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  1. Roberts

    New Form 1040

    My basic state return went from 2 pages to 5 and was mindbogglingly stupid the way they spread everything out. I simply don't understand how this is superior or eco friendly.
  2. Roberts

    savings bonds

    Do you have someone else type your posts on this board? You have someone else type your posts on this board?
  3. Roberts


    Milk, eggs and bread fly off the shelf because Americans love french toast. We live in the city, if you live relatively close in you can always take mass transit. Oddly the people who fear snow the most will live WAY out so that mass transit isn't an option. Almost as if it is on purpose. I drive a sports car horrific in the snow - take the bus on snow days. In 15+ years the buses have never not run.
  4. Roberts


    There is a chance that we might get snow on Wednesday night < 1". Co-worker has already declared she might not be in on Thursday. I can understand it snowing and you come in 2 hours late but come on people. Locally, 90+% of the time the streets are completely clear by 10am after an overnight snow.
  5. If you give detailed information for a Facebook Marketplace item, you'll cut down on the questions. We recently purchased and sold a bunch of stuff and you still get questions where the answers are in the description but so many people don't really give much of a description. Selling a rug and not giving the material or dimensions just sort of makes it seem like you enjoy questions.
  6. Post them online with someplace like Facebook Marketplace. They'll sell quickly if you price them correctly. Or Give them to a charity to sell.
  7. Roberts

    any fast way to get a POA to process?

    Off topic but when you do the checkbox as the signed preparer and authorization to speak to the IRS about that particular return - that time period should last 3 years instead of 1.
  8. Roberts

    Computer Advice (Display Driver Error)

    Encrypt the hard drive with bitlocker which if it has Win10 Professional - is on your computer. If you don't have the PRO, a $15 program called Hasleo Bitlocker Anywhere does the exact same thing. (I also used the program to encrypt some USB drives and an SD Card where a store a bunch of stuff.) You'll need to enter a password for Windows to even boot so your entire hard drive is encrypted. If you don't log in remotely to your computer you may want to block remote access. System / Remote Settings / uncheck.
  9. Roberts

    desktop purchase advice

    If you aren't playing video games, doing intensive graphic design type work or mining for crypto currency, you probably don't need a high end computer. Client bought a new VERY high end computer - he only uses his computer to log into Aol via Firefox. I tried to explain that it was over kill but he insisted he needed the best.
  10. Roberts

    Windows 8

    If you upgrade to Windows 10, you can download a freeware program called Classic Shell that makes it feel just like Windows 7. It's hard to tell a difference. 64 bit was an issue the first year because a lot of software wasn't really compatible - everything is 64 bit these days. Sort of shocked you can still run a lot of stuff. I've had zero problems with Win 10 that a basic internet search couldn't fix or wouldn't have been a problem with Win 8. I find it far better
  11. Roberts

    2018 Tax Organizers

    Next week I'll buy a mailing list and I'll print off every label I'll need. First week of December I'll work two evenings and get all my mailings together and ready to mail. I'll have 4 boxes labeled with a date to mail each set. First batch goes out Dec 31st since I'm here all day anyway! the week between Xmas and New Years I clean the office from top to bottom and get all my labels and supplies ready for tax season. Estimated tax payment labels and so forth are all ready to go when clients need them. That week I also buy all my supplies (paper and envelopes) for tax season.
  12. Roberts

    any math wizards out there - I have a PV problem

    I was just an "expert witness" in a divorce case arguing what the discount rate should be on a long term portfolio. With Excel the math isn't overly difficult but it all comes down to what you want to use as the discount rate. The attorney asked me to do that and then both sides made the leap I was making a bunch of other financial projections off that figure. That was a completely different task that nobody asked me (or paid me) to do. I say the math isn't difficult - I barely passed Financial Planning in college which was basically just a set of these formulas to determine net present value, future value, discount rate and so forth. Excel makes everything easier. I'd enter all 300 payments and do a NPV for each of them and add them up.
  13. Roberts

    TCJA, corporations, and partnerships

    Isn't the IRS still trying to make determinations on QBI? Last I looked at it about 2 months ago there was some pretty big stuff the IRS was still deciding.
  14. Roberts

    What would you do?

    I was informed this morning that I'm not allowed to retire yet. Guess I'll go beg for my job back. A Contract Implied in Fact is how you avoid double taxation of lottery winnings on gifts and would work for charitable giving if you wanted to use it that way. You effectively after the fact set up a contract explicitly outlining what was previously an "implied" agreement. You basically set up a ticket buying pool retroactively where each person is assigned a percentage of the total winnings and is responsible for their share of the liabilities (taxes).
  15. Roberts

    What would you do?

    My wife and all of her co-workers buy tickets in a pool. I'm bothered more by losing than I am by missing the opportunity so I don't actively participate. If she wins I will participate in the spending.