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  1. Can he use a schedule C because he also has office expenses which he is not reenbursed for? I agree he is an employee, but the company makes him work from his house, is he a statutary employee?
  2. Client gets hired by international firm, must work out of his home. His job is all computer based, and training, trainies come to his home. Closest office is about 75 miles from his home. He insists he cannot claim a home office. Can someone please explain why he is allowed a home office, he don't beleive me. Thank you
  3. Hello my name is George Marcelino and I've been doing taxes for a number of views, but this will be my last. I don't have many clients, around 25 and am looking for a preparer around the Norwich Connecticut area so I can refer my clients to them. Thank you very much you can reach me by email at GMACy2003@yahoo.com, are you can call me at 860–885–0800.
  4. I am only doing a few returns this year, and the 1st one I have I noticed it is not given a credit for property taxes. Is this something new with the state of Connecticut?
  5. thank you for all your replies, but I found out the reason, they are usidng a magnifier program in their program, and I use Zoom text and they conflict with each other so I can not use Drake.
  6. I have been trying to load Drake onto my computer and it will not accept it. I have called for help but they know nothing, I can't believe they could not help me. Has anyone here had this kind of problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great day
  7. I am down to only a few returns now and I was wondering if there is any package out there that will do pay per return. I can do some of them through free file and then the state on their website. But I have a couple that would be multistate and it would be easier to do on a tax package as a paper return. Thank you very much for any advice. If anyone knows of any such package you can email me at GMACy2013@Gmail.com.
  8. I have a client in Connecticut whose refund was $1066 and she Received $1065.58. Has any other preparer had this happen state of Connecticut now is reducing by pennies. I know things are bad for the state but to reduce a refund by $.42 seems a little odd.
  9. I have a feeling that she did get receive an explanation from the IRS but she has had so many problems over the past year she gets things mixed up and I get a feeling she's got it mixed in with something else and can't find it now. Thank you very much for your nation.
  10. I have a client that the IRS changed her tax return and as far as I know she did not receive any explanation of the changes. The amount that they changed a refund to I cannot come up with I don't know what they did. Is there any way of getting the changes made by the IRS. I have looked at the forms for request of a copy of the tax return but it is only for the original tax return as filed by the client. Also the form for the transcript is only for the original tax return filed. I want to file a 1040 X for so she can get the refund that she is entitled to but I can't come up with their
  11. I have been using PaperPort starting with version 11 when I purchased a brother scanner. It worked fine for a few years and I updated to version 12 which still worked fine. When I updated to Windows 10 I purchased PaperPort 14 it worked fine for a couple of months and all of a sudden problems. It seemed that I could do one or two things in and it would bomb out on me. I called tech support the first person I talked to ran a program he said it would take care of everything and I tried again the same day it started Bombing out again. The next day I called them back again spoke to a different per
  12. GeorgeM

    FORM 8283

    Is there any easy way to enter items on this form. I have about 20 and the new layout of the input form is awful to me. can I attach a spreadsheet form?
  13. Is there anyone on this board from athe Norwich, CT area. I may be retiring after this tax season and am looking for someone to take over my accounts. If so you may contact me at gmacy2013@gmail.com Thank you
  14. Whenever I print a return, I use only the preparer copy cause the duplex that they use is terrible, it only does the federal form and the state form prints on single pages. My problem is that when I open the print return it always wants to print the error report, and the notes report. Also a page from the 1040 EF. I have gone into the 1040 EF master and cannot find any pages that are checked to print. As far as the notes and error reports I cannot find the form to un check them. Also where are the client letters, they are never check to print? Any help will be appreciated tha
  15. GeorgeM

    Form 8879

    How long do we have to keep form 8879? I am trying to clean out my old files
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