the discount offer! Thought mentality of people are different. I was fine with $.59 per page for a relative of a partner of my firm. That partner declared he's going to send him an additional bill for 3x that amount.
  9. Roberts

    Subpoena Question

    I spoke with an independent third party attorney who said it's basically the honor system. He said to include a bill and hope they pay it because it's not coming out of their pocket book. I don't see a state figure but do see one for medical records at $.59 per page. I like the 25% discount idea - don't know why I didn't think of that. I will 100% include an additional postage fee.
  10. Roberts

    Subpoena Question

    I received a subpoena for all the records we have on a client. We are not involved in the lawsuit in any way - strictly providing documents requested. Turns out there are about 450 pages of documents and another attorney suggested we submit a bill for our time. His attitude was that they may just disregard it but they likely will pay it if we aren't too high. What would you charge for something like that? It took us about 5 hours to put it all together. Edit; I wouldn't want to be a jerk and over charge. Technically this is a relative of one of my workers but it's a distant relative.
  11. Roberts

    Next Gen Tax Prep

    The Fair Tax is fine but in the book they claim that people would get to keep 100% of their paycheck and they later VERY quietly admitted that was an error and completely false. Their math had the company saving money so they'd hire more people to overcome higher prices but the corporate savings were achieved by cutting paychecks by the tax savings. I haven't followed their movement in years so maybe they've changed the pitch. Which states in Latin America are proposing this change?
  12. Roberts

    Summer Gathering

    JMHO but you might consider stopping the skydiving.
  13. Roberts

    Your fee

    I haven't had one, yet.
  14. Roberts

    It's time for a new printer

    I used Supplies Outlet from someone's suggestion on here (or another tax forum I don't remember). They actually sell via Amazon so I still use them.
  15. Roberts

    watch out - more scams

    That's scary. Met with a new client on Tuesday who was referred to me because her husband died recently. As I'm ready to leave I mention to be careful - she WILL be getting scammers calling her and she needs to be careful. She and her brother laughed and said she knew it. She called me late yesterday to tell me she'd already received two calls since our meeting telling her she hadn't filed her taxes. It's getting scary how efficient these people are.