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How the "Report" function works, why to use it


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The report function works by alerting the site administrator, Eric, and the moderators of problem postings, and it gives us a visual indicator on our main page when new reports have come in without us having to read every topic or postings within them. The report is specific to the post , the system references it automatically, and gives us a link directly back to the reported post so we don't have to search for it in order to see it. If multiple members are each sending reports on the same post, the system groups all of the reports for any one thread into one line item and gives a tally. From there, we can look at any comments that may have been sent, and gives us the chance to decide if a warning is warranted.

Using the report function doesn't hurt the member whose post it is, and it doesn't cause the system to automatically generate the warning point.

When "report" is clicked on, it opens a box to enter a comment about why you are reporting that post. Comments may be helpful for us to know your feelings but aren't necessary. It could be some short phrase, for example:, advert by spammer, attacking another, vulgarity. It doesn't have to be short, but it could be that easy, and it's easier for us to all see what the group thinks are problem posts.

Remember that Eric may not spend much time on here and he certainly skips many of the tax topics because taxes aren't his thing, and moderators time may be more limited once the busy season rolls around. We might miss postings or the topics in some of the forums we don't frequent regularly line the alternate vendor subforums, but some spam was occurring there that could easily have been brought to our attention.

People have been using it, and it is a lot easier for the Admin and moderators than to have each of us getting separate PMs, having to search for the post in question, and then for us having PMs back and forth.

No one should feel like they are being a tattler or whiner if they report a post. If anyone here thinks he or she is being attacked, that person shouldn't feel like they are being a whiner or being too sensitive by reporting a post they feel is an attack. That is what the report function is for.

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