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  1. Taxpayer has all earned income in USA but now living in Philippines. Best way to get signatures?. Mail & wait for signed forms & file extension if not received? Attach to email for him to sign& return by email? Text a picture of form for him to sign & return? Fax?? What are your suggestions. TIA.
  2. QBI confusion. Lots of info regarding rental income & QBI but no designation between commercial and residential rentals. I am thinking commercial rental with active participation would qualify for QBI???? But would residential rental also qualify?
  3. I use real business solutions w-2 mate. Input data easily & rollover from year to year. Also good price.
  4. Taxpayer has over 75 form w-2g's from casino winnings. Does each one need to be entered into software individually or can a total be entered for each casino. Lots of input if it's not really needed. Final answer on the return will be the same.
  5. Taxpayer has set up LLC for all rental properties and is reporting all income and expense on schedule E. Should all information for the 4 rental houses be entered as just one item titled as the LLC Properties name.... or should each house be reported separately - each in its own column on schedule E.
  6. MOBEE


    Need one w-2c. Don't have a typewriter anymore. Know of any software that would generate these forms. Really hate a lot of expense for just one. And not my fault that there is an error. Maybe I should buy a typewriter. Do they even still sell them? Really don't want to go in that direction however
  7. Knowing that we discussed husband and wife in rental only LLC and reporting income and expense on schedule E. Which would be proper - reporting each rental unit per column on schedule E like you would if there were no LLC - or reporting all numbers combined under LLC name in one column?
  8. Ours is not a community property state.

  9. I have a husband and wife setting up a LLC just for rental property. Can the LLC be used on schedule E on the 1040 since they are husband and wife... or would it be best just to set up Partnership or S-corp and have them as 50-50 owners. Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Thank you. Transaction already done without consultation first.
  11. Two shareholders in S-Corp. Each one sold 10% of their interest to a third party... so going forward there will be 3 shareholders. The two personal returns would show sale of stock (long term in this case) & corp would add new shareholder for the price paid for this interest in the S-corp - is that correct. How about determining the basis of stock that was sold? Thanks..
  12. Taxpayers (who have had EITC in prior years) got divorced this year in October. In the divorce decree it states that they can file MFJ this tax year. Has anyone ever come across this before? New for me. My thinking is that the judge cannot override the IRS rules and regulations and that the taxpayers are single. What are your opinions of this?
  13. Two person tax corporation. One person has the ERO. What if the individual with the ERO designation dies or becomes incapacitated in the middle of tax season. How do you deal with that on the subsequent tax returns. Is the ERO with the business or the individual.
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